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Innovative modification of fuel blends on the basis of the dynamic dissolution of combustible gases in a liquid hydrocarbon fuels (Part Six)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

Consistent description of the technological transition activation process fuel mixture

The first is technological transition preparation dominant liquid hydrocarbon component before it is fed to the input of the fuel pump in the gap, a process control of the main component parameters, such as density, viscosity, temperature and level in the tank;

The second technology is a comparison of the transition of signals from detectors and sensors to the statistical model in the processor and in the case of coincidence indicator sensors statistical model, the processor issues a command to the fuel pump;

Third technological transition represents the fuel pump and the fuel fluid supply line; thus measured pressure fuel line, a signal is sent to the processor and if the pressure level corresponds to a predetermined value, the command is given to activate compressor when the pressure does not match, the adjustment of the operating parameters is carried out the fuel pump pressure up to full compliance with the specified value, then the command is given to start the compressor;

Fourth technological transition time aligned with the fifth transition process, the fourth transition is the compressor and the control level generated in the gas line pressure compressed fuel gas when the pressure corresponds to a target, the processor allows the continued activation process, if the pressure deviates from the set, adjusted operation of the compressor until the moment when the pressure level reaches a predetermined level, wherein, as all the dimensions of the gas conduit remain unchanged, determines the pressure level of fuel consumption of compressed gas and speed of motion of all channels section pneumatic device for activating the fuel mixture and the fifth shift is the conversion of the flow of liquid fuel component in the hydraulic section and increasing its turbulence;

Sixth, the standby transition if applied in the fuel mixture includes a second liquid fuel component, in this case at a time aligned with the fifth drawing process transition is part of a second fuel into the zone of reduced pressure and intensive mixing with the first fuel component;

Seventh technological transition is basic, it provides the main task of the activation process, - saturation of the liquid fuel component dissolved therein fuel gas, foaming the mixture and gradually return the pressure in the system to its initial state;

Eighth technological shift control represents the dielectric constant in a complex fuel mixture stream is activated, if the parameters of the dielectric constant associated statistical model is commanded injection fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, if the dielectric constant differs from the predetermined value, the pressure adjusted the fuel pump and the pressure developed by the compressor to complete coincidence and statistical models of real, after which the command is given to the injection fuel mixture in the combustion chamber;


A device for activating the integrated fuel mixture can be incorporated into the fuel system of any motor vehicle, aircraft or vehicle that uses internal combustion engines;
As a necessary component of the product include: - container with fuel components - fuel lines - fuel pump - compressor - the device itself for the complex activation of the fuel mixture with a capacity for liquefied petroleum gas and system alarms and sensors;
Additional resonance control system is in real time permittivity fuel mixture before it is injected into the combustion chamber;


The procedure of a sequence of operating steps set forth in section 1.8;

OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS OF ACTIVATED fuel mixture before it is supplied into the combustion chamber

Activated Complex fuel mixture produced in a two-stage mixing apparatus, increasing turbulence and foaming before injection into the combustion chamber, has the following main characteristics and properties;
A complex mixture can be activated by a combination of liquid and dissolved therein organic fuel components mixed in various combinations and proportions so that the minimum concentration of components are uniformly distributed in the bulk concentration of the dominant components;
Activated Complex fuel mixture may comprise a combination of organic and inorganic components of the fuel mixed in various combinations and proportions so that the inorganic components are uniformly distributed in the volume of organic components;
Activated Complex fuel mixture after passing the full processing cycle to activate the device represents at least two component fluid which is uniformly distributed throughout the volume under pressure fuel line, a plurality of combustible gas molecules dissolved saturated kinetic energy developed turbulent state liquid fuel components mixtures thereof;

OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS OF ACTIVATED fuel mixture after its submission in the combustion chamber

The most important measure of the activated complex fuel mixture is its octane antiknock index characterizing, for the best grades of gasoline obtained by catalytic reforming this conditional indicator is 86; activated expected performance gasoline having dissolved therein a combustible gas in a proportion of 10% by weight of the liquid hydrocarbon , - 120;
Technical capabilities of the device to activate the integrated fuel mixture is allowed to obtain a mixture of gasoline and benzene having an octane number of 113, this modification will raise the octane number of the activated fuel mixture to 125;
I activated the fuel mixture mass burning rate of an order of magnitude higher than that of the known fuel mixtures, mass burning rate - the number of fuel combusted in the unit area of the combustion front in a unit of time;
In the activated fuel mixture such factors as the speed of combustion, heat capacity, - the amount of heat released per unit time - have a sufficient magnitude to maintain process stability at low temperatures;
Activated fuel mixture meets the conditions of adiabatic combustion when the combustion reaction time to end earlier than would be a significant amount of heat exchange between the reaction and the environment, that is, the loss of heat and energy will be minimal;

CONTROL TECHNIQUES OF MAJOR PERFORMANCE ACTIVATED FUEL MIXTURE; POSSIBILITY OF REMOTE CONTROL AND REGULATION During activation of the fuel mixture, fuel mixtures of adjustable parameters; feedback in the control and regulation;

In the technology of integrated fuel mixture activation process there are two parameters that determine the level of activation of the complex and the degree of effectiveness;
The first parameter relates to the pressure level in the fuel line, the fuel pump generated, because the working diameter of the pipeline is constant, the line pressure determines the velocity of flow in the conduit and the fluid flow in the pipeline, all of the direct and derived parameters, determines the level of turbulence flow, which is derived to determine the level of turbulence in the apparatus for activating complex since all options section of said hydraulic unit are constant, thus adjusting the pressure in the fuel pipe can be controlled process parameters to activate the hydraulic section of the device for activation, the signals of the pressure level the fuel pipe directed to the control processor, give an accurate assessment of the fuel mixture before it is fed into the combustion chamber and determining adjustment command pressure level to restore the normal condition;
The second parameter is the level of the line pressure, is supplied with compressed combustion gas to the pneumatic device section for activating the integrated fuel mixture and dissolving gas in a liquid hydrocarbon fuel phase;
This option is the most important, as the level of pressure of the gas working fluid, mainly methane or propane, determines the speed of the flow of compressed flammable gas, as this determines several critical factors that underpin the effectiveness of the fuel mixture;
The velocity of the flow of pressurized fuel gas forms the following baseline complex activated fuel mixture: - the ratio between the percentage of dissolved gas and liquid components of a fuel mixture, - uniform distribution of dissolved gaseous component by volume of the liquid component of the fuel mixture
Thus, the fuel pressure of the compressed gas supplied to the apparatus for activating a complex fuel mixture, and determines the effectiveness of its basic properties and characteristics and can provide adjustable pressure control basic properties and characteristics of the fuel mixture;
Performance pressures may provide a reliable feedback, which characterizes the state and properties of the fuel mixture in real time;

KEY OPERATING PARAMETERS COMPLEX ACTIVATION fuel mixture that gives it advantages over the known technology of preparation of the fuel mixture before it is supplied into the combustion chamber

The main operating parameters of the activated complex fuel mixtures include: the concentration of dissolved gas in the fuel volume of the fuel mixture, the specific area of the active contact surface of the fuel mixture after its injection into the combustion chamber;
Complex activated condition the fuel mixture before it is fed into the combustion chamber is as follows: - the amount of dissolved gas in the fuel per unit volume of fuel mixture, - the ratio of dissolved gas to the fuel its volume in the fuel mixture, the specific density per unit volume of the fuel mixture, the specific contact area per unit volume of the fuel mixture;
If in the process of activating the integrated fuel mixture, mixing of several components, an important indicator of the efficiency of the fuel mixture becomes its modified or setanovoe octane number;


The injection process is activated complex fuel mixture in the combustion chamber has characteristics that are not typical for the known fuel mixtures;
In the activated complex fuel mixture pressure can be significant, and, until the mixture is in the interior of the device to activate and fuel line before the combustion chamber, its position is stable;
After injection into the combustion chamber, the volume occupied by the fuel portion of the mixture increases and the pressure in the plume terminates injection flow of fuel mixture to the micro-drops dissolved combustible gas having a lower boiling point, while tearing the shell consisting of a liquid-fuel mixture; shell sprayed finely dispersed onto the three-dimensional structure having a relatively uniformly throughout the combustion chamber prior to ignition; Such bulk state fuel mixture provides: - a high burning velocity - high level of completeness of combustion - flame front even - high heat output in a short time - a short full combustion cycle - high specific energy levels, resulting from the combustion of the fuel mixture, low level of micro vibrations and micro shocks during the burning process - a low concentration of toxic combustion products in the exhaust - a lower combustion temperature that decreases the concentration of toxic in the exhaust gases;


The main performance characteristics of the combustion process to assess comprehensively activated the fuel mixture, take the burning rate, flame speed, combustion efficiency, the specific calorific value of the fuel during combustion, the presence of toxic substances in the products of combustion;
As an additional performance for the evaluation process of burning a fuel mixture of activated complex, take the mass burning rate, linear burn rate, the surface area of the flame front for a bulk quantity of fuel mixture, the reaction rate of combustion, heat release;
As auxiliary performance parameters taken turbulent state fuel mixture during injection into the combustion chamber characterizing fluctuations that intensify heat transfer and mass transfer in the flame bend and crush its surface area expanding combustion reaction that leads to its rapid
Acceleration, velocity of turbulent combustion reaction of the activated complex fuel mixture is ten times greater than the same figure for existing fuel mixtures;

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