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Apple suing from cybersquatters 16 domain names


Apple in the last Friday through an arbitration procedure immediately suing 16 domain names containing a name of company. It is reported that all domains were registered by some Byjan Daniel, a resident of Los Angeles. Previously, this same man was found guilty of violating the rights to register domain names woth names of other companies, including Microsoft, Sony, IBM and Panasonic.

This time 16 domains were taken off from this young man by the decision of the arbitration committee of the World Intellectual Property Organization, which had previously been delegated the right to settlement of domain disputes on behalf of ICANN. Among the selected domains are such names as,,, and others.

As Apple notes that the young man illegally used trademarks, earned on these sites to mislead users of Apple.

According to lawyers, theoretically, a young man could make the complaince to Apple and compete for the domains, but this was not done.

source: CyberSecurity
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