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In the world there are more than 5.8 million patents and daily fed 2 thousand patent applications , registered in Ukraine 86 thousand patents for inventions
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Analysis of modern methods and algorithms of innovative technical solutions for the application of the hallmarks of known inventions in new capacity and in newly emerging areas of technology (the first part - the paradoxes of homogenization)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits, Jaroslav Vashchuk

Recently, in connection with a major complication of the structure of systems, equipment and devices, this is the basis of inventions, there is a need for the most successful models that provide a fundamental and qualitative leap effect, search the related areas of use, for that would be to extend the very important element of effective proven technological inventions on areas needing the same level of effectiveness of innovation modification and, at a minimum, optimization;

Because this approach to the solution of these innovative challenges, it is safe to include in the list of techniques to create innovative solutions, let us disclose details of the proposed methods are the

We offer our readers photos of modern equipment for dairies and processing plants in raw milk dairy products intended for homogenization and pasteurization

As seen from the pictures on the complexity of the equipment can be compared to the process equipment for the implementation of microelectronics technologies and even rocket and space technology

Now we offer to pay attention to the next photo

The device shown in it compared to the technological monster shown in the previous picture looks like a simple piece of this huge machine multi-meter, but it does not seem strange to the device successfully performs the exact same manufacturing operations in the same amount and with the same efficiency

For the preparation of the fuel mixture is supposed to apply the device to dynamically mix and activate the fuel mixture

Option 1 - pre-mixing with said device and the burner on the boiler feed without any changes in the structure and the working cycle the burner and boiler

Option 2 - pre-mixing with said device and feed per installed at the entrance to the boiler burner is the same device, which, after homogenization of the mixture is fed to the burner (with no change in the design of the boiler and the burner is not made)

Option 3 - Mixing is done at a set at the entrance to the boiler burner device to dynamically mix and activate the fuel mixture (with no change in the design of the boiler and the burner is not made)

The proposed technology is dynamic and consistent mixing homogenizing, mixing and homogenization of the level of turbulence of the mixture between diesel and methanol, has significant advantages over any other known techniques

It is especially important to mix methanol with diesel fuel

To obtain a homogeneous mixture of a uniform distribution is essential in the early stages of mixing drops of methanol in the volume of diesel fuel

As can be seen from the photos (photo made from mixing diesel fuel and water at the proportion of 15% water to 85% of diesel fuel, and 1 minute after the mixing process) water droplets having a size of 250 nanometers to 1 micrometer are uniformly distributed in the volume of diesel fuel

Since methanol has an organic basis, the mixture is chemically reacted with diesel fuel and in the process, executed by other technologies, as a result of the interaction of the molecule methanol and diesel fuel can have an uneven distribution in the volume of diesel fuel

In our case, the process of chemical interaction is at the contact surface in at least 1000 times greater and the process is uniformly and evenly throughout the volume of the mixture

That is a mixture of molecules evenly distributed in the volume of diesel fuel and it solves one of the main problems when using methanol in diesel engines operating in compression ignition
temperature of the diesel fuel is much lower than that of methanol, so the mixture produced by our technology envelope of diesel fuel ignited earlier, fever, followed ignition of the drops containing methanol

Such an option could allow the ignition only the proposed technology

Now we will try to go also to the process of homogenization, but it is in a different area of technology, but while maintaining the same principles of formatting of the homogenization process

At the beginning of the short technology that offer and the features and the novelty of this technology:

Shall have a hydrodynamic booster section, passing and second coaxial sections with integrated hydrodynamic vortex generator, transforming into a hydrodynamic turbulence level of the amplifier connected to the input of a high-pressure pump

All homogenized milk in our device is divided into two streams, the first (60% of total flow) at a pressure of 3 bar (45 psi) enters the hydrodynamic booster section (acceleration is under the influence of the law-Bernoulli), second (40% of total flow ) at a pressure of 3 bar (45 psi) enters the coaxial first, second hydrodynamic section;

Our device is a dynamic process consistent homogenization of the milk flow in the first stage of homogenization on the level of turbulence in the pipeline (there is none, no one, is our basic element of novelty, was confirmed in our protection documents for intellectual property), then the flow of homogenized milk transformed into a vortex tube (with a built-vortex generator) and sent to the high-pressure pump (pressure of 2000 to 3000 bar, or 29000-43500 psi) where the second stage of homogenization in dynamic flow, in which the particle size of the emulsion (milk - an emulsion) is reduced to particles less than one micron, that is, it turns into a nano-emulsion;

Homogenization process occurs over a period of time less than 1 second, and does not violate any natural and biological interactions in milk

Homogenization process occurs at a stable temperature, or, under certain conditions, - when the temperature of milk

The whole process of dynamic homogenization is due to the creation of special hydrodynamic conditions in the turbulent flow of milk without destroying the biological balance between all its components

Positive differences of our process from the existing:

  • At no stage of the existing technology of dynamic homogenization level turbulence and thus that current technology does not allow to carry out the process of homogenization in the pipeline;
  • We have the second stage of the homogenization process is under pressure at least twice;
  • We have a particle size (globules) of fat homogeneous all within 70-120 nanometers and do not tend to stick together, - the spread of the size of the existing technology is more than 10 times - from 02 to 2 microns;
  • We have all the processes of homogenization may be in the pipeline, such as the filing of the tank to the equipment milk processing factory and do not require special production area;
  • In our process milk temperature is not increased;
  • In this device it is possible in time of homogenization process introduce additional milk components (eg multivitamin or lysozyme to increase shelf life);
  • Our device has minimum dimensions and easier to use, has the best conditions for sterilization;
  • On our device can also act as a fermentation process or during or after homogenization without violating the parameters of homogenized milk;
  • Our device is much cheaper than the existing equipment;
  • On our device can perform technological homogenization before putting milk in manufacturing equipment for the production of dairy products;

.... To be continued ....

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