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The objective aspect of the commercialization of innovative technical solutions, based upon techniques of TRIZ and ARIZ (part one)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits, Jaroslav Vashchuk

As often happens almost at the organization start-up companies one of the initiative group of the initiator is a commercial implementation of ideas and development of innovative initiator of a new production - the inventor

If this thesis is no objection to the opponents, then we can conclude that in any new commercial enterprise is primary contribution to the inventor, and the commercialization of secondary

On the other hand it gives inventors the commercialization of food for the mind and is the leaven that will give energy and innovation will be a commercial catalyst for pushing forward a new venture

Each technical problem in its own individual. Each task is something special and unique. The analysis allows the inventor to break through the juxtaposition of particulars to the general, chief, principle.

Pervasive research allows us to see the logic of the core, the basis of the problem - the technical contradiction. And once the situation is changing. Inventive Problem Solving - countless, but relatively few technical contradictions.

In other words, there are the typical technical contradictions, and there are standard ways to address them.

Typical techniques - tools in the creative studio of inventor . But in a good workshop tools will never lie anyhow. Therefore, the operational phase of the creative process, techniques of eliminating technical contradictions should be used on a particular system.

In developing the methodology has been tested a variety of sequence arrangement of these atoms at E ¬. The most desirable is a system in which the methods of eliminating technical contradictions ¬ HN is the simple and the most frequently used for complex and relatively infrequent.

The beginning is usually the inventor seeks to "spectacular" solution. To overcome the simple technical contradiction sure he wants to use electronic devices, radioactive isotopes, in short, something "modern."

As a result, there Tate ideas that are feasible in principle, but practically unsuitable because of their meaningful implementation.
Every invention has two aspects: what is achieved and at what cost is achieved. Almost always, to the invention, the need to build something, anything to add substantially yuschie machine. This is due to the cost of implementation, and the inventor of the problem lies in the fact that the light the costs to a minimum.

"Most of the new effect with minimal implementation costs" - such is the formula of a good invention.

Solving the problem, the inventor must go through three stages. There is one circumstance to which special attention. For the second stage of the analysis stage requires a clear understanding of the inventor of the final result to which he aspires. It may seem strange: after all, the inventor does not know yet what will be the solution of the problem.

It must be said about the difference between creativity and inventors ¬ A work of the designer. These concepts are often confused: "Inventing designed ... The designer has invented ... "

A fundamental difference exists.

Designer maneuvers between the characteristics of the machine, choosing them so as to best meet the requirements of a specific task. For example, designing a truck, you can sacrifice speed in favor of the strength, capacity, cost-effectiveness.

On the contrary, developing a racing car design, it should be everything, and efficiency, and capacity, and even to some extent, the strength - to sacrifice speed.

Academician AN Krylov said, every ship is a compromise, where one is sacrificed in favor of another. Add that not only the ship, but any machine, any manufacturing process.

The inventor must break this compromise should be improved as part (or quality) of the machine that is not deteriorated more. The designer uses the already known in the art techniques, the inventor is looking for new ways and new techniques.
It is appropriate to draw an analogy with the composer and musician. The composer writes a new one. The musician plays already written (though each musician plays their own way, in his own way). Which is better? The question is meaningless. Composer can not exist without the musician-performer, musician, singer-is inconceivable without the composer. Often, the composer plays the role of the performer.
Similarly, the inventor has often found to embody the idea of a specific design.
In a life taken to evaluate new cars superficially: they say, such a machine was not there before, now it is, therefore, invented "something new". But the machine, the new terms of design, may not be new in terms of the inventor.

Take, for example, the vending machines. For example, first created for the automatic sale of various types of cereals. Previously, these machines were not, but it can be considered the invention of a new car?

No. Although the machine is new, but when it is used in the design principles already known in the art, particularly in automata theory.

I must say that the designer work - is a creative work. The designer must take into account the material properties, the subtleties of technology, working conditions, machinery and many other factors. This requires knowledge, experience, developed imagination, sometimes bold guesses. But in the broad sense of the word creative is, in one way or another, every creative work.

It would be absurd to say that creativity is inherent in the technique only work of the inventor. However, the inventive creativity has its own specific features. About it and talking about
The first phase of work on the theory of inventive problem solving is also based on the notion of the primacy of psychological factors. But from the beginning adopted a different program of action.

"We must learn from the experience of inventiveness and to identify features of good solutions that distinguish them from the bad. It can be thought to determine the difference between good and wrong."

Thus, in the center of the investigation from the outset was the logic of the development of technical systems. Instead, research plays a "vital role" subconscious began the study of inventive problems and their solutions.

The basic material for the study at this stage, the literature on the history of technology and patent applications that pass through the Inspectorate invention of the Caspian Flotilla.

Almost immediately able to find that good of inventive problem solving (strong), if these solutions overcome technical contradiction contained in the task, and, conversely, bad (weak), when the technical contradiction is not detected, or it can not overcome.

It was further revealed something more surprising: it seems that even the strongest inventors do not understand, do not see that the correct tactics of inventive problem solving should be to step-by-step identify the technical contradiction, to investigate its causes and eliminate them, thus eliminating and technical contradiction.

Even when faced with an open, screaming about a technical contradiction, and saw that the problem was solved by eliminating this contradiction, the inventors have not made any conclusions for the future, do not change tactics and hand in the following problem, could spend years in search of options, even trying to formulate the contradiction contained in the problem ...

Hope collapsed learned from the "big" (great, large, experienced and talented) Inventors something useful for beginners: the "great" inventors working in the same primitive method of trial and error.

It turned out that the objective difference between good decisions from bad does not mean the subjective differences of thought of the inventor. Thus, the consistent implementation of the assigned program has led to the need to change most of the original position.

So we are gradually revealed objective difficulties, and especially as an objective process of creating a new product for the organization of a new enterprise

In the process of starting a new business must take into account the circumstances of thousands.

Most of them do not matter as long as the resources and distribution does not reach a certain level of maturity and level of thinking and operating activities was not significantly more complicated.

Elements of the Evaluation sheet - this is by using what you can give a preliminary assessment of intuitive.

In addition, they are a great tool for management for your enterprise
because they allow direct idea of where the chances of success are maximum

Almost all of the elements is pretty good going through the startup process. But while some of the most active of these are particularly useful when you start helping your business off the ground,
must be eliminated or significantly soften when a company reaches maturity.

Sooner or later you will have to share his idea with others. Murder will out. But that does not mean you have to explain everything to everyone with whom you are, willy-nilly across. Be careful.

Modern methods for constructing presentations, animation, and more help to present information about a new product in the most convincing form

In such a situation may arise, at least two extremes, - how to explain to potential partners or investors are ideas and not disclose it so that someone could use it, as revealing the essence of the idea to keep confidential the most important factor that helps the idea of being original and meet all the criteria of the present invention

Use this tool to identify their weaknesses, improve their scoring product and everything that directly or indirectly related to its implementation, and gradually making its way into the market. The first step is to find a lawyer to help you protect your intellectual property, your idea.

Here the special help can be algorithmic development of patent and licensing strategy, developed by the authors of this publication and published on the website of Yaroslav Vashchuk in the last year

The same algorithmic and program development is a patent-licensing of forecasting the short-term and strategic, not only for new product innovation, but also the complex technology of its production

Said patent-licensing strategy is an adaptation of the principles and techniques of TRIZ and ARIZ in the conditions of modern industrial and agricultural production combined with modern computer programs

You should also pay attention to the group of managers, because most investors give this exceptional value. So, you have aimed your idea of success and now have to follow it

.... to be continued

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