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Technology Incubator . The terms of success and their dependence on the impact of analytical methods of TRIZ and ARIZ

Andrew ( Gabriel ) Livshits

The notion that economic and social success of any society can ensure success in the innovative development for a long time does not require proof . In this case, from the variety of ways and directions of the development of any society is extremely difficult selection of the most appropriate and effective way

Now with full confidence we can say that for the innovative development of the society found an organizational solution that is continuing its optimization , modification and improvement , is , judging by the first results , the most hopeful and promising

So the solution is to organize the so -called technology incubator where new ideas crystallized and brought to market a certain level of sophistication and commercial readiness

This phenomenon in the technological development of society emerged 20 years ago in Israel in the time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, when thousands of former Soviet specialists with their ideas and unfulfilled hopes in socialism , joined the army of seeking a way out of its technical and commercial people's initiative

At the same time, Western countries began the era of high technology and the arrival of fresh professional , well -trained professional and non- carriers of high- technology culture and productive skills allowed at the beginning of the process to properly articulate the main goals and objectives for the organization of the first innovative structures, which called for analogy with greenhouses that are grown under greenhouse conditions, heat-loving plants , technological greenhouses , later renamed in technological incubators

Very revealing to many experts, such as the Ukraine , is an example of people from the Ukraine, who have shown that their level of training and the level of their innovative business initiatives are a guarantee of extraordinary success

Here is one example :

Yossi Vardi , the man behind the creators of ICQ and many other successful start-ups , was the only investor who believed in the project of immigrants from Ukraine brothers Alex and Vitaly Sirota .
He is the biggest investor and thanks to him in a start-up FoxyTunes agreed to invest their money a group of American investors.

In an interview with " Globes" Vardi voiced his confidence in the future of orphan brothers , saying that " will allow him to plead with them to invest in these projects."

" It was an honor to work with Vitaly and Alex. They are not only in love with the internet, they are professionals with a capital letter. I am sure that their talent will show itself again and again ," - said the famous entrepreneur .

Full details of the transaction have not yet been published, but according to some reports, the project was invested just $ 3 million , turning a result of more than ten-fold profit.

According to Vitaly Sirota , who was responsible for administrative matters at the beginning of the way they are treated in several risky assets, working with start-ups , but there they were not interested in any offer . The only one who believed it was Yossi Vardi , and it was he who brought them from Yahoo.

Meanwhile , the newspaper " Yediot Ahronot" reports that the profit from the transaction , which will take Sirota, Yossi Vardi and other investors can be much larger if the company Microsoft will acquire Yahoo, or enter into the strategic partnership agreement .

With high probability it can be argued that part of the transaction will be paid in shares Yahoo, the cost of which will grow significantly in the case of such developments.

This example shows that it is extremely important to start working with the generators of ideas at the very beginning of their career

In one of the rooms of the newspaper "Globes " published an article on the company's Startup-seed, whose main goal - help and support entrepreneurs in the field of high technologies in age from 14 to 21 years.

In Israel (Israel is just one example of the same in terms of capacity can be said about Ukraine ) many young professionals high-tech working on new concepts and technologies , but most of them are not able to communicate their ideas to a state - of finished goods the lack of funding and a healthy nerve , writes " Globes" .

In particular this applies to those who simply do not have enough life experience - young people aged 14 to 21 years. It is for them, the company Startup-seeds, founded in October 2007 and is fully owned by the National Museum of Science, Technology and Space in Haifa , has created a special support program .
According to the CEO of Ben- Ami Basati , Startup-seeds aims to " support the effect of sparks among the young, and young entrepreneurs to create a sort of technological greenhouses ."

As part of any teenager who feels that he has a viable idea can go to the website and describe your proposal . All ideas are pre-tested , after which the more successful initiatives are submitted to the Commission .

When it comes to new technology or revolutionary idea that could win a place in the market, the author helps to create a start-up . If we are talking about more than simple ideas , such as a new good online application , to her creator puts a three-month personal mentor of Israel's leading high-tech professionals and a grant of 1-3 thousand dollars. In both cases, all the rights to the idea , and in the case of success - and profits are retained by the author.

This innovative infrastructure allows any individual looking for a capable and mature quickly enough for a serious project , but the most important is the formation of an innovative spirit and confidence of talented people

This fact did not go unnoticed

To give just a few examples:

South Korea's Samsung Group announced on Wednesday evening , October 9 , during the event, Samsung Global Innovation opening in Israel " greenhouse " for start-up companies.
" Greenhouse" , which will start operating in the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan in the first half of 2014 , will take up to 10 start-ups.

Representatives of the group stressed that they intend to accompany the work of the founders of startups at the earliest stages . Thus , in contrast to other similar projects , start-ups will not be limited in time, they will be able to carry out " under the wing " of concern , according to The Marker.

In addition, management has informed Samsung to invest in Israeli start- Mantis Vision, developing the technology of three-dimensional video in motion. The volume of investment is not reported.

The German pharmaceutical company Merck opens in Yavne " greenhouse " for start-up companies and research groups working in the field of biotechnology.

Merck, one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical market , will provide initial funding to entrepreneurs and scientific infrastructure . " Greenhouse" will be located in an area of 600 sq.m. in " Inter - Lab" in the industrial area of Yavne .

In the next six years, the corporation will invest in the " greenhouse " 10 million euros. Participants in the program will be selected in accordance with the strategy of Merck-Serono, a biopharmaceutical wing of the German corporation.

Corporation eBay, which owns the eponymous online auction and e-payment system Paypal, opens the " greenhouse " for start-up companies working in the field of online commerce , social networking and working with large data.

As " Kalkalist " new " greenhouse " will be opened in a former furniture store Kika in the industrial area Poleg in Netanya.

It is planned that eBay Innovation Center will begin its work by the end of 2013. To date, the company is busy looking to take part in the project start-up companies.

According to the deputy director of the Information Systems eBay Israeli Amit Manipaza , the focus will be on working with artificial intelligence , analysis and structuring of large amounts of information , data visualization , social modeling and so on.

Having said this, the question remains - why are world famous companies create technology incubators are not at home , and in the tiny country with big problems in security and with very limited resources market

The following is a summary of the structure , activity, scientific and industrial relations existing technology incubators that explain such decisions :

State structures for the organization, financing and assistance in getting innovative projects on an independent path in the stormy sea of commercial

Technological incubators are run by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture in part

All of these ministries have a special budget for the financing of technology incubators , and there is a special budget to invest directly in the project and a special budget for the project management

Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry and Trade:

This post and the relevant department are there to provide guidance to technology incubators and selection and monitoring of projects in technology incubators

In the department of the Chief Scientist deployed units and group of highly professional experts from both staff and freelance , and they carry most of the load and, accordingly, are personally responsible for the projects that they recommend for inclusion in the thematic plan for technology incubators

For each of the experts assigned several projects in various incubators and every expert is a key figure in the control and financing of these projects

export Institute:
Export Institute provides projects in technology incubators all the necessary methodological and information support; Export Institute also provides competitively large grants (about 120,000 U.S. dollars ) for the most promising export projects
The Institute also helps in the production of brochures and other informational materials , as well as promoting global markets newly created innovative products

National Institute of Standards:

Since compliance with international standards is one of the main conditions for the promotion of an innovative product to market, a steady practice of continuous cooperation and cooperation with technology incubators Standards Institute

A role in this also plays impeccable quality evaluation and control of the technical characteristics of innovative products, which is performed in the laboratories of the institute of standards on the most modern and efficient test and measurement equipment

The cost of these services for technology incubators is symbolic that helps to use budget projects more efficiently and ultimately attracts even such a large and wealthy corporations, which can restructure the budgets of start-ups and to direct resources to the most important and key issues

Commercial testing laboratories:

There , along with the Standards Institute , a network of commercial testing laboratories that may carry out tests of an innovative product in accordance with the applicable standards , not adopted , for example in Europe

Also, sometimes the relevant international standards , such as measures of weight or linear dimensions are not taken or do not apply in the countries to which to export the product innovation

In order to fill this gap and get on the stage of the product development information on its compliance with local standards , technology incubators full use of advantages offered by the cooperation with commercial testing laboratories

State monopolistic companies:

In many countries, national infrastructure facilities under the control of state-owned companies – monopolists

In order to avoid any friction or misunderstanding, if the innovative project is related to the objects of the national infrastructure , and must take into account all the available features , technology incubators , in the case of a technical or commercial necessity - or attract companies monopoly to full partnership or conduct their work on the project in full compliance with the requirements of the companies – monopolists

Interstate and regional investment funds:

Technological incubators are fully utilized every opportunity for timely project financing
To do this, and created a variety of regional (European ) and the US- Israeli special funds to finance joint projects and research ( such as fund BERD )

Since each fund has its own standard and complex financing requirements to determine compliance with the terms of project financing, technology incubators, the formation of contracts with new companies in its structure in advance to account for any of these requirements and provide a new company to the point where they may additional investments

municipal services:

In communities in which there are technological incubators (which are a significant employer of small towns) by the local councils are trying by all means to help the technological incubators in any organizational matters that are in varying degrees of competence in municipal services , so the formation of new innovative companies , administration technology incubator provides for the logical and material resources for this kind of cooperation

Local professional associations:

Local professional associations such as the Association of Engineers and Architects , and many others , are trying to attract the attention of its members to the challenges that the technology incubators and experts belonging to these associations , especially pensioners , try , if possible due to the specifics of the project, to share their experience on similar technical and commercial problems

Recently emerged even investment funds, which merged pensioners, former top executives of major international companies

Technical Universities:

Many universities have set up their technological incubators , in which primarily transmitted promising projects of students and researchers in these accredited universities

Conditions in technology incubators relatively uniform and technology incubators at universities only differ in the composition of younger employees and have a more comfortable environment development projects, as well as laboratory facilities of universities is also used for projects in university technology incubators

Large multinational corporations:

Such corporations with the most concentrated financial, operational and technological resources can most quickly propel innovation forward, but of course their interests with purely selfish - they promote only what is interesting to them , beneficial and important

Even so , the role of corporations and their participation in the innovative development and thus in the development of technology incubators is difficult to overestimate

On the specifics of working on an innovative field with such corporations makes sense to separate the new publication

Selection of ideas for generating projects:

Each technological incubator today has its own specialization , although the early stages of the emergence of incubators , one could develop projects of several technological areas

With the advent of expertise , and especially from the time of the partial (and some technology incubators and complete) privatization , the selection of projects and ideas became more systematic , which allowed to identify problematic in terms of commercialization projects at the stages of technological expertise

It is allowed to concentrate financial resources on a more realistic in terms of the success of products in the market and has provided considerable financial savings

The existing system of incentives and assistance during the first period of development projects
Terms of technological incubators primarily provide schemes of work projects and technological development in the most gentle , especially in the early stages of development
This was already mentioned in this article and you can just give you an example of how the system of delivery for a new project in the amount of advance payment of 10% of the total funding, provides an opportunity with the first moments of the project to bring to work on the project required expertise

International industrial exhibition and their impact on the successful progress of projects:

For comparison, the main commercial , consumer and technical performance of an innovative product or technology that became the basis for the formation of a new company within the technology incubator , a better basis for this comparison are the exhibits of all kinds of industrial and commercial exhibitions

The analysis of such artifacts is one of the tasks of the specialist commercialization and on how he would react to the results of this analysis depends on the path of commercial development of the product , which can lead to victory in the competition , and can lead to failure , in the case of unprofessional and inadequate evaluation

Formation of professional technical and commercial assessment of projects:

Specialization of innovative projects and the need to assess the findings of this evaluation , which are available to investors and strategic partners in industry and agriculture, formed on the market demand for specialists in commercialization

Very many of these professionals have been trained in the universities, but today the market is dominated by work and just talented individuals that shape and create a commercial success for innovative product

Very often they synthesize ideas and offer its technical experts , which is the only remains are said to be - pack idea into a product , the experience of recent years, exactly the kind of projects are the most successful in commercial terms

technology Transfer:

In technology incubators are often opened and successfully implemented international projects
Readers are invited to cooperation scheme with technological greenhouses Israel and other countries , which the authors themselves represent it ;

This does not apply to projects that are already underway in the framework of any of the company and have the necessary investment or own funds ;

It also does not apply to those projects that are submitted for any innovative company or be offered any innovative company to implement any technological hothouse working at present in Israel

The proposal of any technological field greenhouses in Israel is divided to work in Israel itself and to international cooperation ;

Finally , we note that the creation of the above-mentioned relatively favorable conditions for innovative projects possible in almost every country of post-Soviet space, and it can attract large investors and large commercial companies

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