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In any civilized country intellectual property rights should be as sacred and inviolable as the right to private property
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American Airlines seeks damages against Google


American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, said on Friday it was seeking damages from Internet search leader Google for selling search words involving its name.

The dispute relates to Google’s practice of selling search terms such as «American Airlines» or «» to other companies for advertising.

American Airlines, a unit of AMR Corp., said it does not want to prevent the display of search terms, but wants Google to stop selling its trademarks and related terms.

«We are seeking relief for the damages such practices are creating,» the company said in a statement. It didn’t estimate the amount of damages.

Google believes its on solid ground.

«We are confident that our trademark policy strikes a proper balance between trademark owners’ interests and consumer choice, and that our position has been validated by decisions in previous trademark cases,» Google said in a statement.


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