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The state should see the benefits of human capital — knowledge, intellectual property, ideas — before the oil, gas, metal and real estate: in contrast to the natural resources human potential has the ability to accumulate.
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Complex integral indicators, as a factor for evaluating performance of innovative technologies

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

Developers of special technological equipment and metrological support to him constantly faced with problems of its characterization and qualification of key operating parameters

These problems are compounded by the fact that present in modern equipment complex combinatorial system, connecting to a single set of diverse actuators and aggregates is difficult to describe with what is one important indicator determining the efficiency, accuracy and reliability, too many overlapping functional relationships, and different criteria may be too assess the adequacy and effective operation of all elements of design, executive and control systems

Recently, in various industrial fields, medicine and technology industry have appeared examples of the application for such an assessment and characterization of complex integrative indicators by which, such as medical equipment can get more analytically - diagnostic functions;

These new capabilities in medical technology are generally highly valued by the investment community;

Since a large Irish company for the production of medical equipment Covidien announced the acquisition of Israeli company Oridion. The cost of the transaction - 346 million dollars, 72% more expensive than the market price on the stock exchange in Zurich at the time of its conclusion.

Israeli biomedical company has developed a methodology for monitoring Oridion breathing patients, based on the amount of exhaled carbon dioxide.

Approved by the U.S. Agency for Medicines Control (FDA) integrated pulmonary index (IPI), based on evidence generated Oridion devices, has been successfully used by doctors for rapid assessment of the patient.

It is a comprehensive index and lung have before us a comprehensive integrated indicator

As part of our analysis follow the path of gradual complication of functional tasks and the miniaturization of objects of study

As an object for the study will take high-tech product of mass consumption
So Google has begun testing augmented reality glasses, according to The New York Times. Photos published in the social network score Google +.

Judging from the photos, the prototype points does not have glasses. The device is a ring, which is retained on the head with the bindings from the nose and temples. On the contrary the right eye are tiny transparent screen and the camera, which looks in the direction "from the user."

Technical characteristics of the glasses does not result in Google, but presumably, they built speakers, microphone and GPS and Wi-Fi.

An example of the use of glasses is shown in the video "Project Glass: one day." The device informs the user of incoming messages, like appointments and helps to get to the right place, displaying a map with directions. A man communicates with the glasses with voice commands.

All information "superimposed" on an image of reality, what the user sees his own eyes, not overshadow it. The technology of introducing virtual objects in a picture of the real world is called "augmented reality".

It is possible that the camera in the glasses is not only used for photo and video, but also to analyze the situation. For example, when a man in the video looks out the window, you see the weather forecast.

In the social networks of the glasses Google + Google employees told Babak Parviz (Babak Parviz), Steve Lee (Steve Lee) and Tran Sebastian (Sebastian Thrun). They asked users to name the problem, which, in their opinion, should be able to carry the device.

According to The New York Times, for the development of navigation software for the points corresponds to Steve Lee, who had previously participated in the creation of service "Locator".

Sebastien Tran has been developing robotic machines that move without the "live" driver. Babak Parviz is one of the founders of the prototype contact lens augmented reality.

What the user sees and feels these points is also an integral multi-layered and multi-function indicator of user experience

The use of integrated indicators and benchmarking in the integration of advanced development and research may also help in assessing the results and provide a system for organizing influence future plans and modeling experiments

On this subject, an international team of researchers has created a quantum computer in diamond.

At the same time scientists were able to devise a way to protect his work from the influence of the environment. The work was published in the journal Nature.

In diamonds, besides carbon atoms, usually present as impurity atoms. The more impurities in the stone, the less it is valued, but scientists were needed they.

A quantum computer consists of two qubits - quantum bits. The role of one of them served as the nitrogen nucleus, and the other - the electron. More precisely, the qubits have their backs - the characteristics of the "spin" of subatomic particles.

Researchers have developed a method for isolating qubits from the environment by using microwave radiation, so that it does not lead to decoherence. According to the developers, this technology will increase the reliability of solid-state quantum computer and make them easier to scale.

The researchers confirmed the quantum behavior of the device, forcing him to perform Grover's algorithm. It is used when searching in an unstructured directory. For example, if you need to find someone in the phone book, knowing only his phone number. Classic computers to cope with such problems worse than the quantum.

The basis of the potential advantages of quantum computers are strange laws of quantum world. Where conventional computers consistently sorted out the various options, the quantum can give the result immediately.

This is because the quantum system can be simultaneously in different states. The investigator receives a response only when the measures the quantum system. The set of options "collapses" into a definite answer. He, however, can be considered valid only with a certain probability, but spending a lot of measurements, the possibility of errors can be virtually eliminated.

Such example is now possible to give many, that also allows the base to the preliminary finding and integrating the functions and targets in complex innovation projects

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