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Officials revive the "Russkaya" vodka


State Holding Rosspirtprom resumes production of popular in the Soviet era vodka "Russkaya". The newspaper Kommersant wrote that in 1980 "Russkaya" was the best selling in the world: its sales reached 170 million dal in a year, but now no more than 0,04 million.

Rosspirtprom signed an exclusive contract with Soyuzplodoimportom on the production, distribution and promotion of vodka brand "Russkaya". Earlier Holding has already signed similar contracts for the cognac "Moskovskiy" and champagne "Sovietskoye".

A spill of vodka "Russkaya" will begin within two months at Yaroslavsky distillery, as well as the Kostroma distillery. In Russia, "Russkaya" will be sold at a price of 100 rubles per 0.5 liter.

The previous contract Soyuzplodoimporta to produce vodka "Russkaya" was in Moscow Winery and Distillery "K.i.N.", but the term of this license expired in March 2009.

F.K.P. Soyuzplodoimport on behalf of the State controls the well-known trademarks, such as vodka "Stolichnaya" and "Moskovskaya", cognac "Moskovskiy", champagne "Sovietskoye", canned Cod liver "Piechen' treski" and other brands.

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