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Microsoft beats Google to be named UK’s best brand


The software company, co-founded by Bill Gates, moved from second to first place in a list of the 500 brands that the public thought were reliable, distinguished and the best quality.

In second place was Rolex, the watch manufacturer, followed by Google, then British Airways and the BBC.

The list, voted by 2,100 consumers, is compiled by a company called Superbrands, who use an expert panel to draw up the shortlist of 500 brands.

With Apple also making it into the top ten, the list demonstrated technology companies have dominated people's lives to such an extent they are more highly rated than most food, drink, car manufacturers as well as retailers and leisure giants.

Shar VanBoskirk, analyst at Forester, said: "You may drink a Coca-Cola or Starbucks drink once or twice a day, but most of us interact with Microsoft and Google every hour of our lives. These technology companies have entered into our homes, our offices — even our friendships."

She added many consumers had "learnt to love" Microsoft, with some even seeing it as an underdog now that it was challenging online media companies. Just this week it announced it was to start a music streaming service, in competition with Spotify, and earlier this year it relaunched its search engine, which is now called Bing.

While technology companies came top of the list other companies that did well were fast food restaurants, who shot up the rankings, with McDonald's rising 227 places to 143 on the list, and Burger King climbing up 189 places. Krispy Kreme, the doghnut company, also made its debut in the list of brands at 68.

The success of the fast food companies in the Superbrands list came as a separate report from Allegra market research company warned restaurants and cafes were suffering in the recession, with the one exception being fast food outlets.

It predicted this year the £40.1 billion eating out market would fall for the first time in 40 years, with thousands fewer meals – equating to a drop of £200 million of sales – being eaten.

The Telegraph

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