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TRIZ and modern interdisciplinary technology, biotechnology and genetic engineering elements: reality and illusion (continued, part four)

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

In its period of active development (80 years of the last century), these flaws and mistakes successfully compensated enthusiastic supporters of TRIZ. However, the existing flaws of TRIZ and TRIZ care of the crisis production of its main developers who can see these shortcomings have led to stagnation in the development of theory. This in my opinion is the main reason that over the past decade in the TRIZ nothing new has appeared worthy of serious attention.
1. The principle of crushing
• divide the object into independent parts;
• Perform object folding;
• Increase the degree of fragmentation of the object.
The criterion of independence of parts into which it is recommended to divide the object in modern machines and devices to perform nearly impossible
If we take into account the fact that the latest innovative objects often represent an integrative combination of apparatus, systems, software and method, is definitely clear that all parts or components of the object to some extent tied to these elements
Following this logic, it turns out that if you want to achieve full autonomy and independence of the parts of an object, you need to give each part as specified, - the apparatus, system, program and method that, given the requirement of patent law of the indivisibility of the subject matter and knowing the design principles repetition of the meaninglessness of all structural, programmatic, technological and algorithmic features identified in the process of division of the object into parts, in each part, making this method less useful as harmful
Methods of modern design innovation - is fully integrated and the principle of fragmentation is likely to turn into a principle of selection of autonomous functional components of the object to the horizontal and vertical integration kompanovochnoy
Because in the modern innovation process pure invention does not exist, then at least one of the elements of integration should be the principle of commercial expediency for horizontal integration and innovative principle of universality in various technological categories, not always at first sight logically related to each other - for vertical integration
Theory and algorithm for solving inventive problems were created during, and in a situation where, at any rate, in the Soviet economic system, there was no universal standardized production of structural and technological components
This is a principal difference between a modern machine design and design and existed at the time the theory and algorithms of inventive problem solving techniques and design criteria
2. The principle of making
• separated from the object "interfering" part ("nuisance" property);
• select only the desired part (the desired property).
Imagine that you are working with a deeply integrated element that is naturally no unnecessary parts and disturbing, as it is in any form of analysis is contrary to the principles of optimality
Everyone who has ever tried to optimize the design and operation of any facility of innovation, which includes all the necessary components for optimal performance, realizes that separated from the object interferes with any part, you will radically change the working and technical characteristics of the object and break it compositional harmony and, of course, optimality
At the end of interfering components will have to return to the system of object and process optimization will lead to re-
Organizationally it can increase the time for the project on the order and the fact that at the time of the founders of the theory of inventive problem solving was normal, that is, the duration of the development could be calculated for years, now is not acceptable, as the development time, with computer design techniques and stimulation not can exceed several weeks, or even less
3. The principle of local quality
• change from the homogeneous structure of the object (or the external environment, external influence) to the inhomogeneous;
• Different parts of an object must have (do) different functions;
• The part of the object should be in the conditions most favorable for its operation.
It is natural for an object to be created the conditions most favorable for
Naturally different parts or components of the object must have and of course have different functions, but to change the principle of local quality by forming a homogeneous structure of the object instead of a certain non-uniform background or composition can not really help in the formation of the optimal object
4. Asymmetry Principle
• switch from symmetric to asymmetric shape of the object;
• If an object is asymmetrical, increase the degree of asymmetry.
You can not always ignore the symmetry of the object and go from symmetric to asymmetric shape, all design techniques, all engineering programs focus on maximizing symmetry, but not vice versa
If an object has a certain place or a certain asymmetry, it is not clear as it can help in the optimization of an object or a new object, or even increased exaggerated asymmetry? As this factor can influence the performance and application properties of the object?
5. The principle of association
• Connect the uniform or to be related operations facilities;
• combine in time homogeneous or contiguous operations.
If an object has homogeneous components that duplicate each other's functions, their connection will not help to achieve the object of improving its qualities and characteristics
Combining similar or related operations require changing the algorithm and processor reprogramming facility, which in today's environment is almost impossible
6. The principle of universality
• object performs several different functions, eliminating the need for other facilities.
In this situation, it is clear and valid questions about the appropriateness of the target function that is common to other objects
Who needs it, who will go that would combine in a single product, such as instrument, the functions of other instruments
Apply such a tool could still only one operator, and if at the same time it is necessary to use a new feature, inherent in the invention, it is necessary to have one such tool that is commercially such an invention is of no use and will not be supported by investors
7. The principle of "Matryoshka"
• One object is placed inside the other, which in turn is within the third, and so on;
• one object passes through a cavity in the other object.
If the super object is composed of sub-objects are one within the other or one object passes through a cavity in the other site, the conclusion suggests the autonomy and independence of each of the objects - and then we can assume that each of these objects are so independent and original, which is subject of independent invention
8. Principle antivesa
• offset the weight of the object with another compound having the lift;
• offset the weight of the object interaction with the environment (due to aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forces).
Balancing and balancing among the most important methods of calibration and adjustment innovative facilities and all modern versions of computer design programs do this automatically, so help them by hand does not make sense
9. The principle of prior antideystviya
• give advance facility voltage opposing unacceptable or undesirable operating voltage;
• if the conditions of the problem is necessary to make what that action should be pre-commit antideystvie.
With the modern design process all the pre-settlement is estimated to optimize strength, temperature, and other parameters are made using design programs, such optimization is performed by the computer quickly and optimally
10. The principle of prior actions
• pre-perform the requested action (fully or partially);
• pre-arrange the objects so that they can take effect without the cost and time to deliver the most convenient location.
In computer engineering in almost all such programs and purposes it is possible to stimulate and simulate the working of the object, so that as a rule these operations necessarily include all possible variants and versions of actions and functions of the object
11.Printsip "pre-planted pillows"
• compensate for the relatively low reliability of an object by means of pre-prepared emergency.
From the point of view of modern relationships investors and inventors it is clear that the low reliability of the facility safely and securely closes this object way to the market
No compensation is actually nothing compensate only absolutely reliable and workable construction defines a real commercial success of the object
12.Printsip equipotential
• change the working conditions so as to not have to raise or lower the object.
If the principles of operation of the facility include static operating conditions, it is natural does not make sense the same object to lift or lower, or vice versa, if the object works in a developed or local dynamic mode, the changes in the working conditions of the object not only lead to the optimization of its operating cycle, but any object can not do the job
13.Printsip "contrary"
• Instead of an action dictated by the conditions of the problem, implement the opposite effect;
• to make a moving object or part of the environment fixed and fixed - moving;
• flip the object "upside down", to turn him.
If the object has a base for its duty cycle is the algorithm and the system of management and control the duty cycle of this object is sewn in a software processor, the implementation of reverse action requires a complete change in the algorithm and thus reprogramming the processor, which is almost impossible either for financial reasons or for highly competitive circumstances of globalization
14.Printsip spheroidal
• change from straight to curved parts from flat surfaces to spherical, from parts made in the form of a cube and the box to ball designs;
• use rollers, balls, spiral;
• move from linear motion to rotary motion, use centrifugal force.
If we consider the transition from the straight parts of the spherical and curved from the point of view of production, even with the latest treatment methods for machining centers with digital control, it is clear to any expert, that there may be an order of magnitude more expensive process
Also, the transition from linear to rotary motion leads to additional kinematic problem that worsens as the systematic design and performance of the product
15.Printsip dynamic
• the characteristics of the object (or the environment) should be modified so as to be optimal at each stage;
• divide the object into parts that can move relative to each other;
• if the object is stationary in general, make it moving, moving.
The most successful, based on the concepts of modern art are just objects in which the cycle is carried out without any moving parts or elements
Naturally any object should be optimal for your operation; Applying split-object into parts that can move relative to each other, it is necessary to keep the logic of the above will ensure the best parts of each of these
Not to mention the fact that the provision of local optimality is very expensive and not always possible process at all in such a situation, the creation of autonomous optimal components or parts can move relative to each other, and if so - then and independent of each other - is the creation of each piece as independent and the best invention that is at odds with the existing patent regulations

To be continued ....

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