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The owner of MTV called YouTube "pirated business"


Representatives of the media conglomerate Viacom, accusing YouTube of violating its copyrights, apply to the court, and named the largest videohosting "based on piracy business".

In the statement, Viacom are excerpts from the correspondence of the founders of YouTube. They imply that the creators of the service were aware of a large number of video clips that violate copyright and related rights. Moreover, according to Viacom, YouTube founder Steve Chen allegedly called steal other people's videos to increase popularity.

YouTube staff gives back to Viacom counter-accusations. They said that at least 18 hired by a corporation marketing agencies deliberately placed Viacom videos on video sharing. Entries specially treated so that they looked like accidentally found in the net. In addition, some of the clips in the theft which Viacom accuses YouTube, was uploaded to the site from the media company stuff.

The legal dispute Viacom and YouTube takes more than three years old. In February 2007, the American media conglomerate, which owns television stations MTV and Comedy Central, demanded YouTube remove from about 100,000 videos. In March of that year, Viacom sued Google and YouTube, and demanded to pay damages amounting to a billion dollars. In 2008, Google agreed to convey Viacom information about viewing the video on YouTube, but removed from it data, that can identify users.

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