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In Ukraine, on 01.10.2013 (from 1992) recorded 394423 documents of title to the OPS, including patents: 108167; inventions 83871; utility models and industrial design 25522; 176805 certificates for trademarks and service; 13 integrated circuit topographies; 20 Registrations QIoO and 25 certificates for the right to use the registered QIoO
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Theory and Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving and the environment, including biological methods for the regeneration of the environment

Andrew (Gabriel) Livshits

With the tightening of the requirements of environmental standards of all areas, the costs of their implementation are becoming more tangible, and it requires each manufacturer to go for the increase is not in production costs, which ultimately leads to the fact that such a law-maker losing the competition with the producer in Third World countries, where environmental standards are simply ignored

Also, it should be noted that the concept of environmental cleanliness in recent years have transformed and covers other than just - the environment, all possible factors, which though as that could affect the quality of life

Again it should be noted that TRIZ and ARIZ was also created in a time when the question of maintaining the ecological balance has not yet emerged
It is interesting to see how may influence, and has greatly influenced the need to comply with requirements of environmentally oriented standards for innovation

As it turned out innovations depend on the extent of their environmental safety in any industrial company, and even as an example, the world's largest company by market capitalization, namely the Apple

Next, a summary of this precedent:

... The authorities of San Francisco will stop buying desktop computers and Apple laptops because "apple" the company broke off cooperation with the environmental assessment system EPEAT, reports The Wall Street Journal.

EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) evaluates the impact of electronic devices on the environment in a number of criteria, including energy efficiency and recyclability.

Passed the test devices are provided with "gold" "silver" or "bronze" certificate.
In 2006, Apple has been involved in creating standards EPEAT, and later actively supported the project and sent for tests to their computers. EPEAT Standards do not apply to smartphones and tablets, so the iPhone and the iPad is not involved in the certification.
However, in June 2012 it was announced that the company withdraws from the EPEAT registry is certified devices (there are 39 pieces) and refuses to test new computers.

After this, the Department of Environmental Protection in San Francisco began sending in letters to local government agencies to stop buying PCs Apple.

The rationale for the denial was adopted in the 2007 rule. It prescribes the means to buy the city budget only those computers that are certified by EPEAT.

According to the Head of Information Services City of San Francisco John Walton (Jon Walton), the rejection of Apple computers is only "symbolic" step, since the proportion of these devices in local institutions is low and amounts to 1-2 per cent of the total number of computers. Words Walton leads The Wall Street Journal.

However, the refusal to cooperate with EPEAT Apple may affect the supply of computers to other customers who require equipment compliance EPEAT. Among these customers may, in particular, the federal government and universities.

The reason that the company Tim Cook refused to participate in the programs of EPEAT, were not disclosed. According to one version, does not meet the standards of EPEAT new MacBook with the display Retina, which Apple introduced in June.

Laptop battery is rigidly affixed to the body and can not be replaced. First, it complicates the utilization of the device, and second, means that the output of the battery fails the user will have to buy a new computer.

This factor shows the undeniable fact that many times the developers of the industry's richest companies in the world did not pay attention or did not understand the technical causes of the conflict and not analyzed or were unable to competently determine the ideal formulation of the final result of its new innovation

Incredible haste in which the masterpieces created by the commercial Apple, the lack of criteria for the formulation of future development and, most importantly the lack of professionals trained to accept the system of algorithms TRIZ and ARIZ, which together help to solve all the questions, here is the alleged cause of all problems, which, by the way , or incidentally detected only at the stage of testing

And as always, instead of clear technical answers to the questions of law to be an answer that has nothing to do with the way a professional technical report on the audit of the environmental parameters of the product:

... Apple spokeswoman Kristin Uge (Kristin Huguet) in an interview with The Loop noted that the company's products meet the international standard of energy efficiency Energy Star 5.2. Information on the impact of each product on the environment is hosted at Apple, she said.

High-tech industry begins its spiral development of the base software
It all starts with him, and as soon as he was ready to spontaneously rise to numerous applications, opening the way to market new and new products

In this connection it is interesting to take another look at the latest technical history connected with the operating systems

August 4, 2014 will a key event in the history of information technology. Officially, the end support for Microsoft Windows XP - perhaps the most popular operating system in history.

Windows XP will live a long life is unprecedented - 4729 days, or, what is even more significant, almost 410 million seconds. The peak of popularity came in November 2006. Then the market share of XP, according to W3Schools, amounted to nearly 75 percent.

Over the past ten years much has changed. In particular, Microsoft has released two new-generation user systems - Windows Vista and Windows 7. The latter is set to more than half of all computers, but even now the share of XP is a nostalgic 27 percent of the market.

Sadly, nostalgia is not always justify the use of obsolete items and products. For example, home users XP, loving the game, understand the difference between DirectX 9.0c or DirectX 11, not available to them. For business users who do not dare to say goodbye to Windows XP, the situation is serious.

Outdated system as outdated computer - a potential source of business risk. Your computer may be damaged. May lose important data. Outdated operating system for this has nothing to do - it only slows down the work of employees, making it over time, becoming less effective. For Windows XP, with all its beauty and popularity of the peak maximum efficiency for a long time passed. In other words, it is best to take care to move to a more modern system before August 2014.

As a replacement for Microsoft is offering businesses Windows 7 Professional, which, like Windows XP in the beginning of his ways, is already working with the vast majority of existing computers.

To run Windows 7 requires a very simple configuration: GHz processor, and gigabytes of RAM. It is difficult to find a computer that does not satisfy these requirements. Much the same had to be 6 years ago for Windows Vista; since the park is strongly PC update.

Bypasses the Windows 7 Windows XP, the compatibility with existing programs. But that is far better in the business version of the new system is mode Windows XP, which allows you to run even the old, poorly compatible with the new OS applications.
It is believed, though the new OS "brake" the previous ones. In the case of Windows 7, it is not. For example, Windows 7, can be loaded to 20 percent faster than Windows XP. Just as quickly she is able to shut down and "wake up".

Windows 7 easier. This is especially true enterprise network configuration, which can be a maddening users of older operating systems. But no small thing - Windows 7 thanks to the architecture and the active support is much better protected against external attacks than Windows XP.

Windows 7 is in many ways no less successful than XP. For example, a 50 percent stake in it is also crossed by only three years after the release. She is quite capable of becoming a long-liver, as well as her "grandmother."

The fact that Microsoft has set a deadline for the support which was published in 2009 of 2020. It is worth recalling that the cessation of support for Windows XP because of the product than a mere transferred several times. It can be assumed that the move to Windows 7 - a solution that will provide businesses with no problems running at least eight, but rather - for the next ten years.

From this pleasant memories of the historic, fast forward to the realities of innovation
As you know the software can not be the subject of the invention

That is the process of its creation as it was originally located outside the area of innovation in which the laws of technical systems, such as derivatives of the theory and algorithm of inventive problem solving

And it is quite clear explains the many discovered and not yet discovered the fundamental error in the creation of environmental applications of the most successful and innovative high-tech products

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