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Losses from software piracy in Russia calculated


International Association of Software (BSA) and research firm IDC estimated the amount of software piracy in 2009. In Russia part of pirated software dropped by one percent, but unlicensed applications continue to occupy about two-thirds of the market (67 percent), according to an official press release.

Damage from the use of unlicensed software in the country amounted to 2,6 billion dollars. For comparison, the commercial value of the illegally installed software in the world is equal to 51,4 billion dollars.

The overall level of piracy in the world grew by 2 per cent: the proportion of unlicensed software, thus reaching 43 percent. The main reason given was called the positive dynamic growth in the share of China, India and Brazil to market computer software.

The growing use of unlicensed software was registered in 19 states. Leaders in the level of piracy are Georgia, Moldova and Zimbabwe, with rates of more than 90 percent. However, in 54 out of 111 countries surveyed piracy rate declined.

According to IDC, the market volume of pirated computer applications is 75 per cent of the market volume of licensed software. Thus, for every thousand dollars earned from application vendors, pirates earn $ 750.

Previously it was reported that in 2009 Russia was recorded 7261 offense involving a violation of copyright to software. As a result of investigations into the Interior Ministry authorities added to court 3430 cases.

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