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Innovative modification of fuel blends on the basis of the dynamic dissolution of combustible gases in a liquid hydrocarbon fuels (Part Seven)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

Technical and commercial benefits of an integrated activation of the fuel mixture prior to its injection into the combustion chamber of

An integrated activating fuel mixture in conjunction with the design for the integrated activation unit allows for comparison with existing and known systems and technologies designed for the preparation of the fuel mixture before it is fed into the combustion chamber, a number of technical advantages, determining and commercial advantages;

The main technical advantages include:

  • The possibility to conduct the process of activating the fuel mixture before injection to the combustion chamber without any influence on the structure of the combustion chamber without any influence on the operating conditions of the combustion chamber;
  • The ability to provide a high kinetic energy of the activation process without additional sources of energy;
  • The ability to conduct active monitoring and regulation of the activation process without entering the combustion chamber only by external standard controls and only by external standard means of influence on the process parameters that require adjustment;
  • Ability to raise a specific concentration of dissolved gas in the fuel composition of the fuel mixture;
  • The ability to raise and maintain during the injection of high pressure in the micro-droplets in the fuel mix;
  • The ability to provide high uniformity of distribution of air fuel mixture in the volume after injection;
  • The ability to dramatically reduce cycle time activation;

- The possibility of one and the same device activation to work with a lot of component fuel mixtures;

  • The possibility of one and the same device to activate the fuel mixture does not only organic compounds, but also inorganic components;
  • The possibility of one and the same device to conduct the activation of fuel blends with alloying additives;

The main advantages of commercial technology for integrated
activation include:

  • Reducing the consumption of fuel on the combustion process;
  • Increase the octane number or cetane number of the fuel mixture;
  • Improving engine performance;
  • A significant savings on the cost of the device to activate the integrated fuel mixture;
  • The low cost of installation of the device to activate the vehicle;
  • The ability to use low-calorie fuel engines and its combination;
  • The possibility of one and the same apparatus to perform not only activation but also dissolution and mixing of air-fuel mixture;

The combination of the activation complex fuel mixture located various stages of development technologies aimed at modification cycle internal combustion engine - for example technology HCCI, provides the following advantages:

  • Increase the concentration of the air or other oxidant in the fuel mixture;
  • Lowering the temperature of combustion in the combustion chamber;
  • Reduce or eliminate the concentration of toxic gases in the exhaust;
  • Increase the dispersion of the fuel spray injected into the mixture in the combustion chamber;
  • At about 100-1000 increase active surface area of the fuel mixture after its injection into the combustion chamber;
  • To increase the completeness of combustion of the fuel mixture;
  • To raise the power of heat;
  • To ensure the conditions for diabatic burning;
  • To increase the mass burning rate;
  • To increase the linear burn rate;
  • Increase the rate of combustion;
  • Reduce vibration and knocking during the combustion cycle;
  • Get full remote control over the parameters of the fuel mixture out of the combustion chamber;
  • A remote control for the process of preparing the fuel mixture before it is supplied to the combustor based on the precise values of the actual concentration of dissolved gas in the fuel prior to injection of the fuel mixture into the combustion chamber;

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