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Innovations and implementation of the innovative systems in modern conditions. Technique of education of the innovation incentive system by S. I. Bondarenko

David Livshits; Jaroslav Vashchuk

Innovation can not be impersonal.

Behind each innovation is its author, and very often the personality and talent of the author, and determine the nature and result of the introduction of each innovative idea.

Creative reputation of the author or inventor - is the calling card and the face of an innovative product or technology.

Conducting of lotteries, the fees from which could help fund innovative processes in our opinion do not address and can not, in principle, to solve the problem of lack of funds for systematic and consistent development of innovative infrastructure.

All the latest versions, techniques and methods of investment, too little help in purposeful systematic work on the organization of innovative projects or innovative projects focus.

One of the basic causes of this phenomenon is the question of belonging to a project work of one or another of the inventor; As a rule, investors rely on a single inventor, even waiting for the appearance of each new invention of the author, in other almost do not pay attention.

Practice shows that the innovation process, for a statistically average generator ideas in the future inventor, much to the successful promotion of its ideas or inventions defined by the basic training he had received at the time from high school, he continued to receive a higher education institution and, most matter seems to the authors of this publication, to the special purpose training courses and new professional orientation that emerged in the transition of social production to high technology and digital.

Search in this area there is a constant and often there are publications on the results of such searches.

Many researchers in the first turn to the study of the genetic characteristics of future generators of innovative ideas and the organizers of innovative start-ups; Here is one example:

Scientists have identified the hereditary characteristics, the possession of which is associated with better conduction of electrical signals in the brain and increased test scores on intelligence. The work is published in the journal Journal of Neuroscience, a summary of its results in Science Now.

The study involved 472 volunteers from Australia, which included 85 pairs of genetically identical (monozygotic) twins, 100 pairs of non-identical twins, their siblings. During the experiment, the volunteers carried out IQ tests and took MRIs.

Scientists pay attention to the amount of certain brain structures and characteristics of nerve impulses neurons. The researchers measured the electrical isolation of individual nerve fibers - the higher it is, the faster the neurons carry signals. The results were compared with genetic data of volunteers.

The authors were able to find 24 variants of six genes, the possession of which was associated with better electrical conductivity in the brain. These variants were single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) - changes in the size of the gene sequence in one nucleotide. In addition to better electrical conductivity, some of the detected SNPs were also associated with elevated on a few points the results of IQ tests.

Based on the above analysis, the genes that have been found polymorphisms are functional network - possession successful variant of one of them increases the efficiency of the other. In other words, a "smart" polymorphisms had a synergistic effect.

Earlier, the same authors published a paper where they found the genetic features that influence the volume of the hippocampus - a brain structure associated with memory and emotion.

Camye large companies are investing heavily in today absolutely hopeless study of artificial intelligence:

Internet search engine has created an artificial brain that can independently detect cats, according to the publication The Times. The project may be a major breakthrough in the creation of machines that can interact with the outside world, recognizing shapes and objects, the author notes.

It turned out that the "brain" Google began to behave in accordance with the habits of many Internet users are very interested in his pictures with cats. The researchers loaded into the machine random images from YouTube.

By the end of the Google brain experiments found three-quarters of images of cats from 20 thousand., The article says.

Also, he was sensitive to images of human bodies and individuals. "The ability to recognize cats may seem trivial, but for the world of artificial intelligence, it is of great importance," - emphasizes the author.

Experts refer to the paradox Moravec, which reads as follows: to teach machines to do things that are easy for people (recognition cats), is more difficult than to learn to do things that people may seem hard (playing chess).

"It appears that the Google brain is the first artificial neural network that can recognize objects without prompting from the man, but the human brain it is far" - the author writes.

"It should be noted that our network is very small compared to the visual cortex of the human brain: that is millions of times greater in the number of neurons and synapses", - underline the researchers, that is our conclusion at the beginning of this paragraph is likely correct, - this type of research should be properly prepared and most importantly - for the success of this kind of research needed by the working group, fluent innovative basis - namely, TRIZ and ARIZ.

All studies provide in any case in the final embodiment, some understanding of the problem and the display, but it should be noted that the absence of effective mechanisms to overcome.

Of course the first thing that comes to mind practitioner inventor - a time-tested theory of inventive problem solving and its efficient working Algorithms.

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and Algorithm of inventive problem solving are essential complex analytical professional engineering tools for the development of projects of any complexity in the innovation process.

For the successful and effective use of these tools is necessary in addition to the comprehensive and in-depth engineering knowledge and skills, have the skills and positive experience in the creative adaptation of laws and postulates of the theory and algorithm in real innovation process

Of particular importance for progressive and fruitful development of the innovation process in general, and especially the innovation process in the United States, it is the fact that the interdisciplinary specialist possessing knowledge and skills in basic precision distiplinah and Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and Algorithm of inventive problem solving should also know the characteristics of technical standards and the restrictions adopted in the United States, for that would successfully adapt them for use in a specific project.

In addition, the prior art at the time of the creation of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving was completely different, and for the successful and effective adaptation, at a high professional level of specialists should be aware of the peculiarities of application of modern methods of digital design, computer simulation and animation, in order that would be combined with the adaptation of the most effective methods and techniques of general Theory of inventive Problem solving and Algorithm of inventive problem solving and integrative modern methods and techniques of complex computer-aided design.

Numerous attempts to find a training program for which it would be possible to prepare a fully developed technical expert met with a plurality of parallel problems.

The situation changed radically when we got acquainted with a clear and mature technique of formation of innovative motivation specialist developer, based not on the spontaneous ideas and bursts of pseudo - ingenuity, and on a clear, thorough understanding of TRIZ and ARIZ and their close relationship with the basic scientific criteria, especially in the field of classical physics.

The merit and Sergey Bondarenko advantage, the author of this system of teaching materials, to many it modern experts is that, thanks to its universal and deeply professional education, as well as through its full understanding and deep skills in the application of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving in removing a variety of technical contradictions and problems, he added during an internship and study and work in the US and Canadian universities well studied typical today the specifics and peculiarities of the development of innovative technologies in these countries and find ways and solutions for their adaptation in the learning process with TRIZ and ARIZ.

This allowed him a relatively short time training and work in the United States and Canada, set up more than twenty educational - pedagogical and pedagogically - technical fundamental teaching integrative solutions at the level of the pioneering inventions and publish after more than 10 articles and guidelines, in which he published professional training and fine - regulating recommendations for professionals who create new products and technologies for the needs of the United states and other countries in the development of innovative.

To go back to the beginning of the information on TRIZ and ARIZ in the modern sense;

Modern TRIZ includes several schools, developing the classical TRIZ and adding new sections that are not in the classics.

Deep-employed technical core of TRIZ (receptions, ARIZ, su-field analysis) remains virtually unchanged, and the activity of modern school is mainly aimed at rethinking, restructuring and promotion of TRIZ, ie has more philosophical and advertising than technical, in nature.

In this regard, modern schools are often reproached TRIZ (both from and mutually) in infertility and verbiage. TRIZ is actively used in the field of advertising, business, arts, early childhood development, and so on, but was originally designed for technical creativity.

Classical TRIZ is a general technical version. For practical use of the technique is necessary to have a number of specialized versions of TRIZ, differing nomenclature and content of information assets. Some large corporations have used TRIZ elements adapted to their areas of expertise. We believe that, and for applications where start-ups need to create a special version of TRIZ, adapted to process active commercialization

Currently, there are no specialized versions of TRIZ to stimulate discoveries in the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, and so on).

As a physicist, scientist, Sergey Bondarenko mission came to the formulation of the basic logical relationships between the immutable physical laws and principles of engineering and innovative ideas are often far from slender postulates and dependencies classical precision and technical disciplines.

The main obstacle in the development of TRIZ - the lack of a methodology for analyzing the source of the problem situation, diagnose and predict problems as a source of socio-technical improvements goal setting systems. To overcome this lack of development of modern methodology aimed futurodizayna - "engineering solutions that are adequate to the future." Methodical training Sergey Bondarenko smooth development of these problems and allow you to focus and creative energy in the most advantageous direction.

One of the trends of technical progress is the intensification of the struggle for copyrights product developers. Therefore, the demand is growing for innovative activities of staff and, consequently, on the methodology and software of these works. From this perspective, we need to expand the database with the full range of theoretical approaches. Meanwhile, the heirs Altshuller reject any deviation from the position in the primary source. They are naturally the right to insist on its interpretation of "TRIZ" name and with the act and appeal for humanitarian and environmental aspects, to pedagogy with art and up to the memoirs.

An alternative is the loyalties to new approaches, new born, have arisen in recent years and the terms of the realities of supporting afloat TRIZ as a brand of theoretical developments.

New aspects of the innovation process simulation can avoid excessive controversy, to find a new name, the more that TRIZ consists of words known to the birth of GS Altshuller.

Currently, a massive shift to computerized methods of technical part of the project lead to the fact that it is very difficult to distinguish the virtual from the real part of the project design

According to Sergei Bondarenko - the most effective mechanism for the combination of all factors of development projects, including digital components is the regulatory and statutory system and the composite training, when the laws of classical physics and theoretical mechanics are presented in conjunction with the three-dimensional computer modeling and simulation of physical processes simulation

Such a methodical system allows at the expense of digital technologies to teach students of all ranks and ages combined in reasonable proportions and classic high -Digital technology and techniques to achieve with maximum efficiency

We will try to give examples of innovative practice in today's high-tech

There is no need to dwell on the importance of computer security technology

Next we will try to show - as a combination of the classic scientific and heuristic innovative components generally form a new and efficient technologies in the field of technology

Inventions in the field of computer security based on the effects of electromagnetic resonance and resonance spectroscopy

Very often, the corporate computer network users are powerless against hackers

There are many examples, but enough to consider the most acute and threatening cases of users:

The internal computer network of the lower house of Japan's parliament was subjected to regular attacks by hackers more from July 2011. This, according to Reuters referring to the Asahi Shimbun.

As told Japanese newspaper an anonymous source, the attackers got the passwords to the electronic mailboxes of members of parliament with the help of a computer virus. Presumably, the target of hackers have information related to Japan's defense policy and international relations.

It is noted that the first computer was hacked virus c server registered in China, but to determine who uploaded a virus on the server, it is not possible.

This is not the first hacker attack on computers lower house of Japan's parliament. For information about the hackers changed or moved any of the information contained in the internal network of the Parliament, no.

Post a cyber attack on the internal network of the Japanese parliament came a month after it became aware of the first recorded attack by hackers on the defense industry in Japan. Then it was hacked the computer network of the company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (MHI), which produces, in particular, ships, missiles and components for nuclear power plants.

But the problem is moved from country to country and the first to come under attack the most developed countries

Israel Ministry of Justice today announced that the Ministry employee who worked on contract labor and social security stolen during the stay, the personal data more than 9 million Israelis, by copying the numbers of their identity cards, names, addresses, dates of birth, information about family and relatives, etc. . for the purpose of sale

This information was published after the police removed the prohibition on the disclosure of this data, write on Monday, October 24, Israeli media.

The personal data of citizens of Israel have been transferred to the person who created them on the basis of a computer program called "Agron-2006", allowing illegal to use this database for various purposes.

The report of the newspaper The Jerusalem Post emphasized that with "Agron-2006" can be traced to family ties million Israelis, including infants and long dead.

A copy of this program, which has no protection has been obtained by some computer technician from Jerusalem by the name of Ari, 25, who posted it on the Internet for free access. These data were presented in the form of the website and provided instructions on how to download.

As part of the investigation of the case law enforcement agencies detained in June this year Ari, as well as five other suspects, who was later released, subject to some restrictions.

Ynet news site notes that the information about this crime has been used in the report card on public complaints against government agencies and government ministries represented the state controller.

This case was discussed in the Knesset, where members of parliament approved the program of transition to biometric passports.

Threats to data users are varied - here and viruses which, once on your computer, continue to apply, and phishing pages, trompe l'oeil, entices important information, and, of course, a malicious application.

Modern browsers have built-in protection against a number of threats - in particular, they warn you about sites that may pose a threat to your computer. According to the company NSS Labs, the best level of protection in such cases provided SmartScreen technology built into Internet Explorer system.

Later primacy passed to new generations of Internet Explorer, which improved SmartScreen. To date, all new version of the Microsoft browser on a daily basis to reflect two to five million attacks on users' computers, which is 5 times or more greater than that of other browsers

Initially, the main component of SmartScreen was checking the page address for suspicious signs. SmartScreen reputation counts page addresses. At this rate is influenced by many parameters: the address itself, the frequency of entering the site, domain, IP-address and DNS-servers who know about the existence of life. Due diligence attackers, who are in the black list, will have to seriously invest in the infrastructure relocation.

Internet Explorer has learned to detect phishing, ie fake websites as early as the seventh version. Since then, the Microsoft browser was discovered over 160 million phishing pages. Total since the release of Internet Explorer 8 and a half billion attacks were averted associated with malware. Overall, IE today represents about 90 percent of those threats.

The remaining 10 per cent of Internet Explorer «closed» in the latest version, SmartScreen when there's a new layer of protection - calculation of the reputation of applications. Such mechanisms in other browsers do not.

According to Microsoft, each fourteenth download the program is malware. The user simply does not know how to distinguish good from bad application. Internet Explorer latest version can, for its part, to give advice based on the reputation of the program.

Application Reputation is made up of several components. The browser keeps track of digitally signed applications (signed by their developers) and more trust in the signed program. On the site's reputation also affects the age - to the newly created trust resources are lower than the sites from which the long-download the program. reputation calculation technologies often allow to warn of potentially malicious programs even before they know about the antivirus.

Due to the fact that most of the publishers of applications already have a certain reputation, 90 percent of business costs without notice. The browser warns about unknown programs; with a probability of 25 to 70 percent do not listen to the warning the user will download malicious software. Fortunately, 95 percent of users follow the recommendations, and not run suspicious programs.

Anxiety browser starts a beat in the case of particularly high risk. According to Microsoft's calculations, the average user of Internet Explorer latest version is faced with such a warning only twice a year.

The results of implementation of the system speak for themselves. Currently, Microsoft has published the forecast according to which the mechanism of the reputation of applications on a monthly basis to prevent more than 20 million infections. And that's not counting pages blocked usual SmartScreen.

System performance depends on the amount of data accumulated it. Thus, the longer runs SmartScreen, the closer the measure of protection to one hundred percent. Thus, the number of "rescue" the computer from month to month will only grow.

And yet it seems to us the most appropriate solutions for the entire range of problems associated with computer security, use invented and tested in California's integrative method of identification of optical storage devices using the tools and features inherent in electromagnetic resonance

About offer innovative products:

1. The product is based on the application, - Micro - sensors designed for installation in the spindle unit reads and writes an optical memory; The product is a micro-resonant sensor with a variety of topologies location especially nano detectors sensitivity and with great variation amounts of these nano-detector; sensor is installed in the receiving device of the spindle drive unit of the optical memory; a sensor associated with a software system that identifies the signals received by detectors and gives a command drive on the start of work or blocks drive to work in the absence of proper identification established by the drive of the optical disc; coordinates nano detectors should coincide with the coordinates of the coding nano implants; Unlike typical product:

1.1. High measurement accuracy

1.2. Simplicity of design

1.3. Reliability and durability

1.4. The total lack of contact with the surface to be measured

1.5. Possibility of installation in any existing flowsheet optical memory module and the modules that are currently under development, including for terabyte optical disc;

1.6. The product consists of a fully standard elements that determines its high reliability, low cost of production, the possibility of organizing manufacturing without special technological equipment; detectors production can be maintained at the existing semiconductor processing equipment manufacturing;

1.7. The low level of energy consumption for operation of a product; Sensor for quite a few milliwatts of energy;

1.8. Ability to control any configuration topology nano implant location;

1.9. The ability to control super-pure materials and the ability to monitor and identify different materials on isotopic level;

1.10. Be embedded in the automatic control system is not necessarily related to an optical memory device, the possibility, due to the highest sensitivity to capture signals from any ferromagnetic nano - powders, even if the amount of these powders is less than 100 cubic nanometers;

1.11. Ability to work in offline mode, regardless of external interference;

2. The product is based on the application - optical disc encodes the information, wrought WITH NANO - IMPLANTS; The product is a variant of any of the optical disk drive, digital media, on which the volume of a certain level and a certain topology located nano implants, which are each nano-capsule of a magnetic material with a coating of non-magnetic material; for orienting nano capsules in pre-disc body prior to bonding the disc halves operation, perform appropriate nano-size capsules recesses are rubbed nano capsules, after which the disc halves are bonded by existing technology; these discs can be used in any optical storage drive when the recording was made without taking into account the special code; if the entry is made in view of the code, read the information on the drive is only possible with a resonant micro sensor, with the coordinates of the location of the nano implants and nano detectors must be the same; large corporate clients, this technology may have their own drives installed in all computers and proprietary optical disks, nano implants coordinate location of which coincide with nano detectors drives; this coding system completely protects the arrays of such customer information against burglary, theft, or other provocative actions;

3. Ability to create a comprehensive solution for the extremely short time it appeared thanks to a system and method of operating a permanent training of participants in the project, which was carried out by the method developed by Sergey Bondarenko

Imperfect legislation and the effectiveness of the innovation process.

Once again summed up the competitiveness of the world economies,

Compared to last year the three leaders more evolved. First place, as before, it takes Hong Kong. However, if last year he shared the first place with the United States, but this year the US economy did not have the 2.25% to 100%. In third place in the ranking this year has risen Switzerland, ranks only fifth in the last year.

The top ten also included Singapore sequentially (- 3 rd place in the ranking), Sweden (4), Canada (7), Taiwan (6), Norway (13), Germany (10) and Qatar (8).

As the head of the World Competitiveness Center IMD, Professor Stephane Garelli, in spite of the numerous problems the United States is still in the center of the world economy due to the dynamism of American companies and innovative abilities.

"The competitiveness of the United States has a huge impact on the rest of the world because it interacts with every economy, advanced or new No other state in the world can not provide such strong." Attraction effect "- explains Stéphane Garelli.

"Europe is burdened with austerity and fragmented political leadership, therefore, is unlikely to be a worthy substitute for the US economy, while the southern block of emerging markets is still in its development stage", - the expert adds.

The analysis of economic competitiveness IMD experts carried out an analysis on 329 criteria that assess the state of the economy, government effectiveness, business efficiency and state of infrastructure.

In continuation of this information we believe that greater attention to the innovative techniques of integrative training innovation professionals can, of course, in a virtuous combination with other forming factors, even accelerate the development of the competitiveness of the leading economies in the world.

It seems to us a positive role in this process should play a methodical integration and innovative methodological Sergey Bondarenko development.

But the effect of accelerating the positive technique can have on the development of basic research.

As an example:

Physicists first time been able to experimentally confirm the position of the ergodic theory - the theory to explain the properties of dynamical systems. A study of two groups of scientists appeared in the journal Angewandte Chemie. About it writes portal Physics World.

Dynamical systems are called systems that evolve over time. In dynamic systems of a certain type - ergodic - individual molecules move as "accidental" as the rest of the system as a whole. In other words, the successive measurements and average individual particle states give the same result as the measurement of the state of the whole system.

Until now, scientists have not been able to obtain experimental proof of the ergodic theorem, for the measurement of individual parameters of the particles and their combined need different conditions. In the first case it is necessary to work with very dilute solutions (more precisely, emulsions), and the particles have to move at a low speed. In the second, on the contrary, it is necessary to use systems with a high concentration of particles moving at high speeds.

Authors of new work created a system that allows to satisfy both of these requirements. Experimental particles measured parameters are experts are not in a liquid medium and porous material permeated with channels of a few nanometers in diameter. As studied by scientists have used particles of fluorescent dye molecules, and the whole system was immersed in an alcoholic solution. The bright rays of the dye, researchers can track the individual molecules and accurately determine their position. Parameters of the totality of the molecules researchers determined using nuclear magnetic resonance method.

As a result, scientists have shown that the measurements made for the individual molecules and to the system as a whole, give identical results.

Since all of these studies focused on work with the emulsions and to a greater extent with the nano-emulsions, the importance of the issue led the inventors to instantly respond to messages about the results of the experiments, as a result were tested in the leading laboratories, the invention.

As the authors of this publication are directly related to this, there is every reason to believe that it is the development of techniques developed by Sergey Bondarenko, allowed to give immediate response to process the positive results of scientific experiments.

Integration Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving with modern theories of commercialization.

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, and all known its derivatives Algorithms for solving inventive problems were created in the country and in a time where the commercialization of innovative solutions not given much importance, one might even say that at a certain stage of development of the theory and algorithm of inventive problem solving commercialization deliberately ignored in favor purely technological options for innovative solutions, completely divorced from the real economy and in most cases from real life.

As a result of this short-sighted and one-sided development of the organizational model of the innovation process, which took place at this time, the inventors have grown and raised on TRIZ and ARIZ were completely unprepared to the features and techniques of competition in today's society with a free competitive economy.

They are willing and love to invent, but are not ready and do not know how to make money on his inventions that would get decent compensation for their talent and creative work.

It is particularly important to assess the need for the start of the innovation process and understand, and it is better to calculate all possible scenarios in the process of commercialization.

For this purpose, we find it appropriate to apply a system of scorecards in a scorecard consisting of 44 items of evaluation criteria and parameters occurred innovative ideas or initiatives.

Elements of evaluation sheets.

Each of the 44 elements scorecards analyze a particular aspect of the idea. Scorecard, which can be downloaded from the website http: //, is given in Annex IV, and all calculations can be done manually with the help of a calculator or enter values and formulas into an Excel spreadsheet. The calculation of each element is measured in points.

1. The urgent unmet need

2. understandable uniqueness

3. Sustainable Differentiation

4. Ready for immediate demonstrate

5. Good competition

6. Poor competition

7. Attractive price policy

8. Customers who have concluded a deal for the goods, which is not yet

9. The weight of evidence of demand

10. Advance Market

11. ambush

12. "Hot" market

13. Confidence and courage

14. Compliance

15. Survivability

16. Passion

17. Managerial Competence

18. Honesty and reliability

19. The success of Ethics

20. The attraction for lobbyists

21. Live Money

22. The income ceiling costs

23. The benefits of delivery service

24. Availability of resources

25. Advance and domination

26. The penetration strategy To the market

27. The strategy of overcoming the chasm

28. Property Protection

29. Partnership Potential

30. The correct location

31. The quality of the contingency plan

32. Unfair Advantage

33. The need for management in the capital

34. A bit of cash before starting a business

35. Visible capital

36. The high potential value

37. Projected Results

38. Taboo

39. Show-stoppers

40. Ostrich Syndrome

41. Meet with birds of high flight

42. Bright, compelling story

43. Relations with the ruling circles

44. The path of least resistance, and easy prey ...

Next, we assume that in the future with continued development and approbation of methodological developments Sergei Bondarenko and their integration into the modern version of TRIZ and ARIZ will be able qualitative leap efficiency of innovative projects.

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