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In the next world war would unfold the struggle for intellectual property, and not for oil
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Apple struck a blow HTC patent


Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC, saying that Taiwanese manufacturer violates 20 of its patents.

Dispute Intellectual property covers the iPhone user interface technologies, as well as subject to the architecture and the hardware device. Plaintiff alleges that produced HTC Android-phones unlawfully taken up the patented invention.

The petition from Apple cited Steve Jobs, head of the company: «We can either watch calmly as competitors steal our inventions, or do something. Having decided, we believe that, despite the healthy spirit of competition, competitors must create their own original technology, and not steal them».

At the same time filed a complaint with the Commission on International Trade in the U.S. also lists the HTC-Smartphones running Windows Mobile, which allegedly also violated patent laws against unauthorized use hardware decoders for digital signal processing (DSP).

According to Apple, the list of illegal items from HTC includes Nexus One, Touch Pro, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro2, Tilt II, Pure, Imagio, Dream, myTouch 3G, Hero, HD2 and Droid Eris.

It is believed by observers who have received in recent years the popularity of the proceedings between the manufacturers of smartphones (recall: Nokia and Apple are fierce legal battles) reflect heightened competition in this market segment. Aggressive behavior of Apple, who had been silent until then, is simple: the corporation seriously concerned about the emergence of mobile devices, capable of striking iPhone business. If Nokia, the current market leader, began to perceive Apple as a dangerous competitor, then Apple, in turn, now sees the powerful HTC enemy number one.

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