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Fujitsu may start prosecution of Apple's brand "iPad"


According to lawyers, Apple could face legal actions from the Japanese computer manufacturer Fujitsu for the use of the trademark "iPad" as the name for its latest development - the Tablet PC with touch screen. The Japanese company said that since 2002, Fujitsu engaged and involved in the production of handheld computers under the brand name "iPad" and has all necessary documents to prove its rights to this title.

Fujitsu said that the company is currently reviewing a possible violation of the Apple and thinks about how to proceed. "At the moment we are discussing possible options with our lawyers on the brands. While we have no additional comments to the press", - said by Fujitsu.

Independent experts believe that from the start of sales under the previously announced brand name action Fujitsu Apple is unlikely to stop, and change its name to apple tablets company also likely will be gone. At the very least, Apple just buy up the rights to the trademark, especially since a similar experience with Apple already has: In 2007, the company has already settled his dispute with Cisco, which has previously produced software called "iPhone".

The computer "iPad" made by Fujitsu has 3,5-inch screen, runs on Intel-based operating system Windows Mobile. Also computer supports WiFi and Bluetooth. "iPad" sold as mobile device for managers and vendors, allowing real-time tracking of business data.

In the U.S., the Japanese company acquired the rights to the brand "iPad" in 2003, but here such a device was produced under the brand Mag-Tek. "They [Apple], perhaps they should contact us before a release, but we have no talks with Apple was not. Apple has taken a strange position", - said Edward Pennington, Fujitsu lawyer.

source: CyberSecurity
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