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Microminiaturization of innovative high-energy laser technology

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

In any innovative ideas based on fundamental scientific discoveries, there are always two extremes - either something great or something tiny;

Lasers have opened a whole page in the physics and applications can always be attributed to a wide range of applications from the strategic to the huge medical tiny referred to the world of micro-systems and even nano-components

To this day, usually in the first place the results of scientific discoveries are always trying to use in products and projects of strategic importance

The discovery of lasers was not exception - first tried to apply them in military
In 2014, the U.S. Armed navy received new weapons: laser cannon designed to destroy enemy unmanned aerial vehicles and boats. As stated by CBS News, laser guns will burn purpose "as a blowtorch."

The report notes that this is the first real combat use of directed energy weapons. While non-lethal weapons and blinding laser laser targetting long been used by many armies of the world, security companies and security services.

Rear Admiral Matthew Klander, head of research department of the U.S. Navy, told CBS, that laser weapons will be installed on ships in the Persian Gulf, where Iranian boats and UAVs sometimes disturb American vessels.

It is a weapon that can be used for "blinding" spy camera, and to destroy the target. And the laser gun is able to completely disable the observation equipment, without destroying the aircraft, or to produce a warning shot. Pitching does not affect the pointing accuracy, even in rough sea laser gun can "hold a goal."

At this point, it is a weapon that can destroy missiles or enemy jets. Another limitation of the weather conditions are: thick clouds, fog, etc.

However, as highlighted in the report CBS, this is a relatively cheap weapon: in the six years of the project were spent just $ 40 million. And the cost of firing a laser gun, according Klandera is about $ 1.
Navy plan to mount a laser system on an experimental amphibious transport dock "Ponce" as "Austin", according to The Wall Street Journal.
The ship is part of the Fifth Fleet U.S. Navy, which is the zone of responsibility of the Western Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.

The laser gun, which costs $ 40 million, will be used against Iranian light boats and unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the military, the weapons will work effectively in the environmental conditions in the Gulf region.

According to Jane's, laser weapons will be installed on board the "Ponce" in early 2014. Earlier, the gun was mounted on the destroyer "Dewey" type "Arleigh Burke." In August and September 2012 weapons participated in the trials, during which failed to hit the three UAVs.

Later laser gun also fired several boats on the target. A total of 12 targets weapon struck out 12. According to the military, the cost of a single shot gun was one dollar.

Development of a laser gun for the Navy, received the designation LaWS, conducted in the United States since 2007. Weapons used in the solid-state laser. It is capable of striking targets at long range, but is suitable for destroying small aircraft at low and medium ranges.

In addition, LaWS can be used to blind optical surveillance drones and ships. Currently, the laser system works on its preparation for long service at sea.

Currently, the U.S. is developing several projects combat lasers, which can be used to attack ground, sea and air targets for explosives and their subsequent destruction, dazzling optical surveillance of military equipment.

In particular, the implementation of these projects involved the American concern Boeing, as well as company Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

But to a much greater extent in the successful application of laser technology in the first place need tiny technical solutions, especially in the operating tools for endoscopy in ophthalmology

Especially rapid development of these micro and nano technology have received with the advent of optical fibers

Readers are invited to several inventions international team of inventors, which formed the basis of technical solutions in the field of micro-optics, thereby allowing their integration in the techniques and technology tools for ophthalmology get literally micron tool options

The significance of this can hardly be overestimated, since the proportional reduction in the size dependence of the tool decreases the results of operations of the post-surgical injury

Test of laser endoscopes shown in the photos, gave results an order of the best results of endoscopes, constructed based on traditional technologies

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