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The state should see the benefits of human capital — knowledge, intellectual property, ideas — before the oil, gas, metal and real estate: in contrast to the natural resources human potential has the ability to accumulate.
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Patent protection of biomedical innovation projects possible role of TRIZ and ARIZ in the formation of this protective strategy (continued, part four)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits, Jaroslav Vashchuk

Statistics Incidence of certain mutations in people of all ages and races could help scientists better understand the mechanisms of disease development and the future development of more effective prevention and treatment.
However, companies are reluctant to share such information, and, again, not all scientists want to spend the effort to study them, considering that for your work, it may have to "unbuckle" patent holders.
Another "side effect" of patenting: a technique in which the rights established itself a company, it may be incomplete (for example, according to some sources, the analysis developed by Myriad Genetics, the proportion of false-negative responses was up to 12 percent).
Since the development of the new method may be hampered by the reluctance of other companies to pay royalties or buy the patent, the patent holder has to improve its methods alone, which, of course, is not happy potential patients.
To describe the effects of the use of these patents on biotechnology (and not only) has been coined a special term - antiobschin tragedy. The essence of tragedy is that the current holder of the exclusive rights to anything (and the owners in order to increase profits only self) lead to non-optimal expenditure share.
However, even opponents of patenting recognize that tragedy antiobschin, if revealed, it is not very much.
As recommend ways and means to overcome the contradictions borrowed in Theory and Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving, the most suitable to achieve the perfect end result is a comprehensive integrative solutions.
These integrated solutions, which in addition to all the positive, as it were transferred to the positive aspects inherent identified and synthesized nature on inventions related technologies, which are significantly superior to the primary option to overcome the contradictions and the parameters of the ideal end result is ten times
For example, consider a bio-technological process of homogenization of milk
Currently, the process of homogenization and the following in the processing chain pasteurization process leads to the fact that the most useful to the human body in milk lose their useful properties
Offer a new technology that does not have these disadvantages
At the beginning of the short technologies that offer, and about the features and the novelty of this technology:
Shall have a hydrodynamic booster section, passing and second coaxial sections with integrated hydrodynamic vortex generator, transforming into a hydrodynamic turbulence level of the amplifier connected to the input of a high-pressure pump
All homogenized milk in the proposed device is divided into two streams, the first (60% of total flow) at a pressure of 3 bar (45 psi) enters the hydrodynamic booster section (acceleration is under the influence of the law-Bernoulli), second (40% of total flow ) at a pressure of 3 bar (45 psi) enters the coaxial first, second hydrodynamic section;
In the proposed device is a dynamic process consistent homogenization of the milk flow in the first stage of homogenization on the level of turbulence in the pipeline (there is none, no one, it is the main element of novelty, confirmed in existing security documents on intellectual property rights);
After that homogenized milk flow is transformed into a vortex tube (with a built-vortex generator) and sent to the high-pressure pump (pressure of 2000 to 3000 bar, or 29000-43500 psi) where the second stage of homogenization in dynamic flow, in which the particle size in emulsion (milk - an emulsion) is reduced to particles less than one micron, which means it becomes a nano-emulsion;
Homogenization process occurs over a period of time less than 1 second, and does not violate any natural and biological interactions in milk
Homogenization process occurs at a stable temperature, or under certain hydrodynamic ratios - when the temperature of milk
The whole process of dynamic homogenization is due to the creation of special hydrodynamic conditions in the turbulent flow of milk without destroying the biological balance between all its components
Positive differences from the existing proposed process:

  • At no stage of the existing technology of dynamic homogenization level turbulence and thus that current technology does not allow to carry out the process of homogenization in real time during the movement of milk in the pipeline;
  • The second phase of the device homogenization process takes place under pressure at least twice as high;
  • The proposed technology of particle sizes (globules) of fat homogeneous all within 70-120 nanometers and do not tend to stick together, - the spread of the size of the existing technology is more than 10 times - from 02 to 2 microns;
  • The proposed technology is the homogenization process can be conducted in the pipeline, such as the filing of the tank to the equipment milk processing factory and do not require special production area;
  • The proposed process does not increase the temperature of milk;
  • In the proposed device is possible when administered in milk homogenization additional components (such as multivitamins or lysozyme to increase shelf life);
  • The proposed device has minimum dimensions and easier to use, has the best conditions for sterilization;
  • On the proposed device can also act as a fermentation process or during or after homogenization without violating parameters of homogenized milk;
  • The proposed device is much cheaper than the existing equipment;
  • On the proposed device can perform technological homogenization before putting milk in manufacturing equipment for the production of dairy products;

Based on the laws and methods of Theory of inventive problems solving and Algorithm of inventive problems solving, made structural analysis technology available today homogenization of milk
The most probable is the presence of systemic contradictions in the application of the method for homogenizing effects of high pressure on milk
It is a complete contradiction expressed in the following adverse events:
  • If the pressure is disturbed biological balance between the main components of biological components in the milk
  • Homogenization is carried out only in the process of reducing the size of fat globules and does not address other important biological components

-Homogenization not guarantee complete dimensional stability and spatial relationships between the globules of fat in milk
  • Homogenization likely worsen the taste of milk quality, as these qualities are not determined by the size of fat globules
  • In the process of homogenization of milk fever, and if this increase is more than 40 degrees Celsius (which is likely), then the process of degradation of the individual components of the local milk
  • The size of the spread of the globules of fat in milk is large, from 0.2 microns to 2 microns, suggesting that the local connection of smaller particles into larger, in areas where the level of turbulence during homogenization was less
  • Homogenization under high pressure does not affect the homogeneity of the bulk number of somatic cells in milk, and they affect the basic quality and consumer taste parameters of milk

Therefore, the company-developer of the technology may offer the option of homogenization, which excludes the impact of high pressure on milk
The variant with the homogenization of the level of turbulence, which (for example) in the preparation of fuel emulsions provides water droplet sizes are uniformly distributed in the volume of diesel fuel in the range of 1 micron
One can assume that the milk is possible to get the size of fat globules in the same range
Homogenization level turbulence can:
  • To create a uniform background of somatic cells throughout the volume of processed milk
  • Prevent any biodegradable components of milk
  • To exclude any mechanical degradation of milk components

-Eliminate the slightest increase in temperature during the homogenization of milk
  • To exclude any local tumors of the biological components of milk and their fragments (as background turbulence is homogeneous throughout the volume of milk)
  • Significantly improve the taste of milk
  • Is uniformly distributed throughout the volume of milk biological pollution and reduce their impact on the taste of milk (such as Urey, blood)
  • Significantly reduce the cost of homogenization
  • Significantly reduce the time required for the process of homogenization
  • Significantly increase the flexibility in the application of the homogenization process in the future production of dairy products
  • Carry on the same, existing today, process equipment manufacturing composite food
  • To conduct fermentation simultaneously with the process of homogenization, which significantly reduces the cost of production of dairy products, the production of which requires the fermentation process
  • To keep all the important essential fatty acid in the final products, which will significantly improve the quality and consumer properties

to be continued ...

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