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Forgotten features of algorithms and theory of inventive problem solving in the development of competitive strategy

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

The most important point of reference for the formation of technological fundamentals and basic understanding of the structure of the model of development of innovative products are the laws of technical system
Even the richest and most powerful companies ignore these essential basic knowledge, and as a result there are gray products that make their way and a place in the market by explicitly technological and engineering achievements and not by any commercial unique advantages that the market does not has long been waiting for
Development of technical systems, as well as any other system, is subject to the general laws of dialectics. To flesh out these laws applied specifically to technical systems, has once again examine the patent pool, but on a much greater depth. No need to take "patent layer", and, so to speak, "patent well": patent, historical and technical material, reflecting the development of a single system for 100 - 150 years. Of course, to identify the universal laws need not one, but many "patent well" - work very, very hard. But, knowing the laws of technical systems, we can confidently select the most effective methods to eliminate contradictions and build a program of inventive problem solving.
What is the objective laws of the development of technical systems? Consider an example. Filming complex - a typical technical system, including a number of elements: Filming machine, lighting, sound recording equipment, etc. The unit is shooting at 24 frames per second, and with each shot the shutter is open a very short time, sometimes as little as one-thousandth second. A unit runs on DC (or AC, but have a high thermal inertia) and illuminate the film set all the time. Thus, the useful fraction of the energy used. Most of the energy consumed in hazardous occupations: tire artists, heats the air.
Please note that the main elements of the system "live" each in its own rhythm. Imagine an animal with a brain to work 24-hour cycle, and paws, preferring to act, say, a 10-hour cycle of the brain it's time to sleep, and paws are awake, they are full of energy, they "clock" at noon, it is necessary to run ... Evolution cruelly rejects such organisms. But the technique is very often create "organisms with inconsistent rhythm" and then long to suffer because of the inherent disadvantages.
One of the objective laws of the development of technical systems that systems with mismatched rhythms replaced by more sophisticated systems with consistent rhythm. So in this example, need instantaneous lamps powered synchronously and in phase rotation of the lens cover. Then sharply reduced power consumption, improved working conditions of artists.
Matching rhythm parts of the system - just one of the laws that determine the development of technical systems. Using the "code" of these laws, we can build a program of inventive problem solving. It will provide opportunities, not wandering around the search field, enter the area of solutions, that is, to reduce the number of options to, say, ten.
Strange as it is such a problem can be clearly seen in every innovative company is constantly striving to modify its innovative child
Further, it would seem, quite simply, we need to consider ten options and choose the right one. But ten variants obtained by translation problems at the first level can be qualitatively different from ten options needed to solve the problem, which from the beginning was the objective of the first level. In "natural" all the problems of the first-level solutions are clear to the inventor, it is usually directly related to his specialty, is not deterred by its complexity. "Artificial" the task of the first level, obtained from the problem of, say, the fourth level, can have solutions "wild" or beyond the knowledge of the inventor. Suppose task analysis bay all the "empty" versions, leaving only one possibility: "The problem would be solved if the rotating liquid in the vessel will not cling to the walls of the vessel and its axis." It is known that the rotating liquid centrifugal force towards the wall of the vessel. Rather, the inventor of the drop a variant as clearly contradictory physics ... Meanwhile, there is a liquid, which in spite of conventional notions, with rotation, the centripetal force! This phenomenon is called the Weissenberg effect. It goes beyond the high school physics for engineers, so not all engineers are aware of it.
For sure tasks need information about all the physics. That's about all, because the solution of difficult problems often associated with the use of little-known or little-known physical effects nuances usual physical effects. Moreover, all of physics should be presented in such a way that the effects do not have to touch a row. In other words, we need not just physics, about tables linking types inventive problem solving (or types of conflict) with the relevant physical effects. In the same form must be submitted and purely inventive principles identified by the analysis of patent materials.
But this is not enough. It is necessary that the inventor, working on the program, was not afraid to throw the options seem plausible, and was not afraid to go to the ideas seemingly "wild", ie, the need to control the psychological factors.
• effective technology solutions inventive problems can only be based on the conscious use of the laws of engineering systems;
• On the basis of these laws, it is possible to build a program of inventive problem solving, allowing no variants, reducing the problem of higher levels to a first level;
• On the basis of these laws, it is possible to build a program of inventive problem solving, allowing no variants, reducing the problem of higher levels to a first level;
• To reduce the problem of high-level to a first level, we must first find a physical contradiction, so the program must contain statements that allow for specific rules to identify the physical contradiction;
• to overcome the physical contradictions program should have information collection, including the fund inventive principles, revealed by the analysis of large volumes of modern patent information, fund techniques should be presented in tabular form using techniques depending on the type of problem or that it contains contradictions;
• information collection should also include a table of physical effects;
• The program must have a means of control by psychological factors, primarily a means of enhancing the imagination and means of overcoming psychological inertia.

What happened in reality:
Apple has introduced a new smartphone iPhone-5. The new device has become thinner and lighter than the previous model, has received almost all metal (aluminum) housing and 4-inch screen. Included - the new A6 processor and camera with recycled photo module. Unfortunately for fans of the company's products, surprises in terms of design and technical specifications of the new flagship Apple was not found. Thus, the company has demonstrated a complete unwillingness to fight against competitors.

Despite some growth in the company's shares after the launch of the new smartphone, iPhone-5 did not make the slightest impression on the majority of analysts and observers. Smartphone will win new fans unlikely. But the followers of "apple", of course, always buy it yourself.

"A man who has a iPhone, buy it just because it's - iPhone. I do not think anyone is guided by other considerations. This is not the best smartphone. He was not the best performance. But this iPhone. It works as the iPhone. Which is good. I must buy it, "- said the director of the site fans of Apple products Nimrod Ben-Moshe.

The company itself is also considered a new smartphone huge achievement.

"We are creating an amazing product that helps us to meet the new milestone. During the last quarter we have sold over 400 million copies of iOS - the operating system is running on iPhone. This is amazing. Such success was not expected. Today we go to the next level and are making a huge jump. We're going to tell you some news about our new iPhone "- said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

No one argues with the fact that the new iPhone has a half-inch longer, 29% lighter and 18% thinner. He now supports a new mobile technology LTE, two times faster graphics processing, better catches wireless internet through antenna gain and has an improved camera. By the way, the presentation, the camera has been given too much attention. Apparently, Apple did realize that the more they have nothing to boast.

"Let's look together and compare photos taken with iPhone-5 with images with conventional cameras. Photographs from the iPhone-5 Ocean seems more blue, kids are happy, and the world - beautiful," - said Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller.

Maybe Phil Schiller and rights. But if it happens to break away from the beautiful screen fifth iPhone and look at the reality, pink tone immediately disappear. New iPhone on the characteristics priori model loses competitors who entered the market a few months ago. And, worst of all for Apple, dramatically inferior main competitor - the Samsung Galaxy 3: The screen is smaller than an inch, dual-core processor Cortex old model against the new quad Eksinus from Samsung. And let the old processor in Apple proudly call the A6, its indicators of not growing. And the capacity of the battery iPhone-5 is less than three times than that of a competitor.

Thus, most analysts do disappointing conclusion - concepts and developments with Apple in 2007 have not changed. No new ideas. And that innovation was five years ago, now seems, at best, bleak.
The basic laws of technical systems 3.1 The law of progressive evolution of technology 3.2 Laws of technical system 3.3 The Law needs to extend the set-functions 3.4 The law of correspondence between the function and structure of 4. The displacement of people from technical systems 4.1 Law 4.2 stage development techniques and laws of robotics Robotics 5.
Prediction of engineering systems References Introduction The development of mankind for centuries due to the development of technology. For many years, people have improved and upgraded the existing technology and invented a new one. Technique also helped people to develop themselves and improve their skills and abilities. As our world exists and develops technology-based laws.
On the evolution and improvement takes time, modified and upgraded the system to mature and be ready to accept and absorb new technical ideas
Development trends of engineering systems was conducted a while ago. The first work on the laws of the art Georg Hegel wrote in the section "tool" of the "Science of Logic". "Technology of mechanical and chemical therefore serves the man that her character (essence) is to determine its external environment (laws of nature)."
In 1843, W. Schultz described the prototype of the law of technical system.
He wrote that "it is possible to distinguish between the tool and the machine: shovel, hammer, chisel, etc leverage and screws, for which, however skilfully they may be made, the driving force is the people ... it all fits into the concept of guns; Meanwhile plow driving force of his animals, windmills should be counted among the machines. " A little later, some of the laws of development of techniques have been described by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
1. Law of technical system
A necessary condition for the fundamental viability of a technical system is the availability and efficiency of the minimum core of the system.
Consequence of the law of 1:
The system to be controlled, it is necessary that at least one part of it was manageable.
2. The law of "energy conductivity" system
A necessary condition for the fundamental viability of a technical system is through passage of energy to all parts of the system.
Consequence of the law 2.
That part of the technical system was controlled, to ensure energy conductivity between this part and the authorities.
3. Law harmonization rhythm parts of the system
A necessary condition for the fundamental viability of a technical system is to match rhythm (oscillation frequency, periodicity) of all parts of the system
4. Law of increasing ideality of
The development of all systems go in the direction of increasing ideality.
5. The law of uneven development of parts of the system
Parts of the system development is uneven; more complex a system is, the uneven development of its parts.
6. The law of transition to super-system exhausted development opportunities, the system turns into a super-system as one of the parts, with further development is already at the level of meta
7. The law of transition from macro to micro-level development workers bodies goes first at the macro, and then at the micro level.
8. The law increases the degree of su-field
Development of technical systems is towards increasing the degree of su-field.
1) An invention, in which the solution is obtained by introducing the "emptiness", a lot, and 2) "void" can be administered in various ways, such as the outside of the object and the object. "Endeavor" technical systems to connect to the "void" caused by the law of increasing ideality. "Emptiness" provides an opportunity to increase the facility - without weighing - the number of functions performed.

The easiest way to increase the number of functions - go to bi-system and subsystem. But this transition is associated with the multiplication of the original object. A contradiction: it is necessary to unite to increase the number of functions performed, and can not be combined so as not to reduce the degree of ideal objects. Resolution of the conflict is to merge with the "void": the union and the union is like no ...
Developers at Apple have chosen to increase the number of functions performed, which will decrease the degree of ideal objects and collectively determine the cause of the fact that their innovative 5 years ago today, the product has become a gray amorphous product ...
It is easy to see the overall direction of the line: increased interaction between the object and the "emptiness" - until the conversion of these components into a single system. There was a general direction does not mean, however, that in principle can not "reverse", there are challenges to eliminate harmful or unnecessary "emptiness." There sidelines: at each stage may increase the dynamism of structure, the transition to bi-and poly-systems.

It should also be stressed, "object", developed through increasing the "emptiness" can be a tool, the product, the external environment and the various combinations of these components. Therefore an increase in the degree of "emptiness" is not a line, as it may seem at first glance.
We used to say, "mono-enters bi-system." Or: "The degree of dispersion of the system is increased." Simple and vague! It now appears that the transition is not a one-act, and this line with many steps. Our understanding of the mechanisms of evolution of systems begin to undergo another change. They become deeper and more complex.

Scientific concepts should reflect the objective reality. And that reality is infinitely complex. Therefore, as the unit modification TRIZ - representations, tools, ideas, information collection, etc. - Inevitably more complex. This happens in all the sciences and all the technical systems. Modern aircraft are immeasurably more complex aircraft of the century, but modern aircraft capable of flying at speeds unthinkable for aircraft br. Wright.
Modern TRIZ learns to more difficult tasks, of course, the theory in this case is more complicated. This is such an obvious pattern that seems to be and remind her not to.
However, it was held here today the main front rejection of TRIZ. There are, of course, deep opponents do not want to hear about how to manage the process of solving creative problems.
But the main opposition TRIZ today is motivated differently: TRIZ and ARIZ complex and continue to become more complicated ... easier to use, such as brainstorming, which naturally leads to the results obtained from Apple

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