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Venture business — when invested 10 companies, half of them became bankrupt in the three you have to recover their investments, one gives a 10-fold increase and last one have profit in 100 times greater than investment — Tim Draper
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Commercialization of inventions created on the basis of the theory and algorithms of Inventive Problem Solving, by exchange of financial instruments (continued, part two)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits, Jaroslav Vashchuk

Now consider how to develop exchange history's most successful and most innovative industrial companies in the world
Agree to start with the fact that the invention of this company are always at the center of all kinds of scandals that many inventors working in the same field as Apple, do not see a significant difference between their inventions and inventions of Apple;
As we have mentioned in their publications on this subject, the company Samsung, due to components that were developed innovative products and Apple, which has the full legal right to use his inventions to his original designs, yet constantly forced to literally fight for it right
This fight is with mixed results and the exchange, strangely responds to this fight is very subjective
Inadequate follow this trend in the literature on this subject
... Shares of Apple updated the historical maximum, after a court decision on patent dispute with Samsung, said on Monday, August 27, Agence France-Presse.
In early trading, Apple's stock price rose by 1.8 percent, and is now one share valued investors about 675.13 dollars. Thus, the largest company in the world is worth 633 billion dollars.
Previous historic high Apple - 674 per share. It was installed in early trading on August 21. Almost all of July Apple securities traded above $ 600 dollars.
On Friday evening, August 24, a court in San Jose, California, disassemble the patent dispute between the South Korean Samsung Corporation and the American company Apple, ruled in favor of the latter. The Court ruled that the South Korean company copied the technology used to create the iPhone and iPad, and ordered her to pay compensation amounting to Apple billion.
As a consequence, on August 27 in the first hours of trading on the Seoul stock exchange Samsung collapsed, losing 7.7 percent in value.
All of this was preceded by the exchange very similar events that occurred a few days earlier
... Apple has in the course of trading on August 20 at the NASDAQ broke seemingly eternal historical maximum Microsoft, becoming the most expensive in the history of the company. The company's shares to the closure reached the level of 665 dollars, setting a market capitalization at 623.5 billion dollars. Corporation Bill Gates in 1999 was worth a record 620.6 billion. Apple achievements are even more impressive against the catastrophic failure of Internet companies like Facebook, Zynga and Groupon.
The logic of speculators even as it explained, but how to explain the logic of serious investors?
... Shares of Apple rose steadily from the beginning of the year for many reasons, but a sharp rise in the last days of August due to market expectations of a new gadget - whether the iPhone, whether iPad, or whether both of them. Investors expect that the device will be a success, as all previous ones, resulting in profit and turnover will grow, and with them the value of the shares.
Apple can be considered a company that, in contrast to the U.S. economy, showing an accelerated pace of recovery after the crisis. C end of November 2008 quotes Apple rose 705 percent. For comparison, the index of NASDAQ, uniting the largest companies in the U.S. high-tech industry, rose during this period, only half.
Growth stocks did not stop even with the death of founder Steve Jobs. On the contrary, the decision to follow her for the first time in 17 years to pay dividends only raised quotes. In January, the company has become the most expensive in the world, ahead of oil and gas giant ExxonMobil. In February - broke the mark of half a trillion dollars in market capitalization. And now taken a unique record Microsoft, delivered in the frenzy boom "of the dot-com bubble" in 1999.
In fairness, the inflation rate for 13 years has been significant and compare the absolute performance is not entirely correct. At current prices, Microsoft would cost $ 850 billion and thus would retain the title of the most expensive by far. But the figure of Apple, as it were, is awesome.
Apple stubbornly rising despite the fact that many high-tech companies are going through the most brilliant time. This applies in particular to the Internet business - just a few companies in the past and this year went to the exchange and it failed miserably.

Thus, for a coupon service Groupon IPO since lost three quarters of its value. The world's largest social network Facebook in a few months fell by half, and publisher of online games Zynga has lost 70 percent.
This difference is largely due to failures of online companies that were initially highly overvalued, with extremely high value for the shares and profits. In fact, they went to the IPO with a big advance, based on the hype. It did not happen. Apple, by contrast, boasts a confident financial results and record profits. So why do not share and grow?
However, if you look closely, some signs of a "bubble" in the unprecedented rise of prices Apple can be found. For example, Apple's capitalization by nearly 10 percent now exceeds the total market value of Microsoft, Dell, Google, Facebook, and Hewlett Packard. Meanwhile, the difference between a leader and a specified group of companies by revenue twice - and not in favor of Apple.
Of course, we can say that the earnings when assessing the value of shares is not a decisive indicator. Then take the EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization). And there is more than a 10 percent advantage on the "team" of leading high-tech companies - though rather overpriced Facebook pulls this group down, rather than vice versa. This may indicate two things - either Apple is too expensive, or Microsoft and Dell companions too cheap. Given their modest behavior in the market in recent times, we have to bow down to the first option.
Further, it is understood that the market often lives by the principle of "buy on rumor, sell on the news." This style of trading is most common during the rush, and now all the signs are present. Accordingly, the output of the new smartphone or tablet can not so much to impress traders. If the product is not something that would be bad, but at least it just does not justify the inherent expectations, may be followed by a large-scale sell-off.
With regard to business strategy to Apple, and here there are certain questions. 5-6 years ago with the release of new gadgets the company has made a breakthrough. Now, however, competitors catch up and, say, in the field of smart phones Samsung virtually eliminated this gap - as evidenced by the volume of sales. So without a new revolution from Apple will be a problem in order to stay on the defined indicators. And can you make a revolution without Jobs - the big question.
Do not forget that the previous leader, Microsoft, had still not been able to block not like, but at least come close to its record of market capitalization, although the company is functioning quite well and is one of the pillars of the U.S. and global IT-business. There is no reason to believe that Apple will be able to demonstrate significantly better than its predecessor. So, blowing bubble inevitably, the only question is the scale. Another thing is that investors who invested in Apple, while he was an ordinary big company, and who are able to time "jump off" will be richly rewarded. After all, such a powerful and long-term highs with shares of major corporations are no more a couple times a decade - the better to make money.
At the same time, many companies, particularly manufacturers and component developers, believe that they should have more gain in this great stock market game
Shares of Samsung in the first hours of trading on the Seoul stock exchange on Monday, August 27, lost 7.7 percent in value. As reported by Bloomberg, falling stock price Samsung was the largest since October 2008.
A sharp drop in stock price Samsung occurred after the evening of Friday, August 24, a court in San Jose, California, disassemble the patent dispute between South Korea Corporation and Apple, ruled in favor of the latter.
As reported, the court found that Samsung illegally copied the technology used to create Apple iPhone and iPad, and ordered the corporation to pay the South Korean opponents compensation of 1.05 billion dollars. Samsung representatives announced their intention to appeal against the court's decision.
Apple filed suit against Samsung in April 2011, demanding compensation of $ 2.5 billion. The South Korean company, in turn, accused rivals of illegally using its development, demanding 399 million dollars compensation, but the claim was rejected.
In just a few hours before the U.S. court judgment in Seoul acknowledged Apple and Samsung guilty of patent infringement each other and limit the sale of their units in South Korea. Companies have also been sentenced to pay a fine of several thousand dollars each.
Patent case between Apple and Samsung are ongoing in the courts of several countries, particularly in Australia and the UK.
Apple and Samsung are the world leaders in sales of smartphones. The share of the South Korean company for about 35 percent of the market, while U.S. producers control 18 percent.
Instability and inconsistency of the company's position in Apple patent protection of its popular development, to accurately determine the following fact:
.. On Friday, Tokyo court sided with Samsung, ruling that the Apple patents were not violated. The three judges of the court refused to ban the sale of Tokyo eight models Galaxy line in Japan. Apple company will also have to pay court costs.
Tokyo court sided with the Korean company Samsung in its patent fight against Apple: according to Japanese judges, Samsung did not violate the patents of a competitor.
Representatives of the company Apple claimed that smartphones and tablets made by Samsung using Apple-based development system synchronize music and video with the servers.
The three judges of the court refused to ban the sale of Tokyo eight models Galaxy line in Japan. Apple company will also have to pay court costs. It is a relatively modest gains compared with a painful defeat Samsung in the U.S., where Samsung Electronics Co. was found guilty of violating six of seven owned Apple Inc. patents for the production of mobile devices, and sentenced to pay compensation in the amount of competitors more than 1.05 billion dollars.
On the same day, the court in South Korea ruled that both companies violated patents to each other, banned the sale of some models of gadgets, Apple and Samsung in the country and ordered the two companies to pay compensation to each other.
Now imagine that the patent-licensing strategy both giants is based on algorithms and theory of inventive problem solving
In this case, all inventions and patents issued to them are clearly defined and all patent disputes likely would not have occurred, and this would allow start-up companies with good ideas and with little money to get to the development of their technology powerful commodity financial instruments

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