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Profits from the use of patents in the world increased from $ 3 billion in 1982 to 120 billion dollars in 2003
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Score projections of computer technology in terms of innovative specialist (continued, the sixth articles)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

As always at the end of the calendar year of specialists and experts predict possible ways of further development of engineering and technology
Since most rapidly in the past year have developed all the technology in some degree related to computers, it is natural to focus on the greatest projected development of computer technology
These projections all see their sectoral interest - designers extension functions in machine design, production - expanding opportunities for the active control of various process variables, doctors - expanding opportunities for the diagnosis and application, and so on
Certainly the most complete forecast can only submit a diversified large companies with unlimited resources to fund research in these areas
In this regard, IBM forecasts are most important, since no known company in the world can not be compared in terms of features with IBM and its research units and ienzhenernymi
IBM introduced another forecast The Five in Five. In it the company nominates five trends that, in its view, would prevail in computer technology over the next five years.
In the list of The Five in Five list for the year 2012 trend coincides with the list of feelings that people can experience. IBM predicts that computers will be endowed with hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch.
"Hearing" to enable computers to decipher the sounds of the world - so, utilities for the trees creak in the wind will be able to determine if there is a risk of collapse. Phones endowed "human ears", will be sound picture where there is a person. For example, if the device determines that the owner is in a conference or in a movie theater, it will go into silent mode.
"Vision" gives a computing device the ability to recognize objects in photos and videos. Doctors will be able to use this skill to learn computer radiographs and tomograms, advertisers - to determine the user's interests on the placed them on the web photos, emergency services - for the analysis of materials from the scene.
"Taste" of the IBM Research is the ability of computers to analyze the chemical composition of the food and give recipes that are optimal for the individual in terms of nutritional value.
"Olfaction" Nadel computer sensors, which, for example, a person will analyze exhaled air to do it by finding of the body of disease.
"Touch" will allow your computer or mobile phone to convey the texture of the object, which is currently in a different location, using, for example, vibration screen. The technology can be used in Internet commerce: the buyer can "feel" the fabric shirt before ordering.
Forecast The Five in Five IBM released annually since 2007. Composing it, the company is based on market research and their own development. Every trend in a separate article - it says fellow IBM, specializing in research in this area.
This prediction opens up prospects for the inventors of the world to switch to the most promising themes and especially the technique of sensors working in real time
As an example of this kind of technology can lead patent applique theme of which is non-contact remote control of liquids in pipelines, and not only
For those interested bring information about this application:
United States Patent Application 20120029845
Kind Code A1
Flider; Gennadiy; et al. February 2, 2012
According to some embodiments, an apparatus and method are provided for detecting the composition of a fluid. An alternating electromagnetic field may be applied to the fluid and distortions in the electromagnetic field are compared with predetermined, expected distortion "signatures" for particular components at particular concentrations. The presence and concentration of the components in the fluid may be detected by detecting these distortion signatures.
Inventors: Flider; Gennadiy; (San Francisco, CA); Livschits; Gabreal; (San Francisco, CA)
Serial No.: 154280
Series Code: 13
Filed: June 6, 2011

Using the apparatus shown in the application you can get information in real time from any pipeline virtually unlimited distance, and this fact allows us to take all actions necessary to control the process, using the latest computer technology
The most advanced methods of control and monitoring in real time firmly part of everyday life
It is especially important to follow the development of these technologies in the agriculture, livestock and fully automated and robotic dairy farms
In the most well-equipped complex of this type is usually virtually no strict limitation of feed for dairy cows, but this is a positive factor and the problematic side, due to a change of metabolism of cows that may arise from excessive feeding
In this case, a request for a commercial solution is innovative control pH in the stomach of a cow in real time
Capsules, which are currently used to solve problems of this level can not
Innovative approach to solving this problem will create an invention that meets the full range of specifications and standards for non-contact monitoring of acidity in the stomach of a cow in real time

Here is a computer model capsule constructed according to the invention and intended for that. that would control test technology in the laboratory prior to the transfer of the field testing of cattle dairy farms

Now fast forward to very close to the area of computer technology telephone
If you're used to just talk on the phone, get ready for a radical change. IBM employees have shared their views on what would be the computer in 2018: according to them, this will have all five senses, "- says Mark Prigg in The Daily Mail.

"Tactile and infrared technology will better enable the touch screen and vibration to the point that they will be able to simulate the sense of touch" - leads the author word IBM Chief Technologist Bernard Meyerson.

"Today, we are entering the era of cognitive computing systems - the machines that help us to think. One of the most intriguing aspects of this technological shift - that we can share with some computer skills of the right hemisphere of the human brain" - quoted scientist Mark Prigg.

"But the point is not to replicate the human brain - emphasizes Meyerson. - Machines will think more rationally and analytically. We will give them the ability to judgment, compassion, creativity, and moral principles."

"In such diverse fields as health care, retail, and agriculture, with the system can" view "to gather information and detect anomalies according to the task at hand - for example, to allocate a tiny area of damaged tissue in the MRI and make this information in the patient" - the head of the research sector IBM Robin Schwartz.

"Sensors that perceive the sound images and change frequency will recognize the fragility of the bridge before it collapses and to better understand the reason why your child is crying," - assesses the importance of the computer "hearing" Head of Intelligent Information Management John Smith.

The ability to distinguish the taste of the gadget "works: it will calculate the" ideal "course, using an algorithm to create a recipe that combines the favorite flavors and optimal absorption of nutrients," - said IBM Researcher Dmitry Kanevsky.

"When you call a friend and tell how things work, your phone will know the story in full. Sensors soon identify odors and their chemical and biomarkers, even molecules that say about the state of your health. Similar recognition technology odor signaled a violation of hygiene in the operating , on the state of the soil or sanitation system of the city "- leads the publication of speech researcher IBM Lava Varshni.
All great ideas emerging in the movement of the innovation process may well remain ideas if these ideas are not supported by professional developers of new materials and composites
Here is an example of this invention, which paves the way for hundreds of thousands of business ideas, the implementation of which requires intense heat and no less intense scattering of current pulses:
United States Patent Application 20120040166
Kind Code A1
Livschits; Gabreal; et al. February 16, 2012
Composite Material, Method of Manufacturing and Device for Moldable Calibration
Composite materials and methods and systems for their manufacture are provided. According to one aspect, a composite material includes a collection of molded together multilayer capsules, each capsule originally formed of a core and shell. The shell, after a plastic deformation process, forms a pseudo-porous structure, with pores locations containing the capsule cores. The cores are made of a material, eg, synthetic diamond, which is harder than the external shell, which can be formed of, eg, a ductile metal such as copper. The composite material has high thermal and / or electrical conductivity and / or dissipation.
Inventors: Livschits; Gabreal; (San Francisco, CA); Flider; Gennadiy; (San Francisco, CA)
Serial No.: 108597
Series Code: 13
Filed: May 16, 2011

... to be continued ...

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