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Court again rebuked Microsoft Word selling


Microsoft's appeal court's decision to prohibit corporation selling popular program Word because of patent infringement was dismissed. IT-giant is still obligated to pay $ 290 million Canadian dollars to i4i, whose rights were violated.

The court granted the patent claim from i4i to Microsoft in December 2009. In addition to multimillion-dollar payments to the plaintiff, Microsoft was obliged to change its Office software package so that it did not violate the i4i rights.

From January 11, 2010 Microsoft has started selling an updated version of Office, in which absent the subject of litigation - Markup Language XML, and discontinued the sales of all previous versions of the package. In an official statement, Microsoft said that the lack of XML in the new version of Word «little impact on most users», but the company will seek a judicial review.

March 10 the court rejected an appeal by Microsoft, upholding the earlier decision, reports PC Pro. At the time of publication Microsoft has not commented on the outcome of the trial, and the founder of i4i said he was satisfied with the results of the trial.

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