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Inventions in the field of magnetic resonance and their impact on the development of non-contact control operations, monitoring and diagnostics, including in the field of bio-medical technology

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

In today's computing, control engineering major role is played by the creation of technical and technological conditions for the application of different resonance phenomena
This is largely explained by a truly inexhaustible opportunities for comparative analysis, which provides a technique that uses the resonance phenomenon as an indicator of the state of the real-time
Practice shows protection methods used today primarily media do not completely exclude the probability of entry into the system to control the equipment of different viruses
Here is one of many examples:
Virus brought to the USB-media ("FMS"), for three weeks delayed the launch of American power, according to USA Today. The incident took place in early October, the station, whose name was not disclosed, during infection has been closed for a planned hardware upgrades.
"Flash drive" with the virus inserted into one of the computer stations service technician. According to a report of the Ministry of National Security, the technician was not part of the station staff, and was a member of the contractor.
To "flash card" contains an update for the computer software. How to USB-drive got a virus, not reported. This malicious program was a "Trojan" designed to steal users' personal data.
"Trojan" struck ten computers, responsible for managing the turbines. On the computer had antivirus, but he could not cope with the malicious program has not been updated since the time.
The incident was not the only case of infection with a "flash" on American power in the October-December 2013, to the report. A similar thing happened to another business for electric power: there virus brought down several workstations.
The most well-known malware in power is a virus Stuxnet, attacked in 2010 computers Iranian nuclear plants. Stuxnet, including the scrapping of the centrifuges used to enrich uranium.
If we assume that one of the tools to break into computer systems and processor is a mobile external storage device, it can be assumed that protection against such intrusion must be placed directly on the contact section of the media
Think it is appropriate to give an example of my invention, which based on the application of the principle of magnetic resonance completely. solves the problem of secure coding mobile carriers
The method according to the invention, includes -

  • Performance, at least on one surface of the contact element carrier information section Coated
  • Calibration of the thickness of the coating;
  • Calibration and adjustment of the sensor, operating on the principle of magnetic resonance in the resonance parameters with respect to the resonance parameters of the coating layer;
  • Enter the medium in contact with the sensor. at least for inductive and capacitive characteristics;
  • A comparison of at least one of the components of the parameters of the resonance, the resonance characteristics of the resonant circuit and the sensor area to cover;

The method according to the invention further includes:
  • Execution of the outer surface of the information carrier coding conductive plate;
  • Calibration of the thickness of said plate to a predetermined value;
  • Calibration and adjustment of the sensor, operating on the principle of magnetic resonance imaging to compare the resonance parameters conductive plate and set parameters of the resonance, which is set up sensor;
  • Enter the medium in contact with the sensor in the area of coding conductive plate;
  • A comparison of resonance parameters in the coding conductive plate with the parameters of the resonance of the resonant circuit sensor;

This example shows how to use the principles of magnetic resonance imaging allows for a very simple and inexpensive solution for real protection of media without changing the basic principles on which works directly the media
Unfortunately resonance phenomena occur spontaneously and have the most negative consequences, as in the case of the failure of the latest tests hypersonic missile:
Unlocking the steering response and were the main reasons the failed test U.S. hypersonic missile X-51A Waverider in August 2012. This conclusion, according to Flightglobal, came specialists U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). Faults will be eliminated in the new prototype X-51A, scheduled for launch in the first half of 2013.
According to the U.S. Air Force, about 15 seconds of flight X-51A before the separation of the booster rocket unit unlocked upper right hand drive, one of the four needed for stabilization and control of a hypersonic missile. According to the project X-51A at AFRL Charlie Brink (Charlie Brink), in-flight aerodynamic forces turned the steering wheel with a zero angle of attack "in the extreme position the trailing edge down."
Within seconds, the fourth wheel (faulty) was completely out of control, and control of it could not be restored to the time when the action was given the other three wheel (they started two seconds before the booster separation). With three active rudders testers for 1.5 seconds trying to regain control of the X-51A.
Presumably, the fourth servo steering jammed, or is completely worn out. According to the researchers, the reason for this was the response. In flight, the booster body began to vibrate strongly and frequency of vibration coincides with the natural frequency of vibration of constipation servo steering. In this case, testers completely eliminated the possibility of filing a false signal from the control or electromagnetic effects.
Tests hypersonic missile X-51A took place in mid-August 2012 and was the third. They were unsuccessful. After 16 seconds of flight Waverider lost control and fell to pieces fell into the Pacific Ocean. The researchers announced that a hypersonic missile engine is not on.
It was assumed that the missile, launched from aboard a B-52 Stratofortress at an altitude of 15,250 feet, with the help of the accelerator reaches a speed necessary to enable hypersonic ramjet engine, and a height of 21,300 meters. Then the X-51A was to develop a speed of Mach numbers at six and maintain it for five minutes.
At the moment is only conditionally successful first test launch hypersonic missile, which was held in 2010. It is recognized as a successful "95 percent." The missile was able to develop a speed of Mach numbers five and maintain it for three minutes, but during the flight the rocket was found instability and disruption of communication. The testers gave the X-51A team to self-destruction.
The second trial took place in the spring of 2011 and have been unsuccessful. Then, after the bomber at a predetermined height booster rocket engine does not start at first, and later in the flight already spent upper stage did not separate from the X-51A.
Unfortunately phenomena arising and relating to various modifications of magnetic resonance have not been studied, particularly in relation to the impact of a variety of materials
Research in this direction are effectively and rapidly:
Physicists first time to get the parameters of the nuclear magnetic resonance for plutonium. He was the last element for which these parameters were unknown. According to the researchers, the new findings will help in the study of the chemical properties of a compound of the element and, therefore, to clarify the processes of nuclear waste. The article appeared in the scientific journal Science, and its summary results in New Scientist.
The phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance was discovered in the 30's of the last century and is the absorption or emission of electromagnetic energy by nuclei with half-integer spin in a strong magnetic field. The discovery of this effect, among other things, led to the creation of the method of magnetic resonance imaging, as well as new methods for the study of different substances.
Similar methods to work, you must first know "response" nucleus in a magnetic field. The last core with half-integer spin, for which such a response was not known, was plutonium. Now scientists have solved this problem. The researchers said it was possible to do by placing the samples extremely pure plutonium oxide in powerful (4 to 8 Tesla) magnetic field at 4 Kelvin.
According to the researchers, while working they are not fully believe in the success of the company - the fact that the calculated structure tried unsuccessfully in the past 50 years. Now that the parameters of the nuclear magnetic resonance are known, the researchers plan to use them for research, such as nuclear waste. "In theory, you can take a sample of waste and quite cheap, safe and easy to identify very precisely the conditions in which such waste is to be stored," - said one of the authors of Georgis Koutrolakis New Scientist magazine about the prospects of the method.
In October 2011, physicists have used the method of nuclear magnetic resonance for the first time in practice to check ergodicity particular dynamical system. Study of two groups of scientists appeared in the journal Angewandte Chemie.
Scientists have identified the hereditary characteristics, the possession of which is associated with better conduction of electrical signals in the brain and increased test scores on intelligence. The paper was published in the journal Journal of Neuroscience, a summary of its results in Science Now.
The study involved 472 volunteers from Australia, which included 85 pairs of genetically identical (monozygotic) twins and 100 pairs of non-identical twins, and their siblings. In the experiment, the volunteers performed IQ tests and underwent magnetic resonance imaging.
Scientists have drawn attention to the volume of individual brain structures and characteristics of nerve impulses neurons. The researchers measured the electrical isolation of individual nerve fibers - the higher it is, the faster the neurons carry signals. These results were compared with the genetic data of volunteers.
Authors found 24 variants of six genes, the possession of which was associated with higher electrical conductivity in the brain. Those options are single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) - changes in the sequence of the gene size of one nucleotide. In addition to the higher electrical conductivity of some of the detected SNPs were also associated with increased a few points test results IQ.
Based on the analysis, genes were found in polymorphisms are functional network - having a good option of one of them increases the efficiency of both. In other words, the "intelligent" polymorphisms have a synergistic effect.
Previously, the same authors published a paper where they found genetic factors that influence the volume of the hippocampus - the structure of the brain associated with memory and emotion.
United States Patent Application 20120029845
Kind Code A1
Flider; Gennadiy; et al. February 2, 2012
According to some embodiments, an apparatus and method are provided for detecting the composition of a fluid. An alternating electromagnetic field may be applied to the fluid and distortions in the electromagnetic field are compared with predetermined, expected distortion "signatures" for particular components at particular concentrations. The presence and concentration of the components in the fluid may be detected by detecting these distortion signatures.
Inventors: Flider; Gennadiy; (San Francisco, CA); Livschits; Gabreal; (San Francisco, CA)
Serial No.: 154280
Series Code: 13
Filed: June 6, 2011
The above invention is also based on the principles of magnetic resonance
Resonance frequency characteristics also prove posoyanno innovative scientists and professionals to be highly important, as in the following example:
Scientists have created a prototype of a simple hopping robot, and showed that for maximum efficiency it has to jump out of the resonance frequency. Physicists work published in the journal Physical Review Letters, a brief account of its contents can be read on the website of the American Physical Society.
The authors, engineers from the University of Georgia initially worked on the mechanics of jumping on different surfaces. To test the basic parameters of the mode of transportation they have created the most simple prototype hopping robot. It was a motor that controls the movement of a metal rod, the bottom of which was mounted a spring.
Analysis of the work of the prototype, the physicists were trying to establish how the robot must jump to reach the maximum height, while spending as little energy. To their surprise, they found that the maximum efficiency is achieved outside the self-resonant frequency of the robot. It is close to the resonant frequency, but still significantly different from it.
In addition, scientists have found a way in which the robot can jump to a predetermined height, at a cost ten times less power than usual. The jump ("stutter jump", is presented in this video from left) includes a preliminary motion of the rod with the spring up and ends long repulsion.
Loping motion can be an effective method of movement in areas where there are many obstructions. Earlier, another group of engineers submitted robot flea, which normally moves with the wheel, but to overcome the high barriers can jump to a considerable height.
With the creation of new composite materials, comes the opportunity for more flexible maneuvering in the process of creating various innovative facilities in different areas
Physicists have learned to control the formation of wrinkles in the graphene and used them to create artificial "muscles" - an electromechanical motor. The paper was published in the journal Nature Materials, a summary of the results of its site at Duke University.
To control the formation of wrinkles on the monatomic carbon researchers used a pre-loaded polymeric substrate. Graphene sheet is first applied to a pillowed, and then allowed to shrink. In this part of the carbon atoms in graphene remain bound to the polymer, and that is in the range, it was necessary to form a crease.
Scientists have managed to achieve that folds had a very small characteristic size - in the range of a few nanometers. The authors showed that the surface has some unusual properties. For example, it is like a crystal surface with a similar structure, is extremely water-repellent.
Another unusual property of crumpled graphene is that by passing current through it, it expands. The authors used a material property for the creation of microscopic motors - electric "muscles" that stretch under tension and relaxed, on the contrary, are compressed.
Graphene is one of the allotropic modifications of carbon, along with diamond and graphite. In fact, he is one of the flat layers of carbon atoms in graphite gathered loosely in a pile. Graphene has high strength and electrical conductivity, and is recognized as one of the most promising materials for electronics

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