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In the world there are more than 5.8 million patents and daily fed 2 thousand patent applications , registered in Ukraine 86 thousand patents for inventions
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The algorithm of the interaction theory of inventive problem solving and basic principles of commercialization of inventions (part one)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits, Jaroslav Vashchuk

Intel, the locomotive is the development of high technology in the world, of a sudden there was quite discouraging information:
The company Berkshire Hathaway billionaire Warren Buffett said the sale of all shares of Intel, the largest manufacturer of microprocessors in the world. This writes the Huffington Post. Buffett has sold 7.7 million shares, or about 0.14 percent of its capital.
At the same time Berkshire Hathaway adds to its portfolio of shares in oil companies, National Oil-well Varco and Phillips 66, gaining 2.8 million and 27 million shares of these structures, respectively.
In addition, Buffett sold a significant part of their shares in the shares of corporations for the production of consumer goods - Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble. At J & J share of Berkshire has fallen by more than half.
Investing Warren Buffett always arouse interest from third parties because of the success of his investment company, the total amount of shares available in terms of money which is 74.3 billion dollars.
Most of the investment decisions at Berkshire Buffett takes himself, but in the official records are not reflected, whether carried out or that the transaction or the head of the firm's two other top managers - Todd Combs and Ted Ueshlerom. As previously stated the billionaire, the two manage assets for 2.75 billion dollars each, while Buffett has everything else.
This post, like many other reports of this kind is shown as a final stage of operations for the commercialization of more than one innovative product, and weaving is not only objective, but to a greater degree of subjective factors making major investment decisions
Of course the prelude of the process of making investment decisions and the formation of strategic directions for technology and closely related business field, is in any case, the innovation process of formulating innovative ideas and bring them to an innovative product based on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

GS Altshuller formulated the problem in the development of his method: "As no solid variants, go immediately to a strong solution to the problem?" This task will help the principles underlying the TRIZ:
A. The principle objective laws of development systems - structure, function, and the change of generations of systems subject to objective laws. Strong solutions - is the solution corresponding to the objective laws, the laws, phenomena, effects.
Two. The principle of contradiction - under the influence of external and internal factors arise, and aggravated the contradictions are resolved. The problem is difficult because there is a system of hidden or apparent contradictions. Systems evolve to overcome the contradictions on the basis of objective laws, the laws, phenomena and effektov.Silnye solutions - a solution to overcome the contradiction.
Three. The principle of specificity - each class of systems, as well as individual members within this class have specific characteristics that facilitate or hinder change in a particular system. These characteristics are defined by resources: internal - those on which the system, and external - of the environment and the situation in which there is sistema.Silnye solutions - a solution, taking into account the specific features of specific systems, as well as individual characteristics associated with the personality of a particular person solving the problem.

As practice has shown conducting innovative projects today pedantic adherence to the requirements and recommendations of these three principles did not define and does not achieve the ideal outcome in any particular development
Today, each specialist in the field of bio-mechanics or more general bio-engineering could give many examples of borrowing the most important and amazing technical solutions from among the technical nature of the solutions
We leave for lawyers solution a priority date and the global nature of the novelty of borrowing from the most elegant and concise, in many cases, a unique bio-engineering experience

For example, consider the technical side of solutions of one of the elements of products of mass consumption - the universal Velcro, the scope of which is hard to identify, as it is diverse and original

Scientists have shown that the legs of insects remain underwater adhesion to smooth surfaces due to the fact that the places of their contacts are protected by air bubbles. The paper was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, and its summary of the results in Nature News.
The ability of insects to crawl on smooth surfaces due to the fact that their legs are usually present hairs (setae), mating with the substrate due to capillary contacts. The hairs are covered with water-repellent oil, which binds them to the surface, just as water causes the stick to the table with a wet sheet of paper.
The researchers found that Leaf beetles Gastrophysa viridula can move around on the glass under water, although in these conditions, capillary contacts should be destroyed. However, this did not happen - in a laboratory aquarium beetles were able to stick to the glass almost as strongly as on land.
It was found that the insects can retains a strong bond with the glass, because the water on their paws are always air bubbles. Because they protect the contact against the penetration of water, the interaction between the substrate and the hair is exactly the same as on land.
Finding this mechanism, scientists have created artificial Velcro that can stick to the glass under water without using glue. They were made of a modified silicone and covered with a large number of "hairs" that are held in the air and his simultaneously made them sticky.
The use of insect hairs to grip like a similar strategy geckos. In these animals, however, a clutch mechanism - they are not using the capillary force and the force of attraction of van der Waals forces, and do without oil.
Recently, a group of biophysicists has found that such a mechanism does not work in water - geckos, which were kept in trays for a few hours, are unable to climb glass. Interestingly, another group of researchers previously showed that high humidity, in contrast, promotes good adhesion to the surface of hairs
Here is a second example of how open, or at least an analysis of research and experiments may give rise to the inventors, which in this case may provide a technical solution for the application of technical basis for discovery and analysis of findings and conclusions
Physicists first time succeeded in nuclear magnetic resonance parameters for plutonium. He was the last element for which these parameters remained unknown. According to the researchers, the new findings will help in studying the chemical properties of the compounds of this element and, consequently, will clarify the processes of nuclear waste. The article appeared in the scientific journal Science, as it gives a summary of New Scientist.
The phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance was discovered in the 30s of last century and is the absorption or emission of electromagnetic energy by nuclei with half-integer spin in a strong magnetic field. The discovery of this effect, among other things, led to a method of magnetic resonance imaging, as well as the emergence of new methods for studying the composition of various substances.
To use these methods, you must first know the "response" to the core magnetic field. The final nucleus with half-integer spin, for which a response was not known, was plutonium. Now, scientists were able to solve this problem. According to researchers, managed to do it by placing the samples are extremely pure plutonium oxide in a strong (4 to 8 Tesla) magnetic field at a temperature of 4 Kelvin.
According to the researchers themselves, in time they are not fully believe in the success of the enterprise - the fact that the calculated structure tried unsuccessfully over the past 50 years. Now that the parameters of nuclear magnetic resonance are known, scientists plan to use them for study, such as nuclear waste. "In theory you could take a sample of waste, and quite cheap, safe and easy to identify very precisely the conditions under which such waste should be stored," - said one of the authors of Georgis Koutrolakis New Scientist magazine about the prospects of the method.
The same method can be studied in even more exotic form of
In October 2011 physicists have used the method of nuclear magnetic resonance to the first practice to check the ergodicity of a particular dynamical system. The study of two groups of scientists appeared in the journal Angewandte Chemie.
Scientists have identified the hereditary characteristics, possession of which is associated with better conduction of electrical signals in the brain and higher intelligence test scores. The work was published in Journal of Neuroscience, her summary of the results in Science Now.
The study involved 472 volunteers from Australia, which included 85 pairs of genetically identical (monozygotic) twins and 100 pairs of nonidentical twins and their siblings. During the experiment, volunteers performed tests of IQ and were magnetic resonance imaging.
Scientists have drawn attention to the amount of certain brain structures and characteristics of nerve impulses by neurons. The researchers measured the electrical isolation of individual nerve fibers - the higher it is, the faster the neurons conduct signals. The results obtained were compared with the genetic data of volunteers.
The authors found 24 variants of six genes, the possession of which was associated with better electrical conductivity in the brain. These options were a single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) - changes in the size of the gene sequence in one nucleotide. In addition to the better electrical conductivity, some of the detected SNPs were also associated with elevated by a few points the results of tests IQ.
Based on our analysis, the genes in which polymorphisms were detected, representing a functional network - having a good version of one of them increased the efficiency of the other. In other words, a "smart" polymorphisms had a synergistic effect.
Earlier, the same authors published a paper, where they found genetic features that influence the volume of the hippocampus - the brain structure associated with memory and emotion.
Now assume that the inventor has received the necessary information, or at least heard of the interesting findings of the research scientists
As in this case, the theory of inventive problem solving can help in the promotion of useful information and findings and alleged natural laws of almost up to the idea of a successful commercial project

(To be continued)

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