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Russia gets the .РФ domain


Organization of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) approved a request by Russia the Cyrillic domain. Russia, said in a report published on the site Minkomsvyazi. Russia became the first country to receive the right to Cyrillic TLD.

April 22 at the board meeting of ICANN, which is responsible for allocating domain names have been approved for the delegation of the new country top level domains. Besides Russia, the domains in the national language will acquire Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Decision ICANN will implement procedures for the physical launch (raising) the root domain Technical Center IANA. The representative of the Coordination Center for TLD Julia Ovchinnikova told RIA Novosti that this procedure may take up to two months. In this case the approval of ICANN is the final step in creating domain zone .РФ.

We note that on 11 May completed the first phase of priority registration domains .РФ. On May 12, will enter into force a new location, which greatly expand the number of users who have the right to register domains.

Total Coordinating Council intends to conduct three phases of priority registration. It is planned that the preliminary application domains from the owners of trademarks and trade names, non-profit organizations and the media will cease to September 16, 2010.

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