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Music Association RIAA is trying to close the service Limeware


Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) last Friday filed in federal court in New York State lawsuit demanding the closure of the popular Internet service "LimeWare", which allows free file exchange between users. The lawsuit states that all four of the world's largest record label, whose interests RIAA presents, have the facts about the violation of their copyrights by LimeWare.

In court papers stated that the applicant requires a permanent closure of the service as violation of LimeWare "notes on a regular basis". "Every day of LimeWare prejudice the legitimate rights holders. The money they lose, the service itself can not and will not recover," - says the lawsuit.

Independent experts say that the RIAA does not accidentally filed a lawsuit in Manhattan, just as in the last month there already been made decision against the company Lime Group, which owns this service. Company's founder Mark Gorton was accused of massive copyright infringement and unfair market competition.



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