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In the U.S. copyright industries creates 5% of GDP, and intellectual property is the main export
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patent and trademark registration in Ukraine

trademarks registration (logo/brand)
copyrights, author rights registration
patents registration for inventions
industrial standards
technology transfers
innovation activity
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how to convert your knowledge
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intellectual property

Patent Attorney (The representative of the Intellectual Property) Vashchuk Yaroslav works through internet, telephone and postal communications with the customers from abroad and from any point of Ukraine, have big portfolio with many international entries from Russia, Europe, United States (ensure yourself, more than five hundreds clients from 19 countries and all Ukraine regions: Ukraine (and Kiev), Russia, USA, others).

about Vashchuk Yaroslaw Petrovich (profile)

We provide examination, registration and/or transfer of intellectual property rights (including foreign patents) for: computer programs and databases, trademarks (brands, logos), works of literature, works of art and science, inventions, utility models, industrial designs. See detailed info about our services.

To obtain a certificate of trademark or copyright, patent for the invention, etc. (it's simple and easy!) just ...

fill out an application for registration:

and you will receive detailed info, recommendations and a contract with a cost and terms estimate for works on registration (patenting). Also visit site section about resales of already registered trademarks (brands, logos) if you have one to sale or want to buy from listed.

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Услуги: регистрация товарного знака (регистрация логотипа), торговой марки, трейдмарки, авторского права, изобретения и патента в Украине.
Services: registration of trademarks, logos and brands, copyrights and intellectual property, inventions and patent in Ukraine.
Послуги: реєстрація товарного знаку (реєстрація логотипу), торговельної, торгової марки, трейдмарки, авторського права, винаходу та патенту в Україні.

Ладошки: всё про карманные компьютеры

Ладошки: карманные компьютеры, продажа КПК и аксессуаров в Киеве и по Украине. Мобильные технологии. Новости.: всё про КПК, мобильность, гаджеты. Программы, форум, статьи, новости.

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