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Students will help Warner Bros combat Internet piracy


The British division of Warner Bros. Entertainment has announced the recruitment of students for internships in the department to combat Internet piracy. Announcement (PDF) describing the vacancy has been posted on the site of the University of Manchester, says TorrentFreak.

Students should help Warner Bros. track the placement of links to a company's content in peering networks, files shares and Internet forums. Also, they will have to make new accounts on pirate's sites, helping to remove links to illegal content and lined to send warnings about copyright infringement.

Candidates have following requirements - they must have computer and Internet skills, have organizational skills and be sociable. The ideal candidate should have experience with peering protocol, as well as understand the principles of ftp-protocol, online forums and news groups.

Warner Bros. ready to offer students studying any discipline relevant to computer technology a one-year contract worth 17.5 thousand pounds. Reception jobs will be finished on March 31 and to the work of the students are supposed to begin in July 2010.

The owner of the company Warner Bros. Entertainment, which produces feature films, television programs and books, is a media holding Time Warner. It is known that actively fights against Internet pirates and independently distribute their own content online. In August 2009 the company entered into an agreement with YouTube to show video channels CNN and Cartoon Network. Under the agreement, YouTube will share with Time Warner part of the advertising revenue.

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