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In any civilized country intellectual property rights should be as sacred and inviolable as the right to private property
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UNESCO announced the opening of an anti-piracy Internet site


23 of April - World's Book and Copyright Day. Its celebration contributed to the spread of knowledge, intellectual property protection and promotion of different forms of expressions of cultural diversity. On this Day, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova recalled the need to protect creative work and announced the beginning of the World anti-piracy Observatory.

"In an era of new forms of publishing, changes the very concept of the book, the conditions of its production and availability is especially important to remember that the further development of the book is impossible without respect for copyright", - the message of the head of UNESCO.

She said that UNESCO has recently established a "the World anti-piracy Observatory" - an open database on the Internet, containing information on national policies of Member States to combat piracy. "By collecting data, which were previously fragmented or simply not available. Observatory fills a gap", - stressed the representative of UNESCO Petya Tocharova.

Internet-base materials which will be regularly updated, will contain documents relating to the copyright legislation, covering news and events, as well as provide information on the latest practices in combating piracy in the world. The new website is available and free to copy materials relating to the methods of public awareness and capacity building of copyright protection.

It should be noted in this year's Centre Book and Copyright Day has become the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Each year a special committee reviews applications of cities of different countries on the title of World Book Capital. This program was launched by UNESCO in 2001 on the initiative of Madrid and publishers are now being supported by major international associations of book publishers.

At noon on April 23 the Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Jankovic raised the flag on the building of City Hall. In the Slovenian capital will be not less than 300 activities designed to cultivate a taste for reading, to expand access to books and more to acquaint the readership with a variety of literary genres and writers of different countries.

In 2011, the World Book Capital will be Buenos Aires (Argentina). Earlier, World Book Capitals were: Madrid, Spain (2001), Alexandria (Egypt, 2002), New Delhi, India (2003), Antwerp (Belgium, 2004), Montreal (Canada, 2005), Turin (Italy, 2006), Bogota (Colombia, 2007), Amsterdam (Netherlands, 2008) and Beirut (Lebanon, 2009).

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