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Analysis of modern techniques and algorithms for the formation of innovative technical solutions for the application of the distinguishing features of known inventions in new capacity in the newly emerging areas of technology (continued from part two

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits, Jaroslav Vashchuk

Technological instruction
In the manufacturing process of original details and selection of standard parts, materials and components in the manufacture of prototypes of complex device for activating the fuel mixture in the combustion engines normally used as fuel gas and the engines working on the principle - the compression-ignition - diesel engines intended primarily for use in vehicles;


1.1. All original parts must be made in full compliance with the working drawings
1.2. All parts conical surface must be experimentally tested on models of aluminum, while mock mating parts must be used as control patterns and calibration
1.3. Finishing parts after machining in the form of electrochemical polishing should be done only after checking all the details included in the device on the collection
1.4. The heat treatment of parts necessary to carry out the blank in accordance with the technical documentation


2.1. All sections of the device must be in the hole on the outer casing slidably
2.2. The manifold housing which has 8 independent channels 4 of which are designed to supply compressed air, the assembly must be aligned with the holes in the outer casing through which compressed air is supplied from the compressor
2.3. After combination of the outer casing in the hole is threaded pins and then tighten the nut outer shell after tightening the clips one by one and set back off one fittings, mounting the air duct
2.4. Build order is as follows:

  • At the fuel line wear nipple;
  • Nipple attached to the pipeline;
  • This compound is connected to the outer shell and nut dress with her body on the hydraulic section
  • The whole of the compound is administered in the hole and the outer shell is clamped by a nut;
  • Thereafter, the opposite open side of the outer casing is introduced hydraulic conical interface section, and then compressed into its central hole the pneumatic interface section at its slotted part is pushed pneumatic housing sections, and it is set in seat manifold housing

2.5. Manifold body is oriented according to paragraph 2.3;


3.1. Among the elements of the device are standard fittings for fastening pipes 4, compressed air is fed from compressor 4 metal tube selected according to the sizes of fittings, two tube portions fuel pipe before and after the device that need to calibrate the two dimensions and to which nipples These nipples are sealingly attached to

4. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PIPELINES for compressed air from the compressor

4.1. Pipelines for compressed air from the compressor to the device to activate the fuel mixture, meet the requirements of paragraph 3.1.


5.1. For the initial stages of testing the type of compressor does not matter
5.2. The compressor must develop the rated working pressure of at least 20 atmospheres
5.3. Inlet air compressor must be installed air conditioner, liquid buffer
5.4. The compressor must have a minimum of 4 outlets for compressed air system or even division of the compressed air stream at the output of the compressor izh
5.5. The pressure level must be adjusted throughout the technical range of the compressor from minimum to maximum
5.6. The level of consumption of compressed air at the outlet of the compressor shall be adjusted from high to low
5.7. All connections with the compressor outlet ducts should be standard

6. PROGRAM AND METHOD Preliminary tests at the manufacturer DEVICES

6.1. Each item must have a quality certificate
6.2. Every detail has to be in compliance with a protocol of linear dimensions of the part of its size in the drawing
6.3. All items must be selectively chosen for each assembly
6.4. For each assembly should be drawn up on the collection and checking compliance with the general technical requirements of the product
6.5. All connections of hydraulic lines apparatus as at its inlet and outlet thereof, must be tested for tightness under pressure higher than the rated operating pressure of 25%
6.6. All pneumatic connections highways devices should be checked for leaks under pressure in the pneumatic system, exceeding the rated pressure of 25%
6.7. Fully assembled device should be checked for leaks as hydraulic and pneumatic sections, with their simultaneous work under pressure exceeding the rated operating at 25%
6.8. For each device must be made with the manufacturer's data sheet showing the results of preliminary tests

7. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR AIR FILTERS, to be installed at the compressor inlet, which is connected to the device to activate the fuel mixture

7.1. The compressor must develop a working pressure of at least 20 atmospheres
7.2. The pressure should be controlled in the range from minimum to maximum values
7.3. Air filter must be used at the specified parameters
7.4. The filter must have a wiring system airflow through the liquid, such as light mineral oil or industrial alcohol
7.5. Entering air filter should be chereh tangential supply channels

Given the fairly compact version of our device and its easy in-lining in modern engine fuel system, consider it important to as quickly as possible to protect formulated the idea and its embodiment of a, as intellectual products on the market, it will be released simultaneously with the base product - different versions of biological fuel mixtures;
Distribution of claims that we can declare –

The mixer built into the pipeline using a mixing pressure differences arising or created in different sections of the pipeline, due to differences of linear velocities of fluid flow in said conduit;

The hydrodynamic mixer;

The hydrodynamic mixer with integrated foam generator;

Mixing-blowing unit follow-on;

Serial, embedded in the pipeline, mixing-blowing unit, which uses technology to perform the functions of the kinetic energy of the flow of fluids moving in that line;

Hydrodynamic vortex generator-battery;

Hydrodynamic vortex generator, mixer, integrated with aerodynamic baffle-foaming agent;

Hydrodynamic liquids flow turbulator moving in the pipeline;
Built-in conduit, consistent hydrodynamic and aerodynamic baffle fluid flow moving in said conduit;

Aerodynamic foam generator;

Compact, embedded in the fuel line aerodynamic foam generator;

Hydrodynamic mixing of different viscosity and chemical-physical properties of liquids;

Hydrodynamic, embedded in the fuel line, compact, does not require additional energy cost for the execution of functional operations, the hydrodynamic mixing of different viscosity and chemical and physical properties of liquids;

Integrated hydro-dynamically-aerodynamic compact, embedded into the fuel conduit, the fuel assembly for the preparation of mixtures before their injection into the combustion chamber a combined engines, Otto cycle working implement;

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