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The state should see the benefits of human capital — knowledge, intellectual property, ideas — before the oil, gas, metal and real estate: in contrast to the natural resources human potential has the ability to accumulate.
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Safety and efficacy of the use of gray water in irrigation systems and methods for its purification by a combination of secondary bio-materials and natural zeolite

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

Processing and recycling of water is constantly attracted attention of specialists
On the one hand, the emergence of virtual ways to attract money from internet users to fund innovation, reduces somewhat the technical level of the proposed development, but on the other hand, it greatly increases the spread of technology proposals and often gives life and a chance to develop for the curious inventions and developments
Here is one such example: - a system for removing rain from the windscreen car
The system consists of a digital projector, video camera and a mirror, which allows to record the motion of drops in the right perspective.
A computer with specialized software processes the incoming image and predicts the trajectory of the drops, writes
In accordance with these data, the projector displays a special picture with the "labels" corresponding to the location of the drops, which is illuminated only by the space between the particles of precipitation.
This eliminates the glare and improve visibility in bad weather.
At present the system, tested on the hybrid car Toyota Prius, is only at a distance of 3-4 meters in front of the car. Tests showed that the prototype was built from commercially available components, is capable of removing at 30 km / h 70% drop in sight.
Computer calculations showed that this figure may increase to 96.8%. The overall illumination of the road will fall by only one-tenth of the maximum value.
When such a system may appear on production cars is not reported.
But basically, most of the latest developments and research aimed at solving real problems is absolutely facing society
Here is an example of this group of inventions and technologies

Israeli scientists have proven safe and effective use of "gray water" for irrigation systems.
The joint study by researchers from the Technion and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev shows that after a certain procedure, clearing the quality of "gray water" remains at a high enough level so that it can be used for irrigation of agricultures.
Scientists from two universities had a most extensive in the world of research re-use so-called "gray water" - water that has already been used for sanitary purposes (we are not talking about water from the sewerage system) - when washing things, washing dishes and bathing.
Israeli Ministry of Health does not recommend using this water for watering gardens and lawns, adjacent homes, arguing that it could be dangerous to human health.
The Health Ministry claimed that the "gray water" contains millions of bacteria - pathogens of various diseases.
However, recent research refutes this information.
After checking the purity of water, the amount of solid particles and the concentration of bacteria in it, the scientists, in most cases, after a simple purification procedure the water quality remains at a very high level.
The results were submitted to the Ministry of Health. However, the department is in no hurry to change its position on this issue, and requires additional research that would focus on the possible health consequences of use of such water in the household.
The average household consumes between 100 and 120 liters of water per day to irrigate the garden.
In Israel, due to lack of water people increasingly began to use "gray water" for watering plants (according to some sources, this resort about 10 000 households).
The study, which took place over two years, was attended by 20 households in different parts of Israel. They used a special irrigation system, developed at Ben-Gurion University.
The system consists of two plastic containers, in one of its water is treated and stored in the second is purified water. In the event of a breakdown of the system, the water drains into a central sewage system, and not in the garden, which prevents the application of the potential damage to the environment.
As the authors of the study, failure in the system is extremely rare, and the quality of treated water is quite consistent with the requirements of Ministry of Health.
Scientists have monitored not only water quality but also the soil, which watered the "gray water". Its quality also remained at high levels.
Ministry of Health has offered to researchers to conduct additional tests to compare the health risks of using this system, then we can talk about the possibility of implementing such systems in households across the country.
In the meantime, use "gray water" for irrigation is allowed only in public places, for example, on sports fields.
I see a real way to solve the problems of gray water - the way to widespread use of natural zeolite granules and various dried seaweed, even with the limited, but ion-exchange properties
As a justifiably believe American experts on cleaning and regeneration of secondary sources of water, without the electrochemical treatment of such water is unlikely to comply with all applicable environmental standards
Then give an example of real-proven inventions, which is based on the application of electrochemical processes for non-reagent processing liquids, including water

United States Patent 6,139,714
Livshits October 31, 2000
Method and apparatus for adjusting the pH of a liquid
A process for adjusting the pH of an aqueous flowable fluid includes an electrochemical mechanism for adjusting the pH of an aqueous flowable fluid and a mechanism for then electrochemically stabilizing the adjusted pH of the fluid. A device for performing the process is also included. The device includes an inlet and a channel in fluid communication with the inlet. The channel has the appearance and properties of a U-shaped connected vessel. The U-shaped connected vessel includes an inlet accumulating passage in fluid communication with an active zone between two spaced electrodes wherein the active zone has a small volume relative to the passage for accelerating fluid flow from the passage through the active zone complying with the physics of connected vessels.
Inventors: Livshits; David (Ashdad, IL)
Assignee: Gemma Industrial Ecology Ltd. (Brooklyn, NY)
Appl. No.: 08/982, 700
Filed: December 2, 1997

In recent years a growing number of specialists in water purification and regeneration is considered that the different vortex systems have a significant advantage over straight-through systems
And if the vortex system formed by streams of gases were studied for a long time, the vortex system of incompressible materials and substances are only now beginning to study systematically
In order to study a variety of commonly used simulation equivalent materials from which to derive the vortex tubes or vortices in stationary tanks to be cleaned with liquid
Physicists have created a mathematical model of motion of curls. The paper was published in the journal Physical Review Letters, its outline can be found on the website of the American Physical Society.
In order to understand the laws of motion of curls, the scientists decided to create a mathematical model based on a simple experiment with a strip of metal.
The strip length of 60 centimeters and a thickness of 0.1 mm was first rolled into a coil (quiescent state), and then straightened on the surface (stress state).
After the strip was let go, it is folded in a curl. This process, researchers recorded on video and used to produce the model.
When the authors were convinced that the model reproduces with reasonable accuracy the behavior of the metal spire, they could perform virtual experiments with a strip of infinite length.
Since each segment of the strip in the straightened state contains the same amount of energy, the speed was constant curl.
Growth during the twisting spire was uniformly accelerated and depended only on time (L = kxt / 3, where t is time).
It was believed that the increase in the size of the curl by twisting with time to stop (it should reach a certain natural size).
In fact, curl continues to grow regardless of the length of the strip.
This happens because the force of trying to make the curl less compensated by the centrifugal force of rotation (in the gravity model does not take into account).
Moreover, the increase is self-similar, that is all part of the spring increase in proportion.
Objects with the form of a curl is widely found in nature - from curly hair to the tendrils of plants. Some engineers suggest using the curls formed with strips of two different materials, as microscopic engines.
Work on modeling the movement may help in the engineers.
At the same time during the regeneration of water is often the most efficient available on the contact surfaces between the rates of gas-liquid media
Typically in these systems dynamically moving around each bubble of compressed gas is formed from the sheath fluid being treated, and this increases the contact surface area of at least an order of magnitude
Here are some examples of effective inventions that implement this idea:

United States Patent 5,871,814
Livshits February 16, 1999
Pneumatic grip
A device for shaping a vacuum includes a housing having a primary passageway which includes an inlet. A fluid shaping mechanism is disposed in the primary passageway in fluid communication with the inlet for changing the shape of a fluid flow into a planar fluid flow flowing radially outwardly from a central point. The fluid shaping mechanism includes a conically-shaped portion disposed within the primary passageway, a plurality of secondary passageways extending through the housing from a periphery of the cone-shaped surface to outlets at a bottom surface of the housing, and a reflector adjacent to and spaced from the bottom surface for uniformly reflecting the fluid from the secondary passageways radially outwardly to create a vacuum adjacent thereto.
Inventors: Livshits; David (Ashdad, IL)
Assignee: Robotech, Inc. (Brooklyn, NY)
Appl. No.: 08/896, 746
Filed: July 18, 1997

United States Patent Application 20100193445
Kind Code A1
Livshits; David; et al. August 5, 2010
Methods and systems for processing of liquids using compressed gases or compressed air are disclosed. In addition, methods and systems for mixing of liquids are disclosed.
Inventors: Livshits; David; (San Francisco, CA); Teichner; Lester; (Chicago, IL)
Correspondence Address: VEDDER PRICE P.C.
Serial No.: 679 884
Series Code: 12
Filed: September 5, 2008
PCT Filed: September 5, 2008
PCT NO: PCT/US08/75378
371 Date: March 24, 2010

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