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The state should see the benefits of human capital — knowledge, intellectual property, ideas — before the oil, gas, metal and real estate: in contrast to the natural resources human potential has the ability to accumulate.
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Rospatent's News


Order of the Head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks on April 15, 2004 № 5/L A. D. Korchagin was appointed as Director of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.

In order to improve management of public registers of industrial property in the light of the amended law approved:

  • Conduct of the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation;
  • Conduct of the State Register of Utility Models of the Russian Federation;
  • Conduct of the State Register of Industrial Designs of the Russian Federation;
  • Conduct of the State Register of Trademarks and service marks of the Russian Federation;
  • Conduct of the State Register of Origins of Goods of the Russian Federation.

In order to bring the regulatory acts Rospatent in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation dated 23 September 1992 № 3520-T On Trademarks, Service Marks and Origin of Goods Rospatent order from 05.03.2004 № 33 amendments and additions to the Rules recognition of the trademark as well known in the Russian Federation in connection with the entry into force of 22.07.2003, the Rules of compiling, filing and consideration of application for a patent for utility model and 19.10.2003, the Regulations of drawing up, filing and processing of applications for invention patents, Rospatent order dated 31.03.2004, № 1943 approved the "Recommendations on the examination of applications for inventions and utility models".

In the section "Inventions and Utility Models" published Rospatent's newsletter from 19.03.2004 № 10/36-149/23 «regarding petition for a patent of the Russian Federation on applications for the issuance of protective documents on the Soviet secret invention and applications documents for patent of the Russian Federation for a secret invention received in the period from 10.02.2003 till 31.12.2003» and FIPS newsletter from 26.03.2004 № 3 «regarding requests for evidence for objective manifestations of the technical result».

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