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American Photographers Association filed suit against Google


Google, Inc. attempted to resolve the conflict with the copyrights of digital books, faced new court troubles. At this time, Internet-giant dissatisfied professional photographers and illustrators, who claim that Google uses their work without permission.

The American media community of photographers and a number of related trade organizations filed a lawsuit against the company, which the court of New York will begin today.

The case is generally similar to the claims of authors of books, which at one time suing Google for $ 125 million for the settlement of a class action for copyright infringement. Then, the authors were dissatisfied with the project Google Books, which now contains a database of more than 18 million books. Photographers and illustrators are told that their application is separate from the application of literary authors and will be adjudicated in a separate, but essentially both cases are similar.

"Google scans books and publications with visual images, which have rights holder. We demand compensation", - says the lawyer, James McGuire, representing the interests of applicants.

According to independent lawyers, the outcome of the lawsuit photographers will largely rely on the data oа previous hearings on the project Google Books. McGuire still finds it difficult to determine the exact amount of damage inflicted on Google community of photographers, but according to him, the damage was "significant".

source: CyberSecurity
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