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TRIZ and modern interdisciplinary technology, biotechnology and genetic engineering elements: reality and illusion (continued, part 10 ,- role of the Internet)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

Innovative world can be divided into two phases, before the rise of the Internet and post-Internet

Thirty years of running the Internet as the current system is celebrated on the first day of the new year in the U.S.. January 1, 1983 all of the computers that were part of a network of ARPANET (the network management of research programs the Pentagon) were transferred to the protocols TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol - "Transmission Control Protocol" and "Internet Protocol"). This was the birthday of the Internet.

Vinton Cerf, the author of the project, highlights of this event is its applied aspect: the fact that in 2013 and have another anniversary - conceptual.
In 1973, Cerf, along with his co-author, Robert Kahn wrote and presented the first theoretical work on how to establish interconnection communication in virtual space. Thus, in the coming new year, "and we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of preliminary design Internet," - he said.

Retroactively Surf surprised at how quickly the Internet was "picked up" and received international distribution.

"Most of all I am struck by the amount of information that people share on the network without any benefit to themselves - just based on the understanding that this information may be useful to someone else," - said one of the "founding fathers" of the network. "An avalanche of information", according to him, has stimulated the creation of mass computer applications, including "search engines" and "browsers", and eventually led to the appearance of the "World Wide Web", a concept proposed Briton Tim Berners-Lee.

Now, according to Cerf, Internet access are about three billion people from about seven billion people on earth.

But the "web" is not covered by all the States, and the speed of the network is poor in some places. Specialist now working in Google, which believes that the work he has ahead no end, according to U.S. media.
Using the Internet is now an inventor can greatly accelerate the process of formation of innovative technical solutions, but it is not the most important aspect of the principle of novelty of the situation that has arisen with innovative Internet tools
Just in 1973, just a year of publication of the first theoretical work on the principles of organization and logistics of Internet, there was an additional 10 receptions eliminating technical contradictions
Try to analyze the relevance of these techniques in the modern innovation process
Additional list of Techniques for Eliminating Engineering Contradictions
In addition to 40 receptions, which was a large statistics (80-100 strong examples of application), the beginning of the 70's and has accumulated a number of techniques with lower statistics.
In 1973, he was drafted and sent help for 10 additional techniques. Now - with the resumption of work on techniques due to the fact that the conditions and in the presence of intellectual tools the Internet fundamentally changed - it makes sense to go back to the old list, fill examples, use this material in the development of a new system techniques.
41. Using the pause
One action "inserted" in the pause another action.

AS 244,357. Way to purge the liquid metal through a lance with a pulsed supply of oxygen, OTCHTS (abbreviation: "characterized in that in order to" - approx. Official GS Altshuller Foundation) reducing the temperature of the reaction zone and reduce the dust, in the intervals between the supply of oxygen is blown into the inert gas or air.

AS 267,772. Way to study the process of arc welding with the optional illuminator OTCHTS combining observations as for the arc itself, and the processes of melting and transfer of electrode metal, an additional light source brightness varies periodically from zero to eternity, above the brightness of the arc.

Shooting arcs are the pauses, when turn off the lights, with additional illumination of the metal transfer, obtain alternate footage, combine the projection.

AS 302,625. Way to control the health of the thermocouple by heating it and check the circuit thermal emf., OTCHTS reduce testing time, heat the thermocouple periodic current pulses, and in between check for thermal emf.

AS 336,120. Way to automatically control the thermal cycle resistance spot welding, mostly parts of small thickness, based on the measurement of the thermal emf., OTCHTS improve control precision welding of high frequency pulses, measured thermal emf. in the intervals between pulses of welding current.

AS 510,337. Method of arc welding with magnetothermal processing to hold the molten metal weld pool, which through the workpiece, is placed in a pulsed magnetic field that passes DC, OTCHTS eliminate the effect of magnetic field on the welding arc and holding molten metal puddle magnetic field pulsed arc welding, magnetic field is included in the intervals between pulses of welding current.

AS 778,981. The method of electrochemical machining pulse operating current with the induction heater in their processing, OTCHTS performance, induction heating is carried out in the intervals between the pulses of the operating current.
42. PRINCIPLE OF multistage
The efficiency of the increasing use by successive groups of similar objects.


AS I26 079. Way to increase speeds turbodrills, OTCHTS increase the speed of the turbine rotor for the admissible values of the flow rate of the working fluid, turbodrill up of several sections so that the shaft of the turbine rotor is attached to the first section of the third section of the turbine housing, etc., with the rate rotor shaft rotation increases from the first to the next.

AS 160,700. Blasting borehole in which the destruction of the rocks on the bottom of the well the successive explosions of charges of liquid explosives OTCHTS reduce the consumption of liquid explosives, the latest blow in the hole previously drilled borehole axis smaller charges.

AS 329,084. Method of cleaning a conveyor belt with mechanical purifier OTCHTS eliminate the possibility of dust, conveyor belt pre-treated foam.

AS 338,457. Way transport of dust-raising materials on the conveyor using dustproof means OTCHTS reduce dust during transportation of the material, its dust-proof cover with a layer of foam.

AS 412,970. A method of supplying lubricant processing tool, in particular stamps, with a gas, preferably air, OTCHTS improve the service processing tool and reduce the consumption of lubricating grease before serving tool froth.

AS 645,787. Electric soldering iron, containing a hollow body with universal tip and electric heater OTCHTS simplify the design soldering iron, increasing the efficiency and service life, free of the housing is filled with a mass of foam.

AS 995,916. Method of cleaning tanks for the storage of flammable products by filling the tank inert atmosphere and mechanical removal of deposits under a layer of inert atmosphere, OTCHTS simplify the process at the same time increasing its security, as the inert medium used gazomehanicheskuyu foam.
a) The difficulties associated with the manufacture of the object, overcome by making the part of the object separately and adding it to the main part of the manufactured object.

b) Box only for the time of manufacture of the object, and then removed (this subspace is close to the reception number 34).


AS 182,661. A method of manufacturing thin-walled tubes of nichrome, including drawing and intermediate annealing in a vacuum, get OTCHTS tubing wall thickness of about 0.01 mm, while ensuring tolerance deviations in wall thickness, within 0.002-0.003 mm and increase yield, drawing on the latest finishing operations performed on wrought aluminum rod is removed after etching treatment with alkali.

AS 186,658. The method of manufacturing of hollow glass by compression molding of glass in a matrix of using core OTCHTS form a cylindrical cavity and avoid its bore, into the glass pressed into the core with a pre-heated glass tube having a composition identical to the composition of the product.

AS 831,201. The method of manufacturing the core box, which includes a reference to the connection model frame with a gap between them on the thickness of the top layer, filling the gap hardening material and the separation of the reference model after hardening of the top layer, improving OTCHTS rods without (mold slope for the standard model, with minimal deviations the gap between the frame and the model is filled with low-melting-standard material and then removing it from the box office at the bar.
Internet in this method or technique now plays a major role, as with any Internet can be a necessary component to check its maximum efficiency throughout the design process, and it allows you to exclude from the first signs of patent claims, already successfully realizovapnnye in design and principle circuit components, and second to focus on the more general and encompassing a wider technological innovation sector basic distinguishing features

Using a combination of two similar objects with different quantitative characteristics, you can get a new effect (eg, bi-metal blade; beats due to the addition of two vibrations, etc.).


AS 304,461. Load cell comprising a base and two flat tenzoreshetki same configuration, new one on the other so that their projections on a common basis coincide OTCHTS improve measurement accuracy, tenzoreshetki made of materials with different coefficients of Gage and incorporated into the adjacent arm of the bridge measurement circuit.

AS 325,543. A method for measuring the concentration and molecular weight of relaxing liquids, based on the measurement of the concentration and molecular weight on the viscosity OTCHTS improve measurement accuracy, measure the dynamic viscosity of the liquid under investigation by two vibratory viscometer operating at different frequencies.
46. Explosives and gunpowder
Replace certain parts of the explosives or propellants, after the introduction of flammable objects in tight spaces.


U.S. Patent 32281153. Proposed explosive anchors for power lines, radio towers, etc. The device is immersed to the required depth drilling rig. Explosive charge in the device, creates a cavity in the ground and firmly secured cavity sliding feet anchorage.

AS 334,348. Method of sealing element joints type of stack panels by placing the butt of the polymer composition, mixed with the pore-forming material OTCHTS remote process control sealing seam is placed into the cavity mixed with pore-forming material and filler resin composition, which is then heated directly in the cavity of the joint inflammation by pledged there a pyrotechnic material.

(Would be more accurate to speak not only about the assembly, but also about other activities on the water, and today we can say in general about the fluids).


AS 343,898. A method of manufacturing a solid metal shell, such as airships, including the operation mounted shell and fill it with gas lift, OTCHTS avoid costly adaptations - stocks and forests, mounting on a floating pontoon in the water from which the build team as part of the shell is lowered into the water by turning it around horizontal axis while longitudinal displacement, ensuring its horizontal axis, for example, the float with the suspension of adjustable length.

AS 932,349. Stand for testing vehicles. Wheels are on cylindrical rollers - to move into place. Rollers located on the float in the pool with water. This allows you to simulate the road irregularities.
48. "Bag of the vacuum"

AS 271,860. Method of determining the plastic deformation in the study of hot metal forming using a grid marked on the sample surface, OTCHTS improve the accuracy of plastic deformation, the shell made of plastic material, the sample is placed, an internal volume of the container is evacuated and after loading the sample observed forming grid printed on the surface of the shell,

AS 306,978. A method of producing images on the surface of any configuration, which consists in the fact that the surface for printing the images, cover by spraying a layer of photoresist layer drying produce and exhibit a flexible negative, OTCHTS improved image quality and simplifying the process of play, before exposing film placed upon surface for printing the images, and to reach out to her by her placement in a sealed transparent plastic case and the subsequent creation of a vacuum inside.

AS 340,576. Way to prevent movement of bulk cargo in the hold of the vessel by pressing the free surface of the load, OTCHTS reduce time spent on the operation of pressing, the free surface of an elastic cargo cover gasket sealing cargo space, which then creates a vacuum, providing the pressing by the atmospheric pressure.

49. Dissociation-Association

This method can be seen as a "division-union" at the molecular level. "The dissociation-association" stronger "division-union." It allows the substance, when necessary, to bifurcate, and when we must again turn into one compound.


AS 282,342. Use as a working fluid for circuits binary cycle power plant of chemical reagents which dissociate when heated with heat absorption and a decrease in molecular weight and recombining when cooled to its original condition.

AS 224,743. The two-phase working medium compressor heat power plants, consisting of gas and fine particles of solid OTCHTS additional compression of gas in the refrigerator compressor, and further expansion of the heater, as the solid sorbents used with total or selective absorptive capacity.

AS 237,491. Way to protect the cooling element, for example. turbine blades, from the effects of high-speed gas flow by applying a protective coating on them, OTCHTS increase reliability and durability by providing resistance protective coating surface of the pre-treated to bring to her rough edges, then it is applied to natural or artificially introduced refractory components of the workflow with the maintenance of the desired thickness of the coating due to the dynamic equilibrium, and dynamic balance above a given thickness of the coating is provided both by melting the outer surface of the coating, as well as by the use of destructive influences, and with decreasing thickness - due to sedimentation of the stream. (Simply: blade made of rough, and dimples themselves began to arrest the flow of solid particles).
Among the new innovative features, along with an extremely positive aspects and added a few curious aspects, today brings a smile profane or bewilderment, but it makes a very serious thought initiators of innovation race
As it became known yesterday at Cambridge University will be opened by global risks (CSER). Employment specialists will examine the risk of a robot uprising. Special attention will be paid to threats such as climate change, nuclear war and uncontrolled development of biotechnology.

At the head of the research team, which will be operational in 2013, will be a professor of philosophy at the University of Cambridge, and Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics Martin Rees and co-founder of Skype YaanTallinn.

Scientists believe that the time will come when robots and computers will be smarter than humans.

Then we can be at the mercy of "machines that are not malicious, but whose interests do not include us."

"There is a mismatch between the public perception of various risks and real danger.

We are extremely concerned about the presence of carcinogens in food emergencies, but forget about the low-probability events with global implications ", - said Martin Rees.

It is worth noting that, according to Rice, humanity risks cease to exist as early as 2100.

Subject uprising of intelligent machines has long been one of the central issues in science fiction. Films such as "The Matrix" and "Terminator" represent enslavement of mankind by robots and artificial intelligence systems. Such a system Skynet, which appears in the films of the series, "Terminator", was developed by the U.S. military.

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