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Innovative agriculture

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

Agricultural technology is the most important and really essential sector of the innovation process

This innovative sector of the economic value can be equated to the energy, but the strategic importance can be clearly recognized as the most important and necessary in the world

There are not many places that in their natural environment can help develop agro-technology without significant investment in related technologies such as irrigation, intensification of agricultural production, through the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and similar technologies and processes

When you get acquainted with all sorts of descriptions of advances in agriculture, it is not always understand what is due to inventions and innovations, these achievements were obtained
Here is information from a country that surely holds leading positions in agricultural development:

... Half of Israel - it is a desert. On the part and do not understand what's in these stone Israel grow most of their fruits and vegetables. Here in the desert, for clarity, local agronomists to periodically organize the National Exhibition of achievements of agriculture. In fact, this is a big factory of wonders.

Axis says Winter, curator of the Agricultural Exhibition: "It is believed that in such dire circumstances it is impossible to farm. But Israel had no choice. And today we see great results."
Stunning results of an emotional assessment, to offer an innovative assessment of these reports

To begin with, it's a desert with typical desert conditions

The first thing that comes to mind - these are questions of irrigation and there are some nuances that have been studied on the basis of this particular technological direction

As you know the soil may be acidic or alkaline background, which significantly affects its fertility

We also know that if you keep watering the soil is illiterate, it is very easy to place, and the effect of increasing crop yields, soil erosion can be a long time to bring this land from agricultural use

In order to avoid these troubles, known special methods of irrigation, which are as follows:

  • If the soil has a pronounced alkaline background, it should shed water with high acidity;
  • If the soil is acidic, it is desirable to carry irrigation water with high alkalinity;

What should be done for this - very simple and familiar - added to the water chemical fertilizers, such as the background and acidic aqueous solution is obtained for irrigation with acidic background, which can be used for watering plants that are grown on alkaline soils, and on acid soils on the contrary

In this simple founded a Trojan horse, according to the accumulated harmful effects on the environment is more dangerous than many natural disasters

The reason for this gradual accumulation of nitrates and other harmful chemicals in the most fertile topsoil

So to be able to change the level of acidity or alkalinity of the liquid without the use of chemicals - this is an innovative approach to solving an inventive problem, and presumably this should be the ideal end result of the possible technical solutions

Ask the question - are there any technical solutions, which are also repeatedly tested in practice?
Yes, there are technical solutions and, unfortunately, not many people know about them,

This is an invention:

United States Patent 6,139,714
Livshits October 31, 2000
Method and apparatus for adjusting the pH of a liquid
A process for adjusting the pH of an aqueous flowable fluid includes an electrochemical mechanism for adjusting the pH of an aqueous flowable fluid and a mechanism for then electrochemically stabilizing the adjusted pH of the fluid.
A device for performing the process is also included. The device includes an inlet and a channel in fluid communication with the inlet. The channel has the appearance and properties of a U-shaped connected vessel.
The U-shaped connected vessel includes an inlet accumulating passage in fluid communication with an active zone between two spaced electrodes wherein the active zone has a small volume relative to the passage for accelerating fluid flow from the passage through the active zone complying with the physics of connected vessels.

Again, back to the description of the invention, various miracles in the fields:

... Here in Israel look like Strawberry Fields. Hanging Gardens resemble automated shop. Computers are responsible for climate control and drip irrigation. A man comes here once a year - harvest. Foreign tourists, however, much more - to be photographed.
In the hothouse of Israeli agronomist experienced bush immediately notice the absurdity. Who said that melons do not grow on trees? So do they. These striped balls weighing up to half-kilogram in Israel called "watermelon portions" that is, for one consumer.

Watermelon tree - the only part of a large garden new melons. Here's suspension pumpkin. A little to one side - on the branches of a la carte flying melon.

Says Rachel Levitt, an agronomist, "When the melons and watermelons grow on trees, behind them is much easier to maintain. But most importantly, we solve the problem so their illnesses. They do not rot, no infections, no fungus."

Israeli agriculture in practice - big experimental ground. In a small country of just ten large agri-science institutions. The fact that yesterday was in the lab, it is now in the fields.

Between farmers - tough competition. It is important who is first. This exhibition - as the front line, to verify the disposition.

Ian Gent, a member of agricultural companies, which feels like a winner. They brought a new variety of tomato - 'Black Galaxy'. The taste - the usual tomato, the color - the usual blueberry, the same as in blueberries, a set of useful vitamins.

Says Ian Gent, specialist agricultural companies, "Black this is what makes them healthier. They have more vitamin C, and compared with the usual red tomato, I would advise you to choose the black."

Black tomatoes, bright yellow squash, red lemons. Go and guess who is who in this masquerade of vegetables.

Among all the local vegetable miracle for yourself personally, I would single out this one sip. It's called "Do not believe your eyes." He is sweet as candy, but inside there is no seeds. In general, it is child's play.

Director AgroFarm agree. They have done this vegetable candy for the nation's health, no more and no less.

Says Amnon Eshet, director AgroFarm: "We want our children to gnaw our sweet peppers instead of potato chips."

Their fruits and vegetables from the desert to love Israel exports around the world. But in this case the motion of the opposite. The firm decided to plant in the Middle East purely Russian product. These cucumbers are still an all-time.

Regina says Urman, the administrator of the company: "New cucumbers with pimples, with the smell of Russia, just the smell of childhood, childhood, and taste like ... When I look at them, just remember what I ate when I was 5 years old."

In the desert, "green with pimples" grows no worse than in the gardens central Russia. Today, every Israeli bed - a small Skolkovo.

Instruments monitor soil moisture, mineral content, the health of seedlings. All information supplied on the Internet. Manages the plant life of a modern farmer directly from your mobile phone.

Now let's think about how you can so easily remotely manage the processes of growing plants and still have full control over all critical processes;

For the past few days, this decision officially exists and it can give an innovative response to the majority of technical issues raised:

United States Patent Application 20120029845
Kind Code A1
Flider; Gennadiy; et al. February 2, 2012
According to some embodiments, an apparatus and method are provided for detecting the composition of a fluid. An alternating electromagnetic field may be applied to the fluid and distortions in the electromagnetic field are compared with predetermined, expected distortion "signatures" for particular components at particular concentrations. The presence and concentration of the components in the fluid may be detected by detecting these distortion signatures.
Inventors: Flider; Gennadiy; (San Francisco, CA); Livschits; Gabreal; (San Francisco, CA)

I am confident that by applying a solution technologists and agronomists will be in the hands of an accurate, reliable and effective instrument of control, which will surely go into the field of innovation to the field crops of the wonders of the everyday practice

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