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Google banned the "Chinese sister" to use its logo


The American corporation has demanded from the Chinese search engine Goojje not to use the logo, similar to the Google logo to the point of confusion, according to Agence France-Presse. In case of failure to do so Google has promised to go to court.

Goojje search engine was launched by a group of Chinese developers headed by a student named Wen at the end of January 2010. The name is based on a quibble that arises when translating google and goojje into Chinese: they mean "elder brother Goo" and "elder sister Goo". Goojje creators called "big brother" to remain in China.

Earlier in January, Google announced its intention to withdraw from the Chinese market because of the suspicion that the hacker attack on the Chinese search engine unit was implemented with the support of secret services in China. The authorities deny this accusations.

Note that in September 2009, Google has patented design of its homepage, which mimiced by Goojje design.

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