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Innovative solutions in the local power plants

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

Despite the fact that the problems of the local energy concern inventors for over a hundred years, the latest research in this area provide a new look at these problems and solve them on the new
First, we will focus on the latest composite materials and their combinations with known and has long been successfully used materials and composites
In many functional mobility patterns of local generators of electric energy used electromagnets and their most effective kind - armored magnets
One of the factors that determine the effectiveness of the armor of the electromagnets is the optimum design of the magnetic factor and its integration with the core
Magnetic core materials and determine many of the basic parameters and their modification can always give a significant boost to the improvement and optimization of the operating cycle of any hybrid or conventional plant for generating electricity
The next message gives some hope for the success of the modification of all types of electromagnetic devices using these new materials
Scientists have discovered a new class of materials exhibiting giant magneto-resistance (GMR). The article appeared in the scientific journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition, and its summary is provided in a press release on the website of the National Institute for Materials Science.
The giant magneto-resistance is sharp (in order) a change in electrical conductivity in the presence of a magnetic field. All currently known substances - they are based on manganese oxides - based on the GMR effect is ferromagnetism, that is, the establishment of long-range magnetic order of the oxide ions.
In the new work archaeologists discovered a material that is not ferromagnetic and demonstrates the effect of GMR. It appeared NaCr2O4, obtained at high pressures. According to the researchers, the material is rather an anti-ferro-magnet. This means that the scope of the search for new materials with giant magneto-resistance effect can be significantly expanded.
GMR effect was discovered in 1988 by Albert Fehr and Peter Grunberg. This quantum effect is essentially a revolution in electronics - it can, for example, it was possible to create compact disks. They were coded ones and zeros magnetized and un-magnetized disk sectors, and used to read the head with the giant magneto-resistance effect. For his discovery Fehr and Gr?nberg were awarded the 2007 Nobel Prize in physics.
Because electromagnetic principles define new opportunities for magnetic resonance control, the combination of the results of the following study can promote progress in the non-contact Magnetic Metrology
An international team of physicists has created a convenient scales that can measure the mass of individual molecules. The article appeared in the scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology.
The bulk of new weights - a special "bridge" (as he called the researchers themselves), and the plate of complex shape. Plate varies special way known in advance. When it gets a molecule or a group, the vibrations of the plate change. Fluctuations on changes possible to determine the mass of particles trapped on the bridge.
Scheme of the balance created by the author in 2009. Then, however, the calculation method only works if the particle enters the center of the bridge. Because of this, to determine the mass, had to spend several hundred measurements. Now, scientists have been able to solve the problem - they have come up with a way to determine the fluctuations of the bridge on the approximate position of the particle and, therefore, its mass.
To test the new device, the scientists measured the mass of immuno-globulins - antibodies involved in the neutralization of foreign bodies in the body. The researchers calculated the mass of particles in real time, which, among other things, allowed to determine their type. The creators of the weights say the new balance can be made on the existing facilities, in particular, to use the equipment for the production of silicon chips.
In April 2012, Spanish scientists have proposed the most sensitive scale. Libra is a carbon nanotube length of about 150 nm and diameter of 1.7 nm, placed in a vacuum chamber. On the surface of the tubes placed object whose mass to be measured - usually a molecule or atom - and then the entire setup is cooled to a low temperature (4 Kelvin). The system registers the vibrations of nanotubes and allows us to calculate the mass. Thus, scientists have determined the mass of the xenon atom and molecule of naphthalene up to the proton mass.
The mechanical design of the armor of the electromagnet was invented over 10 years ago, and its relevance today there is no doubt among experts

United States Patent 6,188,151
Livshits, et al. February 13, 2001
Magnet assembly with reciprocating core member and associated method of operation
An electromagnetic assembly includes a casing, a solenoid disposed inside the casing, a stationary magnetic core, and a movable magnetic core. The stationary magnetic core is disposed at least partially inside the solenoid and is fixed relative to the solenoid and the casing, while the movable magnetic core is disposed for reciprocation partially inside the solenoid along an axis. The stationary magnetic core, the movable magnetic core, the solenoid, and the casing have rectangular or square cross-sections in planes oriented essentially perpendicularly to the axis.
As always in our publications we want to show versions of practical application of those innovations in several types of local power plants and power generation systems

Adjusted parameters such universal rotor system may be offered or recommended for use in the following energy appliqu?s with local application:

  • The combined combustion engine with rotary principle position of the cylinder-piston group, using the energy from the rotation of the rotor for the preparation of the combustible mixture of gasoline and water, or other components, while in the mixture should be included as a basic rule the organic matrix component and miscible with him, or to mix with it, additional, or extra material, usually inorganic, but it can be any group that includes a combination of materials, supplies, bearing in combination with the matrix material, a significant effect, which is expressed in the following possibilities and parameters of this combined output:
  • Reduction of engine capacity, while maintaining the same power output and the same values of torque - to compare the settings apply conventional internal combustion engine;
  • A significant reduction in consumption of the organic component of the combustible mixture;
  • Improvement of the basic parameters of the combustion process;
  • Decrease in the concentration of toxic gases in the exhaust of the engine;
  • Lowering the temperature of the exhaust gases;
  • Reducing the vibration motor running;
  • Reduction of the basic weight and mass parameters of the engine;
  • Reducing the size of the engine;
  • Improving of combined characteristics of the vehicle on which the said engine;
  • Improving fitness repair-engine;
  • Increasing the length of time between repairs to the engine cycle;
  • Improving reliability of the engine;
  • Improving durability of the engine.

The proposed design of the engine can not be considered the pioneer in terms of the absolute non-obviousness of the proposed technical solutions and combinations thereof, and combinations thereof, as there has been experimental use similar technical areas with differing from those offered in the technical solution, design and technological methods.
  • Combination of energy-autonomous system consisting of successive interconnected elements for power conversion and power amplification parameters transformed energy.

In the above system consists of:
  • A mini-stroke internal combustion engine, the volume comparable to the motor scooter with a volume of 0.125 liters and fuel consumption, about 1 liter per 100 kilometers;
  • Connected to the shaft of the engine generator of conventional type, producing the equivalent of a mini electric motor;
  • Connected to the current output of the generator ROTARY SOLENOID AMPLIFIER point, which is, rotor systems, where instead of cylinder-piston, installed armor-Long-Magnets with a planar coil and Slotted Cores, moreover, to strengthen the push and tug of magnets, all connections are splined THAT REDUCES POWER LOSS energy and increase the overall efficiency of the amplifier, amplifier creates a torque on the output shaft at about rotational speed to 100 rpm, are sufficient to rotate the shaft PLANAR GENERATOR with output capacity of 10 kilowatts;
  • Connected to the output shaft of the low-speed amplifier planar oscillator.

The proposed system of novelty and non-obviousness is a pioneer, especially in terms of the rotor circuit, with no blind spots and therefore no losses associated with their overcoming, for amp moments. In that moment the amplifier to both kinematic groups rotor attached respectively armored corps and the core of an electromagnet that is used as spline shaft. The scheme of the electromagnet, allows for very low power receive significant pulling or pushing that using a rotary mechanism converted to rotational motion of the output shaft of the amplifier, which is connected to the input shaft of a planar oscillator.
In the proposed scheme, the total novelty have all the constructive communication and technological implementation.

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