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In the world there are more than 5.8 million patents and daily fed 2 thousand patent applications , registered in Ukraine 86 thousand patents for inventions
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Russian Internet companies are trying to negotiate with copyright owners


On the eve representatives of the largest Internet companies and copyright holders have discussed a model agreement that describes the principles of interaction of both parties for the protection of copyright and related rights. The document was developed by non-commercial partnership to promote a legal market for music and audiovisual content on the Internet (NCP MAC).

One of the main objectives - to reduce the number of lawsuits from holders to service providers, says the founder of the online music store Soundkey Sonya Sokolova. For a complete legal framework for resolution of their disputes, no, explained CEO of TM IAC Sergei Bobza.

By signing the agreement, Internet companies will take a number of commitments. They will advance to inform users of non-infringement of copyrights and to warn them of the responsibility, and to remove pirated content from sites on demand holder. Agreements Internet companies with users should be spelled out that the company has the right to sever relations with the user (for example, to remove his account), if that host illegal content.

In addition, the finding on its website pirated content, the service provider is obliged to inform the affected right holder data place this file the user. This item has aroused strong objections from Internet companies. It may be in conflict with the law On personal data, said Vice President for Legal Affairs Maxim Bobin. There is another controversial issue - the obligation of sites not only to remove pirated files, but also to block links to them, leading to other sites. This suggests, in particular, the company Web Control, which monitors sites to order copyright holders (eg Hollywood studios).

In the negotiated agreement is a constructive basis, according to Director of Legal Affairs Yandex Ekaterina Fadeeva. But the requirement to delete references to Internet resources, in her opinion, impracticable: links posted on the Internet freely (eg, forums), to third-party sites hoster is irrelevant, while blocking the offending site, any links to it already useless.

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