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The correspondent of The New York Times resigned because of plagiarism


The correspondent of The New York Times resigned after it was found to have plagiarized texts of The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and other media. Reported itself The New York Times.

According to the publication, accused of plagiarism correspondent Zachery Kouwe resigned after a meeting with representatives of the newspaper, its management company and the Guild of newspapers in New York. The sides offered as a punishment to dismiss a journalist, or apply to him disciplined, but the employee newspaper chose to leave the newspaper on their own.

Plagiarism scandal at The New York Times came after the Feb. 12 edition received a letter from the managing editor of The Wall Street Journal. In it he pointed out that one of the Kouwe's articles almost identical to the material published its edition for a few hours earlier. After that, The New York Times began checking, during which evidence reprints of texts have been identified in other articles the journalist.

In the published 14 February to the inquiry message to the editor NYT notes that the actions of a journalist is a serious violation of the policy of Times and the basic standards of journalism, and the incident at all was not supposed to happen. This article describes one case of apparent plagiarism, presumptive Zachery Kouwe, and pointed to numerous cases of overlapping of its articles with those of other media, such as Reuters.

Zachery Kouwe began working at The New York Times in October 2008. He wrote in the economic section of the newspaper, as well as belonging to publish blog DealBook, dedicated to mergers and acquisitions.

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