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In the world there are more than 5.8 million patents and daily fed 2 thousand patent applications , registered in Ukraine 86 thousand patents for inventions
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Adaptation of advanced technologies in computer design algorithm of inventive problem solving

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

As the technology engine design more skilled users are beginning to combine both would have been familiar standards-based technologies and adapt them to solve a wide range of tasks
Particularly interesting application of such a combinatorial innovation for development or testing of new ideas and ways and options for their implementation
Appeared and the name of the process - consumers local post-development ;

The term " consumers local post-development IT" until recently, could surprise even the professionals working in the field of information technology. Is it any wonder that the majority of ordinary people about it and not heard? Yet, just as many "ordinary people" every day doing just that " consumers local post-development " information technology.

" Consumers local post-development IT" - a process whereby employees are allowed to use consumer-grade devices to perform business tasks. Most often refers to these devices smartphones, tablet computers, personal laptops and home computers.

The company, pays tribute to all the pluses of consumers local post-development , employees are free to choose where, how and by what devices and programs they operate. The line between personal life and work is erased, since people use the same device.

The simplest example of the use of personal devices for business purposes - to check corporate e-mail with your smartphone or tablet PC while being away from the office. This is something that most people reading this probably made at least once. And many do so every day because it's convenient, increases productivity, and in some cases serious time saver.

It should be noted that consumers local post-development IT happens, regardless of her willingness to IT-companies and departments, regardless of whether there is a general in the company's IT-department. Users simply want to perform work tasks on the devices that are not designed for this purpose. If a company provides, for example, the possibility in the case of urgent need to work from home, it becomes a competitive advantage when hiring new employees and retaining current.

It is also interesting that the perceived favorably consumers local post-development IT and IT-professionals: according to a study Forrester Research, 83 percent of the IT-department employees support more active use in the company's consumer-grade devices.

However, there is a sharp contradiction between the comfort of the employee as a user, on the one hand, and commercial expediency, and even the need to protect the enterprise IT-infrastructure, on the other. There should be a balance between security and convenience, and that it now has to deal with IT-professionals and business owners. It also can not forget about the compatibility with existing systems and control technology. Give this process take its course in any case impossible.

When considering the problems of implementation of consumer devices in the electronic system of the enterprise, as a rule, you may want to take five steps. First, you need to apply to users and to understand what and why they are doing with personal gadgets, what is their motivation and what problems it poses in front of IT-specialists. Secondly, you need to check if it is safe to give them access to the corporate network to unauthorized devices and how to establish control of their laptops, smartphones and applications.

Thirdly, it is necessary to determine the technologies that will be used - whether it is desktop virtualization or, for example, create a "cloud" services? And maybe - a combination of different solutions.
Fourth, it should consider access policies for different departments and groups of users, even if they do, such as in the case of small businesses consist of 1-2 people. What should managers do not need an accountant and secretary. Fifthly, it is necessary to conduct testing phase, in which innovation is tested on a small group of users - from a few people in a small firm to a few dozen at a large company. With their help, need to test the efficiency of technology and make sure that everything works as it should.
Specific technologies may be different, because consumers local post-development IT - a growing trend and more and more manufacturers are paying more attention to it. At Microsoft, for example, there are lots of solutions designed to meet the needs of those who are thinking about consumers local post-development their IT-systems.

Windows Optimized Desktop, for example, enables virtualization on the workstation level. It does not matter where the person - in his office in central Moscow, or at home on the outskirts of the city (and maybe do a business trip), it will always be able to upload your own virtual computer on your home computer or laptop.

A simpler solution is to virtualize a particular application, which is especially useful in cases where the firm does not desire or ability to install special software on each computer user. To do this, Microsoft has a solution called App-V.

Well, of course, there is support for the company and the simplest case of virtualization - remote e-mail on mobile devices - via Exchange ActiveSync, synchronization protocol Microsoft Exchange Server, optimized for networks with high latency and low bandwidth (typically - mobile networks). Minutes able to even remotely care about erasing data on a smartphone user - in the event that the theft devices or an employee was fired.
In general, despite the fact that the term " consumers local post-development IT" is not yet so familiar, its proper implementation in practice now requires the attention of professionals and use the right decisions.

Well, the first is already available, and the second - has been developed.
Looking at the initial stage of the creative analysis of the innovative ideas that come to the conclusion that all this complex process can be optimized using a consumers local post-development

Various lists of inventive principles from the beginning of XX-th century, published several times. The authors randomly included in the publication are those techniques that seemed to them best, without regard for the nature of these techniques.

Therefore, very often with techniques aimed at improving the technical systems, side by side techniques, psychological, perfecting human activities, solving the problem.

None of these lists has not received any significant use. The situation has changed significantly only in the 50's and 60's. with the emergence of TRIZ, with the advent of "technical contradiction".

Technical (system), a contradiction in TRIZ is a situation when an attempt to improve the characterization of a technical system is the deterioration of another.

For example, increasing the structural strength aircraft or missiles increases its weight, and improve the accuracy of the meter leads to a complication of his scheme.

The analysis of large volumes of patent information has shown that to eliminate roughly a thousand of the most common technical contradictions there are 40 most powerful techniques that provide effective solutions.

In the workshop of the inventor of creative techniques serve as the primary set of tools, and to use them, you need certain skills. In the simplest case, the inventor of simply looking at a list of techniques (fingering them one by one) looking for help in solving their problems. This method is slow, but it is quite possible.

For more efficient use of techniques developed a special table in which the vertical characteristics are technical systems, which are necessary to improve the conditions of the problem, and the horizontal - the characteristics that are unacceptable in this case worse.

At the intersection graph of the table shows the number of techniques that are most likely to eliminate the technical contradiction arose.

As a result, system analysis and virtual simulation of various states and processes in the branches of innovative processes, new methods of generating optimal and new technical solutions:

One effect of "inserted" in a pause of another action.

The effectiveness of the increasing use by successive groups of similar objects

a) The difficulties associated with manufacturing facility, overcome by making part of the object separately and attaching it to the main part of the manufactured object.

b) Box used only during the manufacturing facility, and then removed (this subspace is close to the reception number 34).

principle of the use of foam

Using a combination of two identical objects with different quantitative characteristics, we can obtain a qualitatively new effect (eg, bi-metal blade; beats due to the addition of two vibrations, etc.).

Replace certain parts of the explosives or powders, after the introduction of flammable object in a remote place.

assembly in water (would be more accurate to speak not only about the assembly, but also about other activities on the water).

This technique can be regarded as a "division of the union" at the molecular level. "The dissociation-association" strongly "the division-union." It allows the substance, when necessary, split in two, and when we must again turn to a single substance.

bag with a vacuum

the principle of self

Analysis of these new techniques to continue to carry out this series of publications

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