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Profits from the use of patents in the world increased from $ 3 billion in 1982 to 120 billion dollars in 2003
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Analysis of modern techniques and algorithms for the formation of innovative technical solutions for the application of the distinguishing features of known inventions in new capacity in the newly emerging areas of technology (continued, Part Four -

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits, Jaroslav Vashchuk


At present various known technologies and devices for the ultimate purpose, - reducing fuel consumption in engines of vehicles.

By the nature of the impact of fuel, you can select a range of technologies in which the activation of the fuel and the consequent increase of its efficiency is carried out by a variety of magnetic devices;

This invention patent U.S. - № 5,671,719; № 5,331,807; № 5,664,546; all patents listed for activating effect on the magnetic field of fuel used, and this effect is mainly feeding fuel into the combustion chamber at one or more points or sections of the local fuel conduit; such impact is not immediate, and that defines a relatively low efficiency of these techniques;

Examples are also known to influence not only for fuel, but also air mixture in combination with exposure to fuel, all of these options are local effects and retain their effect on the activity of fuel or fuel mixture at a very short period of time in addition saving what is problematic or the effect of magnetic activation methods directly on the combustion process, which ultimately has the greatest impact on improving fuel efficiency and the completeness of combustion, combustion efficiency - is also the main criterion for determining the level and concentration of toxic substances in the exhaust gases;

There are also other methods to reduce fuel consumption - providing a constant percentage between gasoline and air - U.S. Patent № 5,429,102; creating damping fuel flow systems - U.S. Patent № 4,699,121; using dual fuel heat exchanger - U.S. Patent № 3,970,142; known numerous options for modifying the fuel injectors and nozzles, which resulted in a slight improvement and increased efficiency of the internal combustion engine;

All of these methods have the similar effects of part of the process - they all have a direct effect on the properties of the fuel or fuel mixture, and their impact and influence on the combustion process itself is very small or non-existent;

Also known, commercially manufactured device to improve fuel efficiency and reduce its specific consumption, and this group of products and devices called, - FUEL ENERGIZER, FUEL VAPORIZER and TORNADO FUEL SAVER;

At last it makes sense to dwell, as this method and technology in general, the vortex effect on the components of the fuel or fuel blends have at least limited, but still a direct effect on the combustion process;

Exposure of the fuel mixture or individual components of the mixture are carried out in the known device by swirl air is mixed with fuel stream, in most cases gasoline; twist enhances the degree of turbulence in the flow of fuel, and this in turn increases the flammability, that is, through this with a more complete flammability of the burned fuel volume get more energy, which determines the reduction in specific fuel consumption;

The proposed technology special treatment of the combustible mixture as it moves in the fuel line sequential method uses several effects on a moving stream of fuel and then the fuel mixture using the basic physical principles of fluid dynamics and aerodynamics hereinafter;

completion of exposure is proposed using mnogofakelnyh nozzles do not change the physico-chemical properties of the fuel mixture by direct supply to the combustion chamber;

The technology has the ability for an equivalent performance level exposure - hydrodynamic mixing the organic and inorganic components of the fuel, followed by homogeneous blown oxygen saturation, until complete or partial foaming, turbulence or highly uniform fuel flow also followed homogeneous blown oxygen saturation;

both the first and second embodiments, when injected directly into the combustion chamber, all the physico - chemical properties of the fuel, the resulting impact is stored;

The proposed technology and the two versions of the device for its implementation, are as follows:


The proposed technology for the dynamic effects of the moving flow of fuel in the fuel line consists of several steps deeper hydrodynamic and aerodynamic effects on fuel;

Thus to increase the depth effect and to reduce or even avoid additional energy expenditure of the effect, the conditions for the Bernoulli principle in line, which allows the minimum energy cost of the final stage and the aerodynamic effect is no cost to the exposure step to obtain highly hydrodynamic fuel mixture and significantly improve the efficiency of combustion and at the same time reduce the specific fuel consumption on it;


Device for the implementation of the proposed technology are two versions - first for the cases when the fuel has at least two dissimilar components - for example petrol and water, or when the fuel has at least two homogeneous component - e.g. gasoline and ethanol, or when the fuel has at least three dissimilar component - for example - gasoline, ethanol and water;

The second version is designed for the case when the fuel has only a single component - for example, petrol;

For all versions of the device is built into the conduit, and operatively connected with hydro-mechanical structurally and aeromechanical interface hydrodynamic vortex generator associated with a pump feeding fuel from a fuel tank and drag expanding activator stream associated with a mini compressor having a rotary drive to the kinematic branches of the motor shaft and through the fuel conduit having an outlet on mnogofakelnye fuel injectors;

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