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Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

1. The principal basis for secure coding OPTICAL STORAGE MEDIA OR INFORMATION, mainly in the form of a disk that is transparent to light flux outputted from the output optical system of single-mode laser diode with a standard size of the executive - OUTER DIAMETER - 120 millimeters and a thickness - 1.2 millimeters;

DISC is glued together from two halves, each thickness in the 0.6 millimeter coating is applied to one half of the DISC on the ring outside diameter - 120 mm, and an inside diameter - 118 millimeters; COATING THICKNESS range from 1 micron to 10 MICRON intervals of 100 angstroms;

1.1. Conceptual framework encoding principle as follows: - coding signal is formed from the reaction of the sensor or group of sensors on the coating thickness of the annular disc, comparing the received signal with a statistical standard of this signal, - the equivalent resonant response sensors coating thickness, specific parameters of the coating material conductivity material coating density of the coating material, the electrical resistance of the coating material;

1.2. The system of marking the formatted servo drive, which typically takes the form of combinations of servo group - points on the information tracks on the disc, instead of one combination of the group of pixels, the signal input from the decoding system sensor protective coding, and in case of coincidence of the integrated signal from the three sensors with predetermined signal parameters, Servo drive starts to orient the laser focus on the information track, and thus the system begins the process of reading or writing the optical disc;

1.3. In case of discrepancy between the signal from the sensor to the form of statistical signal processor memory drive, servo drive does not focus and did not stabilize the trajectory of the diode laser beam focus on the information track of the disk and read from or write to the disk will not be possible;

2. Ways to identify the disk in drive;

2.1. Identification disk drive can be conducted by measuring in real time the coating thickness, comparing measurement results stored in the processor drives the value of this statistical parameter and outputting a signal to the comparator processor to the drive;

2.2. The identification process can be carried out when the disk or install disk in the drive;

2.3. When identifying when inserted into the drive, the negative results of identification do not allow the inclusion of any drive structure, and vice versa the positive identification signal includes the necessary drive structures;

DESIGN OPTIONS floppy drive;

2.4. The elements of the defense system of the resonance of coding - decoding can without any circuit design or restrictions to be incorporated into any existing design today drive that implements all known optical memory technology;

2.5. Existing drives can also be modified for the installation of microsensors, by tapping the touch micro module to the support structure housing the drive;

2.6. If necessary, the coating can be performed on existing disks;


3.1. To produce an optical disk with a protective coating encoding requires no special techniques and equipment;

3.2. To manufacture can be used modernized production equipment, which is currently in use;

3.3. Application of the coating can be combined encoding the copy is made in the mold drive using the master disk with the identification point in the system formatted servomarkirovki which will thus be printed on each information track, - a blocked in a conventional optical disc more than 37,000;


4.1. The approximate scheme of the disks with protective coding-decoding with corporate clients includes preparation for each such client with a certain number of disks characteristic only for this client parameters and thickness coordinates microsensors;

4.2. Design and specifications of the touch micro-module can also be upgraded based on the wishes of the client, but in line with the benchmarks encoding protective coating on the disc;

5. OPTIONS Using a disc with secure coding in residential RADIO ENGINEERING;

5.1. Discs protective coding can be used in systems Blu-Ray and HD DVD; besides protective coding system may be applied to new developments and technology optical digital memory including a disk with a particularly high density recording, multilayer disks, optical disks monolithic a storage capacity of 1 terabit or more;

5.2. In the manufacture of disks needed to display the servo markings may be applied during pressing, servo drive starts orientation of the focal point of the laser beam only if the coincidence signal from the encoder encoding and decoding system formed of three micro-sensors, which, by means of magnetic resonance methods is compared to a reference thickness of the coating and the coincidence of the signal parameters to the benchmark at least two sensors, the received signal is added to the system of symbols and marking points of the servo-marking, reading that the servo drive starts to stabilize the laser focus on the desired track on the disc's recording;

6. OPTIONS OF DISCS coated in personal computers;

6.1. Manufacturing technology drives for personal computers is similar to technology of this kind drives for other optical storage options;

6.2. The technique of using discs with protective coding formed the basis of the type of computer, and degree of saturation, and the power, speed, etc.

6.3. Particularly important is the ability to use protective equipment and technology coding produced hybrid drives that combine hard disk with an optical drive;

Proposal for a system of obtaining professional information from the Internet

The main instrument playing an optical disc in which the coding is applied in the annular covering zone in which no recording of information;
As an auxiliary tool performs microsensor, which is built into the drive;
The signal from the microsensor is formed when measuring the thickness of the coating, the accuracy of measurement - 100 angstroms and a value which is different each disk group from another group;
The signal from the microsensor is a code to enter the amounts of information are posted on the Internet;
The software must provide the ability to identify the signal from the microsensor in the case of coincidence signal with the reference open arrays of information and in the process of downloading continue to monitor the accuracy of the signal to complete the download information;
This makes it possible to prevent the replacement of the disc while recording on unlicensed;
Forge such a disk is not possible, since the thickness of the coating is determined by the manufacture and, even with such a disc, you can not use it without a microsensor, tuned to a well-defined nature of the signal;
Rims and sensors can be placed on any existing today the production of optical discs; discs can be produced in batches of 100 - 250 pieces of uniform thickness coding tape and with a set of sensors;
Each user can obtain one or more series of disks and to use them when working with the Internet;
The same principle of the program and other information can be sent to users, only in reverse order, ensuring total privacy and protection when in the Internet from unauthorized messages and viruses;
This is a very general information, if you consider it worthwhile, I could detail the project;
Because the mechanical part of the project in principle is implemented, the project - is a software that can form the basis of the project in this regard;


1. There are many variants encoding coating thicknesses that allow for many options for the security code, in contrast to known techniques, which have only one version of the code;

2. During the coating process is applied control technology completely identical decoding technology that allows you to fully control the quality of the encoding process of making the disk drive without removing the assembly line, in contrast to existing technologies that drive for the control should be removed from the conveyor and install a control device; thus selective control and, in the proposed technology - 100% control, which eliminates the release of defective discs in existing technologies that are detected only during the operation;

3. In the proposed technology is able to encode all categories and types of disks regardless of the recording format and reading, unlike existing technologies, in which coding is dependent on the recording format and reading a disk;

4. In the proposed coding technology coating can serve as a basis for your personal, secret code or cipher, which is not in the existing technologies;

5. In the technology proposed decoding and identification sensor is mobile and may have several options for delivery, including the stand-alone version, not connected with the drive, and existing technologies decoding system is installed only in disc drives, and thus to monitor the presence and correctness of the encoding process can only be the disc into the drive, and the proposed technology to monitor and identify the code can drive off, such as in shops or on the walk-through enterprises and institutions, which is particularly important to ensure full confidentiality of information;

6. In the proposed decoding technology which eliminates the dependence on either optical disk drive systems, but may alter the results of decoding the operation of optical systems, such as servo - actuator for the orientation and position of the focus control to read or write laser, in contrast to existing techniques in which the decoding process depends entirely on optical drive elements, which complicates its design and dramatically reduces reliability;

7. The proposed technology has multiple hierarchies principal workload that has a flexible algorithm and can be integrated into any security system optical memory including a hybrid media, except with the optical component and the media, built on other basic principles, existing technologies do not have this flexibility ;

8. The proposed technology allows you to use the code as an introductory disk password for professional amounts of information online than have no existing technology;

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