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TRIZ and modern interdisciplinary technology, biotechnology and genetic engineering elements: reality and illusion (continued, part five)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

16.Prinsiple of partial or excessive action
• If it is difficult to get 100% of the desired effect, it is necessary to get "a little less" or "a little more" - the problem with much simpler.
Remains simply ask why the inventor to simplify the task of reducing the percentage of the desired effect? As this decline investors react?
Considering modern inventive problems, it is difficult to accept the fact that someone knows exactly what 100% of the desired effect?
How this knowledge will affect the commercial sector, the implementation of the invention, for example, we simplify the solution of the problem for the inventor, but if the result of a simplified solution will not meet all the requirements of the market, that is the point in all these simplifications?
During the development of the theory of inventive problem solving, at least in the Soviet Union were the work of commercial issues minor and this determined attitude to the real effectiveness of technical ideas, performed at the level of invention
Knowing that we can take effect, which will ensure commercial success of the knowledge of what can be considered as 100% of the desired effect, in itself can provide when the commercial success
17.Prinsiple of transition into another dimension
• difficulties associated with the movement (or placement) of an object on the line are eliminated if the object has a chance to move in two dimensions (ie, on a plane). Accordingly, the tasks associated with the movement (or placement) of the objects in the same plane, are eliminated in the transition to the space in three dimensions;
• Use a multi-storey layout of objects instead of single-story;
• skew an object or put it "on the side";
• Use the back of this area;
• use the optical flux incident on the adjacent area or back of the available space.
This principle as it bypasses the creation of completely new, as said before - the pioneering inventions, by the methods of implementing the transition to another dimension, set out in the theory of inventive problem solving, today, in the best case you can improve and optimize existing solutions;
Typically such improvements as protection of intellectual property rights is extremely difficult and generally very difficult to separate this solution on features related to the subject to improvements and acquisition during and after improvements
18.Use of mechanical vibrations
• bring an object to vibrate;
• If such a motion is committed to increase its frequency (up to the ultrasonic);
• use the resonant frequency;
• Apply instead of mechanical vibrators Piezo-driver;
• Use ultrasonic vibrations in combination with electromagnetic fields.
Modern technical innovations are the basis of many innovative products povsevmestno system used mechanical oscillatory circuits for solving complex technical problems, especially in the non-contact metrology
As it turned out the highest efficiency and accuracy of MRI shows impedance sensors, and piezoelectric motors, which are the latest developments showed excellent opportunity to work as stepper motors
So that the method and technique retains full relevance in our time and in addition showed excellent adaptability to the latest processor and systems management and control to the applicability of composite materials

19.Prinsiple of batch
• switch from continuous to intermittent (pulse);
• if the action has been carried out from time to time, to change the frequency;
• Use the pause between pulses for another activity.
One of the modern methods is to use the pulse technology to solve a very important task especially in the control systems and laser technology in radio-frequency drivers
The technique of using the pause between pulses in different variations are widely used, so that this method is still valid and in solving the most important and horizontally integrated technical solutions
20.Prinsiple of continuity of performance
• to work continuously (all the parts of an object must always operate at full load);
• to work continuously (all parts of the object have to work all the time at full load with a uniform distribution function);
To fully understand the importance of this technique, it should be noted subtlety of modern CPU control process in which a pause in the duty cycle of any set is also subject to control
That is, the continuity of work includes all of the operating cycle, including pause
This technique explains the necessity and possibility of the algorithm in the structure of modern inventions

21.Prinsiple of breakthrough
• to process or individual stages (eg, harmful or hazardous) at high speed.
This method is a basic part of modern integrative inventions in which the structure and performance of novelty is based on the program, algorithm and fulfilling integrated combination method
22.Prinsiple of "to pay damages in favor of"
• Use harmful factors (particularly, harmful effects of the environment) to obtain a positive effect;
• eliminate harmful factor by adding other hazards;
• strengthen the harmful factor to such a degree that it is no longer harmful.
This method seems to me the most important for understanding the contemporary invention which can be the basic foundation of commercially successful product
For example, the accelerated degradation of electrodes in the electrochemical reactor, which is catastrophic in terms of pollution of electrolytes in galvanic process is a significant factor in the success and performance of electrocoagulation process used in industrial cleaning systems and recycling of waste water
The use and combination of all the components of this principle allows you to create new products and technological principles osrobenno in electrochemistry and waste production in all sectors of industry and agriculture
23.Prinsiple of feedback
• enter feedback;
• if the feedback is, change it.
Principles of feedback are used today in nearly every managed by the processors the product, but all components of feedback - a conventional components and for the inventor and designer of any use at all of the feedback systems is reduced to a simple selection of components
24.Prinsiple of "facilitator"
• Use an intermediary object, transporting or transferring the action;
• the time to attach to the object of the other (removable) object.
Principle mediator or technological witness and is now widely used, but its use does not affect the business results of the product, which is manufactured using this technique
All of this can be attributed to the peculiarities of the process, and the patenting process without reference to an article today about not practiced - all interested in the product itself, but as he was made using the principle of a mediator or not - very few people care
25.Prinsiple of self
• the object itself should take care of themselves by performing auxiliary and repair operations;
• Use waste (energy, materials).
This principle is now the most important of the 40 practices we have inherited from the classical theory of inventive problem solving
We can say that this method has two major techniques - waste production and the formation of self-sufficient autonomous innovative products
Waste production is a particular issue and its volume requires special study and description, but in principle the use of the algorithm of the method in which waste is a part or component of the propellant, for example, it is said the aerobatics of the innovation process
Suffice it to cite only one example - the condensation of water from the exhaust gas and the use of water in the process of forming an emulsion fuel
An example of such a solution and use 25 reception can be served by this invention:
United States Patent Application 20110056457
Kind Code A1
Livshits; David; et al. March 10, 2011
The present disclosure generally relates to an apparatus for the condensation of a liquid suspended in a gas, and more specifically, to an apparatus for the condensation of water from air with a geometry designed to emphasize adiabatic condensation of water using either the Joule-Thompson effect or the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube effect or a combination of the two. Several embodiments are disclosed and include the use of a Livshits-Teichner generator to extract water and unburned hydrocarbons from exhaust of combustion engines, to collect potable water from exhaust of combustion engines, to use the vortex generation as an improved heat process mechanism, to mix gases and liquid fuel efficiently, and an improved Livshits-Teichner generator with baffles and external condensation.

26.Prinsiple of copy
• instead of the inaccessible, complex, expensive, inconvenient or fragile object using it simpler and cheaper copies;
• Replace the object or objects of their optical system copies (images). Use the change in scale (increase or decrease the copy);
• If visible optical copies are used, go to copies of infrared and ultraviolet
Today, these recommendations from the technical point of view, a clear and frank look stupid, but even if we consider all this in terms of patent law is up in such a scenario will never lead to the creation of original technical solutions to the world novelty
27.Not expensive fragility return dear life
• Replace expensive object cheap set of objects, sacrificing some of the qualities (eg, longevity).
This technique can be justified only if it is a disposable product
Any reduction in price of products made by the quality of the market can not be understood and therefore can not be accepted, that is, from the application of this procedure can be a complete commercial failure
28. Change of the mechanical system
• replace the mechanical scheme of optical, acoustic, or "scent";
• the use of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields to interact with the object;
• switch from fixed to moving fields, the fixed - to change over time, from unstructured - to have a certain structure;
• use of the field in conjunction with ferromagnetic particles.
Everyone knows that the most reliable technical objects with no moving parts
Therefore, any technical equivalent of moving elements of the product, which can fully replace the moving parts on fixed or working on the principle that performs the same function as the mobile elements can help create an innovative facility, which thanks to no moving parts, reliability, durability and performance achieved a level that will ensure the success of the product in the competition and success in the commercialization of
29.Use of inflatable constructions and hydro-konstruktsy
• Instead of the solid parts of the object to use the gas and liquid;
• the use of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields to interact with the object: inflatable and hydro-napolnyaemye, air cushion, hydrostatic and hydro-jet.
Implementation of this technique is very difficult from a technical point of view;
For the commercialization of this technical solution is very difficult to find arguments for the investor and explain what is admissible in traditionally accepted and understandable design any product, you must apply an exotic solution or solutions related to business is not always appropriate to replace the principal product of the basic principles
This replacement is always associated with a significant rise in price of the product, that the argument is always working against such changes
30.Use of flexible shells and thin films
• instead of conventional designs use flexible shells and thin films;
• isolate the object from the external environment using flexible shells and thin films.
This technique should be divided into micro and macro elements
This method is also an important element for such nano-technology
Take for example the process of emulsification of fuel If the emulsion is formed, such as a diesel fuel and water, the only guarantee of the success of such fuel emulsion is its structure, in which the micro-droplets of water surrounded by a thin film of diesel fuel
After the injection of the emulsion into the combustion chamber, the water evaporates before the diesel fuel, the evaporation of tears shell diesel fuel at the nano-particles, and it is much more effective for optimal combustion, than such a sharp increase in the injection pressure, combined with the need to strengthen the structural components of the cylinder -piston engine
The same technique can be the basis for the invention in which such electronic board in places intended for intense heat, covered with very thin film of synthetic diamond

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