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Venture business — when invested 10 companies, half of them became bankrupt in the three you have to recover their investments, one gives a 10-fold increase and last one have profit in 100 times greater than investment — Tim Draper
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LARGE IMAGE OF ENGINEERING SYSTEMS THINKING in the innovation process at all stages of implementation, including FOCUSSING INVENTOR to the immediate GOODIES

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

As has been noticed close ally Sergei Korolev, Academician Boris Chertok, the leading expert in the field of control and automation systems - Artificial Intelligence is not able to overcome the stagnation of human stupidity

Those breakthrough, as it seems at first sight technology, which with space velocities develops, implements and extends the company Apple, today, is primarily associated with the unprecedented commercial success and the reason (as if lying on the surface) - the proximity of all these technologies to definitions and concepts of artificial intelligence, which in the opinion of experts and psychologists, is to the products, which are based on these technologies, the unprecedented interest of users, rolling in many cases unhealthy excitement

Leaving aside the purely technological advances that carry these innovations and analyze all aspects related to the emergence, implementation, and the mass replication of these technologies, it is clearly visible ugly underside of the process, caused by ignorance (mostly sensible and pre-specified) set of short-term technological and social "trifles" as always accompany the generated active and innovative process

Of course, when analyzing the causes of the commercial success of Apple starting to clear up so many negative aspects that are not visible enthusiastic buyers and users' innovative toys, "strongly implemented in daily life with the help of aggressive marketing

It is characteristic of social insight, which is caused by information about the system of production and assembly of products and Apple products

Recently, activists is gathering signatures on a petition to the public, whose purpose is to inform the public of this fact unworthy of the ideal of the innovation process

The collection of signatures were a few sites. The organizers of the campaign were made by the resources of and

In the petitions stated that the change in the factories in China, where going to iPhone, iPad and PCs Mac, lasts longer than 12 hours, and working in the shops a couple inhale any harmful substances.

It makes sense to apply in time for the ongoing work within the framework of the innovation process, and remember what the current system work requires close attention to momentary trifles, which are generally small things really are not

In a structural analysis of the situation can be identified where the implementation process of manufacturing the components of Apple products may appear emissions of fumes or gases that are harmful to human health

None of the current standard of economically developed countries will not allow the introduction of the process, which resulted in a withdrawal, you may receive a gas or aerosol, or a pair of substances or something of the waste has a negative impact on the human body

So the main parameter of the process - the lack of toxic wastes do not consciously done and it will disqualify the entire process

Even in the training of technical solutions as the invention, one of the most important criteria - it is the absence of harmful effects on human health and life, if the process allows for emissions, this process violates existing standards and, among other things can not be recognized by the invention

Legal evaluation of this phenomenon suggests that developers are intentionally ignored processes momentary trivia and kept under control only to the macro - the goals of the process - the production of components with specific properties and end in order to reduce the cost of the process did not pay attention to the micro - the goals of the process - safe disposal of waste arising during the process

From the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and Algorithm of inventive problem solving and their application in the modern innovation process is well known that the success of the harmonic development of this process is absolutely necessary to the union of two basic properties of the system engineering - the process of technological complex macro (global) and micro (local) process of creative and constructive process of design

With such a construction of an integrated system of hierarchy and organization of the development process of the project and a combination of reasonable proportions of macro and micro trends in the development of the project target is achieved the ideal final result

Unfortunately, releases of hazardous substances is not limited to

The drafters of the messages drew attention to the high number of suicides among workers in the cases of explosions in the enterprises in the air due to the accumulation of combustible materials.

This is a technological problem entirely different kind, the lack of reliable control of the lower threshold of explosion and moreover the absence of a reliable control and automatically eliminate the risk of explosion in the technological system suggests that the technology is not completely finalized and developers ignore, or perhaps did not know about that more than 25 years ago, similar problems have been brilliantly solved the factory TEMP in Khmelnitsky (Jaroslav Vashchuk one of the authors and inventors of the technology)

Petition with the signatures were handed over to Apple's Thursday, February 9th. The organizers took them to the Apple Store in the building of Grand Central Station in New York. Next to the shop was an improvised action, which was attended by several activists. Similar actions took place in several cities.

Components for Apple's products are manufactured in China, there is an assembly of devices. The working conditions at Chinese factories often became a subject of discussion in the media.

Most others in this regard, the company cited concern Foxconn due to the high suicide rate among the workers and the explosion at the plant in Chengdu in May of 2011, which killed four and injured 18 people.

Apple, in turn, stressed that regularly conducts its own checks on Chinese factories to identify and correct the violations and issues reports on their findings.

In January, CEO Tim Cook said that Apple has allowed the partners to the plants of independent inspectors from the Association of Labor (Fair Labor Association).

Of course the inspectors are no longer able even than - the correct technology and I think it is important to correct for the future do not forget to merge the two properties of the system engineering activities - macro and micro

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