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Integrative patents - as a unique solution to the problem of patent wars tech companies

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits, Jaroslav Vashchuk

Innovative theater one corporate actor with mixed success continues, injuring inventors pursued classical methods and principles of innovation Affairs
We have repeatedly stayed at this issue and try to prove that the neglect of integrative engineering component of the innovation process in favor of dubious commercial and legal combinations of any dividends will no
One of the negative results of this strain and the innovation process will be a one-sided loss of significant financial resources which will departure in the bottomless pockets of creativity far from lawyers and will be taken away from the present inventors and thus braked further course of the modification and upgrading of products of mass consumption
Gradually clarified the situation with the most controversial patents around which actually unfolded, this is not always comprehensible to mere mortals covert struggle
U.S. Patent Office has revised the patent number 7844915, issued by Apple in 2010, according to Apple Insider.
The patent describes the response of the electronic device (such as a smartphone or tablet) to touch the screen, such as a gesture of "pinch-to-zoom", the user, reducing and spreading two fingers, you can zoom the image.
Reviewing the patent, the Patent Office declared invalid all his points (there are 21), on the grounds that similar solutions described in earlier patents. (Left to wonder unprincipled Patent Office and its ekespertov, for some reason does not detect it earlier, before a decision to grant a patent)
Exactly the same verdict, two months before the agency issued against another patent Apple - № 7469381. It describes the "springy scrolling" - a visual effect, which in iOS and OS X stands for the upper and lower boundaries of the lists.
Patents № № 7844915 and 7469381 are included in the number of patents, in violation of that summer of 2012 was found guilty of Samsung. A jury sentenced a Korean company to pay compensation to the billionth Apple.
In connection with the revision of the Samsung patents apply to the Federal Court in San Jose, who is considering a lawsuit between the two companies, with a request for a new trial.
Apple and Samsung are at odds because of patents from April 2011. Tim Cook the company is trying to prove that the Koreans copied widgets mobile "OSes" iOS devices and appearance Apple.
All this is happening in the new high-tech commercial companies whose products are basically just expensive toys that deflect the patent wars around products, sales of which rose around subtly and skillfully provoked panic buying
At the same time, traditional industries are its research and develop patent and licensing strategy is much more professional and commercially reliable and efficient
Such as the issue of energy loss in heat exchanger systems, industrial air conditioning
Today, in order to raise the efficiency of heat transfer, additional injection of salts of molybdenum in water, cooling the heat transfer surface
Huge losses on the value of salts of molybdenum, the low efficiency of heat transfer to work dosing pump supplying molybdenum salt in the pool with cooling water, the cost of a permanent control of the concentration of molybdenum in water (about 200 dollars a day)
Any inventor or less familiar with the criteria for the ideal final result and the methods to overcome the contradictions in the objects, will say that there is a situation when you need to integrate several technologies to produce the ideal outcome and overcome the tangle of contradictions unite, each, several independent disciplines
The following is an example of the integrative technical solution that solves the problem completely unobvious method and inadequate methods
Engineers at MIT have created a water-repellent nano-coating, from which droplets condensing vapor jump yourself. The paper was published in the journal Nano Letters, and its summary can be found on the website of the institute.
Established authors structured surface looks under the microscope as the lawn of the crystals of copper oxide. When applied to the appropriate coating it, its water-repellent properties become so pronounced that the drops of condensed steam on it almost kept.
Moreover, the merger of two smaller droplets released energy is enough to get a close drop herself jumped from the surface.
Engineers aim to create unusual surfaces could increase the thermal conductivity of the heat exchangers in the steam condensers. The fact that the use of this standard copper pipes on the surface film of water is rapidly formed, which prevents heat transfer.
The faster the liquid droplets are removed from the heat exchanger, the more efficient it is, so in recent years have spread heat exchangers with a pronounced hydrophobic surface.
The authors have shown that the new surface allows a third speed of heat transfer, even in comparison with the most advanced hydrophobic heat exchangers.
Because these devices are used, including power plants, such efficiency gains can be considered very significant.
Earlier, another group of engineers (also of MIT) for the solution of increasing the speed of heat transfer used a similar approach. Scientists have also created a hydrophobic surface microtexture, but last version of this complex technology used photolithography rather than chemical treatment.
Challenge such solutions can not be here before the one who briefed all of his invention won and plead with him does not make sense - it is a fundamentally new solution gives tangible benefits, non-obvious and perhaps to the implementation at the present technology
Samsung company will withdraw from the European courts previously submitted an application for exemption from sales of devices Apple, The Verge reports with reference to the statement made by the company.
Petitions are in the courts of Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France. Samsung turned back the charges against the company, Tim Cook. Koreans claim that Apple violated its patents on wireless technology.
Patent violations referred to in the proceedings which are classified as "basic" (standard essential). This means that Samsung is obliged to issue licenses to those described in these developments on "fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory" terms.
The intention to withdraw the petition Koreans announced December 18, 2012. A day earlier, on December 17, a U.S. judge Lucy Koh (Lucy Koh) has decided not to ban U.S. sales of twenty-six devices Samsung, infringing patents Apple.
Apple and Samsung are the patent dispute in April 2011. Companies have filed lawsuits against each other in the courts of the ten countries. Home conflict to Apple, accusing Koreans of copying the iPhone and iPad. Samsung responded by saying that Apple illegally borrows its technological development.
In this endless debate judge certainly not to be envied, as regularly updated patent law does not help in the accurate interpretation of the technical solution to be a decent base of the invention and may not accurately and uniquely identify significant features of the uniquely complex and better reflect the novelty of innovative qualities and characteristics of the new product
Judge Lucy Koh (Lucy Koh), which considers the patent lawsuit Apple and Samsung in the United States, expressed the hope that the company will go for a truce, reports Associated Press.
"I think it's time the world's truce" - said Koch on Thursday, December 6, at the hearing in San Jose, which was attended by lawyers of the two companies. "It (the truce - a comment." Heathcliff ") will be a boon for consumers, for the industry and for the parties," - she added.
Samsung lawyer Charles Verhoeven (Charles Verhoeven) said that his company is ready to hold talks with Apple on the settlement of the conflict. Apple spokesman Makayhinni Harold (Harold McElhinny) that desire is not expressed at the hearing.
August 24, 2012 an American jury sentenced Samsung to pay compensation in the amount of 1.049 billion dollars to Apple for illegal use of company developments Tim Cook (at the beginning of this article readers will have the opportunity to verify the worth of such sentences, which are presented on the basis of something that is a set of different options innovative verbiage, not just these technical solutions, in which cause and effect make it clear how the goal is achieved or the perfect end result - it is a technical rather than commercial).
Lucy Koh will consider applications that Apple and Samsung sent to court after the verdict in August 2012. So, Apple insists on the introduction of the U.S. ban on the sale of 26 smartphones and tablets Samsung.
The South Korean company, in turn, seeks to reduce compensation or holding a new trial.
At the hearing, which lasted about four hours, Koch said that the decision on the case of Apple and Samsung it will make in the next few weeks.
Apple and Samsung, the two largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, are due to patent litigation in April 2011. The company Tim Cook accuses Samsung of copying the iPhone and iPad appearance and user interface elements.
Proceedings are conducted in several countries. In some courts, managed to get the win Samsung: so, a British judge Colin Beers (Colin Birss) said that the tablets Samsung "not as cool" as the iPad, and on that basis denied accusations of copying Apple (although after impartial acquaintance with these devices can be clearly and definitely to the conclusion that the Samsung devices in the technical level are much higher than devices Apple).
After much thought, the court ruled largely stunned Apple lawyers and gives confidence to the inventors that a turnaround in the assessment of Apple inventions implemented on the basis of real and correct reading of the new patent law
California Judge Lucy Koh (Lucy Koh) rejected the request on the introduction of Apple in the U.S. ban on the sale of devices Samsung, reports Associated Press.
Tim Cook claimed the company to stop selling the country's twenty-six sets Samsung, which violate its patents. Violations of patents established in August jury trial.
Koch, arguing the verdict, said that "phones (Samsung - ca." Heathcliff ") have a wide range of functions, and only a small part of these functions is subject to patents Apple".
"Apple is interested to apply certain features as exclusive - said the judge. - But this does not mean that the market should be cleaned only whole foods because of their many functions is more protected."
It makes sense to dwell on the significance of this truly revolutionary solutions, inventor of the decision to mean that the choice is made in favor of integrative technical solutions, which is protected associated causality all the many features of any product innovation
At the same time, Koch did not accepted the request to begin Samsung in the case of patent infringement new trial. Korean company has found that sympathetic foreman Apple, and to question the objectivity of the decision.
A jury decided that the device Samsung violated five patents Apple, and the Korean company was sentenced to pay compensation in the amount of 1.05 billion U.S. dollars. Verdict rendered August 24, 2012.
In the course of proceedings between Apple and Samsung Koch, who is the presiding judge, a ban on the sale of the two products in the U.S. Korean company - Galaxy Nexus smartphone and tablet Galaxy Tab, - but then these bans were lifted (the success of these products in the U.S. market confirms that that exacting American buyer has confirmed the correctness of the judge).
The consequences of all these patent wars, and most importantly lack of understanding of the importance of integrative Apple patents, and of course, the lack of professionals able to organize, create appropriate solutions and implement an integrative process of patenting is not long in coming
Apple tech stocks in early trading January 14, 2013 fell from 520.3 to 499.8 dollars. Thus, the decline was almost four percent, quotes fell to a minimum of 11 months.
As of 19:30 Moscow Shares of iPhone trading at 503.4 dollars.
Apple stock fell after posting a decline in demand for iPhone 5. January 13 The Wall Street Journal reported, citing unnamed sources, that the company is reducing orders for parts for this model due to weak demand.
In particular, according to sources, the publication, Apple has reduced orders for touch screens in January-March, almost double compared to the amount that was previously planned to order.
The publication concludes that these figures show a decrease in demand for the iPhone amid competition from devices based on Android, made by Samsung and other companies.
In addition, a fall in orders for parts for the iPhone written Japanese Nikkei.
Along with that of a possible decline in demand for iPhone has already appeared earlier. In particular, such a scenario at the end of last year predicted a Chinese newspaper Digi-Times, as well as banks Jefferies, UBS, Citibank, Susquehanna.
According to International Data Corporation (IDC), in the third quarter of 2012, the share of iPhone in the smartphone market was 14.6 per cent, while in the fourth quarter 2011 and first quarter of 2012 and the figure was 23 percent. The share of Samsung, by contrast, has increased - from 8.8 percent in the third quarter of 2010 to 31.3 percent in the third quarter of 2012.

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