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Sarkozy party to compensate MGMT for copyright infringement


French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party, famous for its anti-filesharing stance, has repeatedly used an MGMT song at rallies without asking the band’s permission

Forget Carla Bruni – MGMT are the new musical sweethearts of France’s top politicians. Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party has repeatedly used one of their songs, Kids, at rallies and in political advertisements. And according to the band’s lawyer, they didn’t bother to ask permission.

The song, which is «very popular among young people», MGMT’s French lawyer claimed, was allegedly used at meetings on 24 and 25 January, which included a major function for the party’s new secretary general, Xavier Bertrand. The song has also allegedly appeared in official videos on the UMP website.

The centre-right UMP, or Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, holds a majority in France’s senate and national assembly, as well as the office of the presidency. They have been at the forefront of France’s debate over filesharing, pushing for stricter laws against those who infringe on musicians’ copyright.

«It seems that those who led the charge against internet users are not the most respectful of copyright,» the band’s lawyer, Isabelle Wekstein, told Le Monde.

Bertrand was quick to respond, promising that MGMT will be paid. «The UMP is very respectful of copyright,» he said in a statement. «Compensation has to be expected ... and we are presently looking at whether the band was fairly compensated.» Bertrand said the use of the song at meetings was arranged with SACEM, a French rights agency, and the band ought to receive payments through that body.

The controversy comes at an unfortunate time for the UMP, with just two weeks until a new anti-filesharing bill is presented to the national assembly.


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